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sweet jane and a trainmikkinylundtrain (45)love (1469)jane (2)pop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)80s (45)sweet (50)
I am sureseltersmelancholy (80)soothing (37)relaxing (65)bitter (10)sweet (50)Lo-fi (39)
Remembering The PastDOSAcoustic (812)Sweet (50)
Another Irish Song(Re-recorded)DOSIrish (69)Sweet (50) (0)
My Loved One(Remake)DOSSweet (50)cute (6)Love (1469) (0)
Sweet HypocrisyJoshoshSweet (50)hypocrisy (2)acapella (12)capella (3) (0)
Sweet Hypocrisy IIJoshoshacapella (12)sweet (50)acoustic (812)lyrics (43)josh (11)hypocrisy (2)hesitate (4)
This Girl I LoveCIPHERMIDI (73)lovesong (13)daughter (13)child (32)acoustic (812)mellow (151)sweet (50)cipher (23)
Come What MayCIPHERInstrumental (832)Guitar (1349)melancholy (80)swing (64)halftime (1)waffles (35)belly (5)nice (100)sweet (50)piano (957)cipher (23)easy (36)sad (189)happy (163)vomit (2)crap (46)hack (6)
January 23cjhoosecello (82)harpsichord (29)strings (402)reverb (64)uplifting (25)beauty (45)short (118)love (1469)sweet (50)beautiful (37)
This Girl I Love (Geetar Mix)CIPHERpretty (29)MIDI (73)sesame street (2)waffles (35)kids (46)crap (46)cool (98)sweet (50)
Dulce Amordrakonisdulcimer (56)drakonis (77)dulce (2)amor (2)sweet (50)love (1469)
This Girl I Love (Strings in E)CIPHERclassical (816)strings (402)Boldt (2)cipher (23)sweet (50)love (1469)
100 Mile BlockBonkabonka (8)billy reid (7)jeff bryant (1)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)melody (34)pop (694)sweet (50)lullaby (79)picking (8)fun (253)vocals (151)
SafeCIPHERElectronica (379)smooth (120)drowning (12)relaxing (65)consuming (1)waffles (35)crap (46)MIDI (73)cheese (30)cool (98)sweet (50)nice (100)mellow (151)Calgon (1)bath (2)Stephen Colbert (1)heaving (1)steelwork (1)new age (165)
Sweet DisasterPete_NBSweet (50)Disaster (9)
Naive Little Medomdinolove (1469)sweet (50)sad (189)happy (163)lovely (13)pretty (29)
The Birds Have The DancefloorReinholt56Noise (85)beat (137)bass (374)definitely (1)bass (374)woofers (2)annoyance (1)short (118)not (34)so (18)sweet (50)short (118)thank (8)the (254)person (2)in (105)the (254)way (26)HIGH (22)room (16)
Even Chaos Has StructureReinholt56Noise (85)noise (85)reeds (2)chords (9)chatter (2)silence (22)experimental (505)sour (3)without (7)the (254)sweet (50) (0)
Rever/dreamingtommarieLove (1469)song (277)sweet (50)circus (17)ballad (259)dream (157)valse (1)
RomanceCori AnderSweet (50)Romantic (64)Curry (11)
Information Super-Fly-Waylucasmark83Inspiration (12)awesome (81)sweet (50)hilarious (1) (0)
o0o - Sweet Dreamso0oWooden shoes (1)Holland (1)o0o (60)Sweet (50)Dreams (118)love (1469)
You Ain't Sweet Enoughdroopsugar (7)sweet (50)logic (20) (0)
Sweet StepsschedraSweet (50)Step (11)Hide (7)dance (780)
The Plummeting RainJaildalePlummeting (1)Rain (140)Bored (8)Sweet (50)
Talking To YouSweetBacteriaEmotional (41)Bossa (19)Alternative (400)sweet (50)Guitar solo (124)Confessional (3)
CRAZY ZOMBIE POSSEronnielongZombies (13)are (25)freaking (1)sweet (50)but (14)they (11)scare (1)the (254)hell (37)outta (2)me (104)
Algea BloomTravosAlgea (1)Bloom (2)Travis (7)Schmidt (2)Travo (1)Trav-o (1)Travos (1)Punk (155)Guitar (1349)Core (7)Hardcore (53)Sweet (50)Improv (57)nice (100)fast (162)
Rivers Blissed (With Rebsie :)Muse Ritualsoft (85)drifting (23)sweet (50)lullaby (79)
Simple Songbudfolk (545)pop (694)sweet (50)short (118)
Sweet Smell Of SuccessDeputyDoofydeputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)sweet (50)smell (3)success (13)
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Pink Dulcimer Version)Ren-Tin-10Sweet (50)Jesus (141)Pink (15)Dulcimer (56)
Kling GlöckchenkristyjoChristmas (284)bells (78)folk song (4)happy (163)sweet (50)
Sweet Georgia Brown w/mjk, awigze, lilmomTheEasyAcesSweet (50)Georgia (1)Brown (10)boogie (11)swing (64)jazz (983)little white woman with a big brown cigar or a big brown woman with a little white cigar--something in that line (1)