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Bear Murderscreamalexzindustrial (167)bear (21)murder (44)goth (74)electron (2)punk (155)gothic (79)chance (51)motta (32)les (1)morts (1)scream (21)alexz (2)
A Reason To Breathe(The After Chapter Featuring Deadication Of Sufcation)DOSdeath (198)die (24)DOS (12)The (254)Chapter (1)After (3)Collab (90)Collaboration (131)The After Chapter (1)Scream (21)guitar (1349)Drums (314)bass (374)vocals (151)vox (15)hardcore (53)Kevin (23)featuring (3)deadication (6)of (103)sufacation (4)deadication of sufacation (5)dumb (16)pee (2)penis (8)dumbass (2)doo doo (1)what (39)how (14)why (28)? (18)
The Sight Of My EyesDOSDeath (198)cool (98)hardcore (53)metal (274)kevin (23)bmth (2)DOS (12)deadication (6)of (103)sufacatio (2)deadicationofsufacation (2)scream (21)guitar (1349)drums (314)bass (374)screaming (17) (0)
stzntpzyStun Nutzstooey (9)pooey (4)stunnutz (1)noise (85)scream (21)screaming (17)screams (7)bass (374)clarinet (46)cat (29)tv (34)randomness (2)chaos (36)fun (253)
HomeschoolDWLHomeschool (1)home (76)school (29)pain (93)fear (60)isolation (10)pyschedelic (1)sitar (22)rock (1959)twinkle (3)little (13)star (22)scream (21)dissonance (6) (0)
Everyday Wonderpus w/VolcaniquebudEveryday (5)Wonderpus (1)laugh (11)scream (21)dream (157)
Elusive IIBarretokLost (82)elusive (3)night (129)gone (35)abandonment (7)barefoot (4)electric guitars (1)scream (21)
I Can'tshavingronaldscarscream (21)I Can't (1)fuzz (13)buzz (6)scuzz (2)zuzzityzuzz (1)santa cruz (3)
Dance 'til your pants come off! (v2)TheWhizziesdance (780)jerk (5)jiggle (2)wiggle (1)goofy (11)crazy (86)scream (21)kids (46)children (83)
SEVENTEENfive_extra_arms17 (1)Scream (21)2 chords (1)
My Screamdadgarusdadgar (92)dadgarus (81)dream (157)scream (21)heartbeat (7)lonely (64)red wine (2)
The Devil's Got The Blues [Death-Blues]guitarfreakDevil (34)Blues (741)Metal (274)Death (198)Comedy (83)Funny (85)Scream (21)Satan (15)Haha (7)Stop Reading The Damn Keywords You Dummy ;] (1)Noodles (1)
Manuelita, Crawl Back In Your Holeclaypottshate (62)love (1469)sex (99)drugs (57)sleaze (2)alcohol (12)pay (1)cheap (4)scream (21)frustration (15)addiction (12) (0)
Scream MachineKyasheMusicscream (21)machine (31)trumpet (105)high notes (2)jazz (983)fusion (213)james (15)morrison (2)bill (7)chase (17)maynard (1)ferguson (1)kelly (7)faus (6)
Red White and BluesWarren Smithgovernment (15)Supreme Court (1)Alito (1)billionaire (1)Elvis (15)Bigfoot (6)E.T. (1)scream (21)Roy Buckley (6)Warren Smith (49)Ronald Reagan (2)God (270)Marx (1)