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Slamchakereschakeres (12)hardcore (53)hard rock (100)rock (1959)rock and roll (25)Fender (37)Strat (18)Stratocaster (25)guitar (1349)electric guitar (40)
Now and Thenchakereschakeres (12)fender (37)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)heavy (204)epic (62)hard rock (100)guitar (1349)electric guitar (40)
Duel (Rules of Engagement}chakerescydniko (15)chakeres (12)fender (37)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)guitar (1349)
NinetySixchakereschakeres (12)strat (18)stratocaster (25)fender (37)hard rock (100)hyper (6) (0)
newslowoneturnerup211instrumental (832)drum loops (10)strat (18)new age (165) (0)
dirtymoneyturnerup211Rock (1959)pop (694)alternative (400)blues (741)strat (18)fender (37)gibson (4)p-100 (1)drum loops (10)
Less Then Expectedchakereschakeres (12)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)rock and roll (25)electric guitar (40)
Feeling my waystevelFeeling (35)my (104)way (26)blues (741)strat (18) (0)
Keep on rockin' me (baby blue)stevelRockin (3)me (104)baby (58)blue (60)abracadabra (2)riff (20)strat (18)bluesy (16)
Steadychakereschakeres (12)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)rock and roll (25)electric guitar (40)
Awesomest Songfloppysurprisefloppy (13)surprise (15)awesomest (1)song (277)dylan (22)micah (2)jerrell (12)jr (2)jr. (2)fender (37)strat (18)cubase (5)drum (76)machine (31)reason (35)beats (174)
This is the Name of this Songfloppysurprisefloppy (13)surprise (15)suprise (9)dylan (22)jerrell (12)this (44)is (65)the (254)name (15)of (103)this (44)song (277)fender (37)strat (18)slap (5)bass (374)pretty (29)cool (98)song (277)
Back Door Blues (featuring Feter and Yamen al yamani)Dadai.2blues (741)Feter (37)Syria (2)tenor sax (16)strat (18) (0)
Why Are We Walking Like This?springclockwhy (28)are (25)we (33)walking (19)like (30)this (44)ian (93)baird (81)spring (112)clock (86)wonder (99)vegas (2)horns (54)guitars (83)strat (18)music (391)man (46)drums (314)slingerland (1)ludwig (2)magnetar (13)
Bells & Whistles v2.0eleveneyesBells (78)whistles (3)belt (2)salt (5)flood (14)greeks (2)ray (22)kainz (14)b (6)acoustic (812)alvarez (5)fender (37)strat (18)buttered (1)bacon (5)geese (6)swan (2)
Big MuffDragonasStrat (18)E-bow (4)cello (82)mesa boogie (1)triple recto (1)dragonas (30)john dragoo (10)fun (253)
ELECTRIFYING LIFELINE - an improvisationdoc_elvisyes (27)no (69)maybe (5)why (28)not (34)VOX (15)VOX VT (1)rock (1959)wah (8)alternative (400)cubase (5)strat (18)stratocaster (25)who (24)does (5)read (5)this (44)questionmark (1)youtube (8)