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Precious Waters (introducing E. Lobster)Electric Lobster2Step (2)the (254)missing (20)genre (17)
Precious Waters (remix)Electric Lobster2Step (2)the (254)missing (20)genre (17)remix (126)version (7)two (21)step (11)
When The World Forgets About Mejesushairdomissing (20)lost (82)forgotten (5)forget (13)death (198)friend (129)lover (18)father (56)mother (51)brother (19)sister (9)family (55)touch (6)connect (1)letter (7)
Mission To MarsElectric LobsterTrip-Hop (18)no (69)more (12)a (136)missing (20)genre (17)trip (47)hop (34)
Kathy's Songredshield3Love (1469)Loss (85)Anxiety (6)Missing (20)
PromisedodoPiano (957)Requiem (10)Budgie (2)Missing (20)
Goneclwedelgone (35)grief (10)missing (20)someone (4)
In My Heartclwedelhellogoodbye (1)in (105)my (104)heart (150)love (1469)long (33)distance (12)relationship (39)miss (22)missing (20)
Won't You Be Good ManthetilerFather and son (1)obama (17)growing (6)child (32)loneliness (22)heartache (16)missing (20)accomplishment (1)determination (2)
Home In Green (First Demo--RAW!!)indigobluHome (76)childhood (17)loss (85)memory (32)recollections (2)missing (20)time (141)faces (5)streets (6)passing through (2)lines (2)face (32)pavement (1)parking (1)walls (6)halls (4)moving (17)blue sky (4)town (12)stories (7)canine thrills (1)tennis shoes (1)stray dogs (1)
I'll Be Missing Youwillbill808hip hop (417)rap (311)willbill808 (92)dj straight 8 (78)i'll (5)be (112)missing (20)you (195)
Missing Youchristopherpslymissing (20)you (195)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)piano (957) (0)
Missing You...bewhyareohinmissing (20)bewhyareohin (2)blaze (1)mom (16)death (198)