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iControl (839)
iControl gives you total tactile control over GarageBand. You get dedicated transport buttons and jog wheel, eight rotary encoders for track functions like volume or pan, or effects parameters in GarageBand's EQ or any other AU plug-in. You also get dedicated mute, solo and record-enable buttons. Automatically recognized by GarageBand.

Loops -> Commercial, Apple form.

160dB: The Drum&Bass Interface (1685)
Breaks, Upright Bass licks & FX, Basses, Atmospheres, Drum Hits, Misc. FX, Gated FX, Musical FX, Live Drum Loops, Rhodes lines, riffs, FX and patterns, Sax riffs & chops, and Analog Synth FX. 368.7 MBs of data, total number of samples: 497.
2Step Ahead (618)
The essential sample collection for any serious 2Step producer but also a goldmine of modern dance samples ideal for many more genres too! $110.
AcidMusicLoops.com - Garageband Compatible Loops (740)
AcidMusicLoops.com features over 20 loops CDs from guitar loops to analog synths, orchestral to ethnic loops. All of their loops CD contain genuine Apple Loops as well as WAV versions of the same loops.
Anjel Blue Productions (401)
Eclectic and ultra musical, these loops will provide the inspiration to help YOU create music. Come hear what the buzz is about...
Bandmateloops.com (384)
Expand your GarageBand experience and get inspired with the Bandmates Loop Pack. Loop Pack 1 is a versatile collection of "electro" drum loops for making music. With a distinctly Electronica style, these drums can either accelerate or "chill out" rock, pop, dance, hip-hop and electronica music genre's.
Bandmateloops.com (719)
Unlock the musical Superstar inside you with Bandmates for GarageBand. At just $14.88 USD per CD-ROM (including FREE standard domestic shipping!), the only question is which Bandmates are for you?
Bandmateloops.com (475)
Come on over to Bandmateloops.com and be sure to become a member to recieve our monthly free loop pack.
Bandmateloops.com (634)
Bandmateloops.com features loops collections created just for GarageBand! All loops are professionaly recorded by music recording industry professionals.
Bandmates DJ - Scratches (379)
Attention MC’s and DJ’s: Extremely versatile Bandmates DJ with big-time skills looking for musical opportunity. Serious inquiries only. Yes, MC’s and Hip-Hop fans, Bandmates DJ- Scratches is the ticket to your own GarageBand paradise. It’s all here, from scribbles to nibbles, cuts to scratches, and everything in between. All-in-all, Bandmates DJ- Scratches is a solid collection of vinyl perfection. For the techies: Source material was recorded in 24bit. Precision recordings taken from high-performance DJ rig with a wide range of material.
Bandmates Drummer - Electro Beats (417)
Talk about a revolution. This inspiring blend of electronic and hip-hop styles has driven a new musical undercurrent stretching from Rock to Dance to Hip-Hop. Bandmates Electro Beats will take you to the edge of contemporary music and as far beyond as you like. With equal representation from both harder and smoother elements, this is a “must-have” collection for the modern sound. For the techies: Source material was recorded in 24bit. Recordings taken from a wide variety of synths, samplers and processing.
Bandmates Drummer - Funk Drums (123)
Need a “funky drummer” for that tune you can’t seem to get out of your head? Let Funk Drums help make it reality with a truly remarkable collection of funky acoustic rhythms. Play it fast and furious for that hard, funk edge. Take a basic rock beat and spice it up with some real soul. Or start something totally new and creative with some funky signature riffs. With this extremely versatile collection you will be inspired again and again. It’s all up to you, and everything is possible with Funk Drums. For the techies: Source material was recorded in 24bit. Recordings taken from premium acoustic drum sets and feature excellent performance and sonic detail.
Bandmates Drummer - House Beats (125)
Move the crowd with your own authentic dance masterpiece! Bandmates Drummer- House Beats gives you the critical tools to make professional grade, floor-pounding dance grooves quickly and easily. Perhaps best of all, House Beats works great in many other musical situations apart from dance. In fact, your creations are only limited by your own imagination. A very enjoyable collection overall. For the techies: Source material was recorded in 24bit. Recordings taken from a very wide range of synth, sampling and processing equipment.
Bandmates Drummer - Rock Drums (72)
Nothing makes music sing like ultra-realistic rock drums and Bandmates Rock Drums delivers. We set out with some of the finest acoustic drum sets in the world with one goal in mind: to capture the energy and sonic detail of modern rock. Using the best digital hardware in combination with seasoned professional players, Rock Drums offers natural, inspiring performances. Rock Drums is suitable for rock and pop, slow ballads, rock anthems and much more. Just don’t be surprised if it gives you a little “attitude”. For the techies: Source material was recorded in 24bit. Recordings taken from premium acoustic drum sets and feature excellent performance and sonic detail.
Dark Side of the Groove (205)
The long-awaited sequel from Neil Conti to his legendary 'Funky drums from Hell'. Brian Eno contributes special mixes to ensure you won't be disappointed! Long live mixes and jams (with key loops sliced out in appropriate formats) as well as shorter loops categorized as Extreme, Resonant and Dry. Hundreds of loops in total. Stylistically very human, creative and warm. This collection was recorded over many years and carefully processed through the finest available analogue processing by Brian Eno and Daniel Lazerus - as you would expect you can almost hear these drums sing! $110.
Drums on Demand Vol. 1 (137)
To meet the growing need for quality music loops for GarageBand among songwriters and recordists, we've made our popular Vol. 1 loop CD available in the Apple Loops format. The collection includes nearly 900 live, acoustic drum loops organized into 41 easy-to-use “Song Sets” — all designed to help you quickly put together a drum track that sounds like you hired a pro session drummer in a high-end studio. $49.95.
Drums on Demand Vol. 2 (104)
Drums On Demand® Volume 2 takes the same quality, versatilty and organization featured on Vol. 1 and expands it with another 800 royalty free loops in 35 additional Songs Sets®. There are several improvements and new features, including more loops per Song Set and many longer loops. $49.95.
Norman Cook: Skip to my Loops (190)
Norman Cook: Skip to my Loops. The ultimate DJ Sample Library from the Internationally acclaimed Superstar DJ Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim! An essential collection from one of the UK's most successful dance remixers. A massive collection of superb loops, ranging from 84 bpm to obscenely fast. Plus some extra samples including FX, Guitar, Reggae, Flute, and many more. The more you use it, the more you like it. One of our most popular CDs ever! $55.
PowerFX Electro Clashtic (181)
Electro Clashmatic: A Neo-Retro combination of classic Vocoder & Electro style beats & bass as well as modern synth & FX one shots. $49.
PowerFX Invincible Dance (198)
Invincible Dance: A fresh collection of latest Club & Dance oriented loops featuring everything from tech house and nu electro loops to synth pads, wicked beats, bombing bass lines and FX loops. $49.
PowerFX: Nu Jazz House (180)
Authentic acoustic & electric instrument samples in the Jazz vein that include drums, bass, electric piano, minor 7th chords & much more. $49.
Samplenet (378)
free loops, samples, sounds download site
Tune-Up Loops (947)
Tune-Up Loops features loops collections created just for GarageBand! All loops are professionaly mastered by musicians working solely with the GarageBand user in mind.
Ultramagnetic Beats (118)
Staying true to Hip Hop traditions, fresh from LA's Latin Gangsta 'Hood! The World's FIRST Apple Loops CD is a monster! A jaw-dropping collection of 78 loops typically including drums, bass, melody and any other elements in isolation too so you can easily remix everything to perfectly suit your application. This is a CD that must be heard, it's something very special. 634.3 MB of samples! $110.
Vince Clarke: Lucky Bastard (124)
Vince Clarke: Lucky Bastard. A huge collection of sequences specially created by Vince using his massive collection of classic analogue synths. Many totally synth-generated unique drum loops, one of Vince's trademarks - each broken down into elements for easy customisation and extraction of single hits. Synths featured include Roland System 100, System 700, ARP 2600, Moogs, SCI Pro One, Korg Poly Fusion, VCS3, Serge, Obie, Xpander, and more, many modular synths are crosspatched for maximum creativity. This CD features all the sequences from his original collection and new material added by Vince in 2003. $55.

Loops -> Commercial, non-Apple

Acid Loop Library (597)
Large Acid Loop library on CD / CD-ROM.
AMG Samples4.com (728)
One of the largest collections of sound loops on the Internet, with hundreds of CDs and DVDs. Include many Apple format loops (linked elsewhere) in addition to many non-Apple loops which can be imported manually.
Audio 360 (509)
Based out of Los Angeles, Audio360 is a team of musicians, record producers, engineers, web developers and computer programmers. Audio360.com is the best resource for original, royalty free musical excerpts (samples) on the Internet.
Beta Monkey (802)
Beta Monkey Drum Loops: Serious grooves for rock, alt and modern rock, hard rock, country and bluesy-rock.
Celestial Windowpane (469)
Tweakheadz's trance and ambient groove loops CD. Acid format (and .wav).
Ilio Software and Samples (462)
High end software instruments and sample CDs for major software packages.
Perimeter Sound Arts (421)
Unique sample and loops CDs mainly in the Industrial-Electronica genre.
SonicStop.com (434)
THE ultimate source for great music samples and loops.
Sound Dogs (638)
Samples and loops from all genres (including folk instruments) in mp3 format. Uses PayPal. Preview in MP3 format.
Sound Effects (424)
List of free sound effect mps, wav files.
UltimateSoundBank (121)
Virtual Instrumets, Samples and Demos.
Zero-G (UK) (101)
Audio digital samples.

Loops -> Free, Apple format

Access Music Virus Loops (9849)
46 MB of free loops insired by the "Virus Synthesizer" series. Features "punchy arpeggiator patterns, fat filter lows and amazing pad sounds generated with the Virus C synthsizeer." Royalty free and OK to use in commercial production with additional license.
BitShift Free Loops (40 MB) (10232)
40 MB of free loops by Art Gillespie, the man behind BitShift. Loops are from the forthcoming "BitShift's Bangin' Beats" collection of Apple-format loops.
Directions in Music Free Lops (12014)
Free drum and percussion loops played by Michael Blair (ex-Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Ryan Adams, etc) and recorded, mixed and produced by Chris Bell. The loops, that are recorded in the DiM Stockholm studio, are played on a small kit with a loose and live feel. Download (must submit form) in two kits: 5.9 MB and 3.5 MB.
Drums on Demand Free Loops (16578)
5 MB of free drum loops. Sample set of acoustic drums featured in the Drums on Demand CD collections, which we've reviewed here. (scroll to bottom of linked page for free loops)

Loops -> Free, non-Apple format

Anjel Blue (3393)
Provides 12 sets of free drum, synth, bass, and guitar loops in MP3 format, all .zipped in archives.
Breakbeats Only (2060)
Free sample demo loops in 4 different formats. Also a membership site which allows you to purchase many more samples.
DMOZ Free Samples Listing (1586)
A portal for free samples across the net.
E-Drummer (1996)
Provides nearly 20 collections of drum loops in .WAV format. Includes rock, blues, funk, reggae, and jazz stylings.
House of Samples (1621)
Free sample-a-day in WAV and MP3 format, mostly FX, by NU students and faculty.
Looperman (3165)
Hundreds of 44Hz Stereo .wav format loops in a variety of instrumental flavors, including flute, bass, drum, guitar, synth, effects, vocal, sitar, strings, etc.
Loops.net (1685)
The best all-in-one listing of samples and loops websites. Commercial and free, professional and amateur, all formats.
MusicLoops.com (1276)
Provides several free loops in .wav format in a variety of styles.
Pro Loops free download page (14082)
The sample demo page of free downloads from Pro Loops. Purchasing more requires membership.
Real World Sound Effects (3123)
Free real world sound effects in mp3 format.
Sample Arena (608)
Free sound samples, patches, instruments, soundfonts, .wav, .sf2
Sound Central (219)
Free Audio files
Studio PT Free Drum Loops (233)
Free drum loops in mp3 format.
Waveform.dk (130)
Samples in Wave format

Sites -> Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple iLife 04 Page (359)
Information on the entire iLife 04 suite (which includes GarageBand) directly from Apple.
Apple's GarageBand site (1469)
Information on GarageBand directly from Apple. Includes technical requirements, screenshots, feature information, and more.
GarageBand Accessories from Apple (761)
Info on keyboards, the GarageBand Jam Pack, and other accessories for GarageBand.

Sites -> Mac general

OSXGuide.com (682)
A source for helpful OS X tutorials, tips, and tricks. Also provides a list of OS X related sites, user discussion forums and more.

Sites -> Music Sites

Future Producers (533)
Music community, bulletin board, contests, etc.
GarageBand.com (754)
GargeBand.com is unaffiliated with MacJams.com. GarageBand.com is the Internet's number one source for independent bands.
Guitar Chords (381)
Great guitar chord and alternate tuninng site. Huge selection of chords and tunings.
Kool Guitar Knowledge Site (327)
really kool site for guitar afficianados...check out the groove builder to get ideas for song chord progressions......really enjoyable site!.......
Loopwise (388)
Musician bulletin board for finding gigs.
MethodLab (336)
MethodLab Artistic Development music artists community site.
MH2O (311)
Flash-based pay membership music community. Membership offers access to 40,000 clip sound library. Unfortunately, previews appear to be in ASF (Windows Media Player) format.
Practical Guide to Composition (408)
A very interesting guide to elements of music compostion. The author illuminates many useful and practical compositional devices.
Ricci Adams' Musictheory.net (771)
Free online music training and lessons. Excellent educational site if you know nothing about music or want to brush up!
Studio Handbook (322)
a repository of useful studio related information.....since garageband or any other DAW is really a studio in a box, the information contained here is highly applicable to all musicians......
Taxi (143)
TAXI is the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows
ZED (219)
Multi-genre artists community site from Canada. Music, art, writing, video.

Sites -> Other GarageBand Sites

Mac Forums - GarageBand Discussion (1953)
MacRumors forum where they discuss Apple's GarageBand.
Mac JukeBox (1604)
A community site. Song sharing is broken for the moment.
MacBand (2155)
Another GarageBand site for posting songs.
MacIdol (1309)
Our friends at MacIdol.com provide song storage, comments, and user listening.
the GarageDoor (14562)
The GarageDoor provides GarageBand tips&tricks, home recording ideas and links to sounds and loops. The GarageDoor has pages on live & Midi Recording, effects, mixing and mastering.
TuneYard (1921)
TuneYard is a web site where you submit your GarageBand tunes for others to hear. They have an OS X application to help you upload your songs to their system. Free for now, but may be a pay-for system later.

Software -> Audio Units/Plugins

Audio Units (4529)
Open guide to applications, utilities, instruments, effects and devices currently compatible with Audio Units, the native Mac OS X standard format for DSP plug-ins.
free and gorgeous phaser,sweeper,tremelo....... (3785)
a free and gorgeous looking....sweeting sounding suite of audio units.......enjoy!.....
Free AU's from MDA (4611)
mda has ported several more of their free plug-ins to the AU format. Now available are: Combo - Amp & speaker simulator Degrade - Sample quality reduction Detune - Simple up/down pitch shifting thickener DubDelay - Delay with feedback saturation and time/pitch modulation Dynamics - Compressor / Limiter / Gate Leslie - Rotary speaker simulator Re-Psycho! - Drum loop pitch changer RingMod - Simple ring modulator RoundPan - 3D panner Shepard - Continuously rising/falling tone generator Talkbox - High resolution vocoder TestTone - Signal generator with pink and white noise and sweeps Tracker - Pitch tracking oscillator, or pitch tracking EQ
free innovative sampler audiounit........ (3738)
free innovative sampler audiounit lets u do kool things to and with audio.......enjoy!......
Free MultiEfx processor OS X audio unit (3649)
here is a pretty cool and free, multi efx processor in audio unit form.....
free tapedelay audiounit (2319)
and old school tapedelay audio unit...a freebee.....
PowerFX Sound Shuttle (942)
SoundShuttle allows users to browse and preview thousands of sound loops which can then be purchased individually, much like the iTunes Music Store offers for AAC format songs. PowerShuttle is $19 and includes 10 "Sound Credits" for purchasing loops.
Super Destroy FX (1948)
Free provisional/experimental Audio Unit plugins that control effects and provide other functionality. Every plug-in may or may not work with GarageBand at this time, but at least some do.

Software -> Converters & Utility

Apple Loops Software Development Kit (1548)
With this free utility from Apple you can make your own Apple-format loops that will be recognized by GarageBand and can be imported for browsing by tempo, key, genre, etc.
BandToLogic (423)
BandToLogic is a tool to extract the Logic song data out of GarageBand bundles. Open a GarageBand file in BandToLogic and it will create a Logic song file for you in the same directory.
Dent du Midi (568)
Dent du Midi processes MIDI files into separate files which contain only a single instrument track. These tracks can then be dragged and dropped into GarageBand to create MIDI loops that will play with your Software Instrument of choicee.
Dhos Garage (743)
This tool bypasses the previous requirement to install GarageBand on the boot drive. It is now possible to install on any drive, whether its a second partition, a FireWire drive or an iPod. This is useful for those running out of space on their boot disk, those who need the portablility of an external drive, and especialy those who want the speed of an external drive.
Free chord/note widget (415)
a free chord /note refrence widget.....colorful and kool.......
FxPansion VST to Audio Unit Adapter (673)
The VST to AudioUnit Adapter for Mac OS X is a highly-integrated plug-in wrapper that allows users of AudioUnit-compatible applications such as Emagic's Logic Audio 6.x and MOTU's Digital Performer 4.x to integrate VST plug-ins and instruments seamlessly in to their working environment. Once installed and configured, the wrapper creates "virtual AudioUnits" for each of your VST plug-ins, which behave exactly the same as true AudioUnits in every respect.
GBand Assistant (855)
GRBand Assistant is a collection of software utilities designed to enhance the funcionality of Apple's GarageBand product. Currently there are two software titles in the suite (more to come): (1) GB Import -- GB Import is a utility which imports standard exs files (as used by Apple's eMagic Logic package) into GarageBand as new Software Instruments. (2) MidiMaster -- Midi Master is a utility which uses information from a Midi file to play music through a sample based synthesizer, producing high quality sound through to your system's loudspeaker. It also has the capability to render the sound to hard disk in the form of an .aiff file which can be subsequently imported to GarageBand.
Wire Tap (1098)
Record whatever plays on your Mac with this free utility from Ambrosia Software.

Software -> MIDI/Sequencing/Scor

EMagic (788)
EMagic is the software developer that creates Apple's professional audio tools such as Logic and Logic Express. EMagic is a wholly owned subsidiar of Apple Computer, Inc.
Free Music Notation Software (616)
a free music notation and engraving software ....high quality output.....check it out.......
SimpleChord (1211)
SimpleChord is a handy, quick, and simple application that can find chords for musicians. It illustrates the chords on a piano and provides the option to hear the chords. It can be helpful in learning chords, building progressions, and transcribing music.
The Tapper (712)
Nice simple piece of freeware that lets you tap out a tempo on your spacebar, so if you have a pre-existing track, or are recording something you've been playing with for a while you can just tap it out, and know what to put in that New File dialog.

Software -> Software Instruments

Bitshift free software instruments (24928)
Free software instruments from the good folks at BitShift Audio. (View link for MacJams story with info on obtaining free software instruments).
WizooSounds commercial software instruments (6220)
WizooSounds have lots of EXS format software instruments which can be used in GarageBand and work and sound great. Quite a few good instruments to fill what is missing in GarageBand including some Classical and Ethnic & World types available.
Zero-G Software Instruments (3454)
Professional music software instruments (plugin/ Audio Units) for Mac, powered by Native Instruments, including Altered States, Morphology, Sounds Of The 70s, Nu Jointz, Wired The Elements Of Trance, The Operating Table, Afrolatin Slam, and more. Highly recommended by the high tech music press.