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MacJams Podcasts!

MacJams Podcasts feature great songs from some of our most talented members. We will regularly feature podcasts with songs grouped by genre or theme, and all podcasts will be available for download here. If you wish to subscribe to our podcast using iTunes or any other RSS reader, our feed is here XML, and you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes (and don't forget to leave a review!) here: .

This page will be the official page for all of our podcasts, and will feature links to each of the full song profiles for all songs included in any published podcast. If you are visting this site after hearing a podcast, we hope you'll explore our site and learn about your favorite artists and their other music.

MacJams Music Podcast Episode 3: Alternative Rock -- click here to download

1. How I'd Love - eleveneyes
2. Heroes Die - lv14 (Ronnie Day)
3. Idiot Jungle - aliknott1
4. Lover Lay Your Lies On Me - twonicus
5. Mother - Pie (Pietro Diana)
6. Unfaithful - AClarke/Sil-VER
7. Donna - The Maladies
8. Out In Dawn - springclock
9. Cut & Paste - Hectorious
10. Working - mikkinylund
11. Step Up To The Microphone - jonx

MacJams Music Podcast Episode 2: Singer-Songwriters -- click here to download

1. Strangers Til We Die - I.G.M.
2. Fated - quarkhead
3. Somehow - Walter Moorlandt/Myshkin
4. Funkier - TEAM LANDRETH
5. Emmet - Peter Greenstone
6. If Not Now, Why? - brb
7. 100 Mile Block - Bonka
8. Dream Waltz - Brian D
9. Too Many Ghosts - jiguma
10. The Waitress - TobinMueller
11. Sleep - morningcup

MacJams Music Podcast Episode 1: Pop -- Click here to download!

1. Kaleidoscope - Pie (Pietro Diana)
2. Right As Rain - michael2
3. Sally, You Were The One - Aaron Hill
4. Tonight - mitra (Mitra Djalili)
5. Strange Jane - paddler
6. Conversation - syddavis
7. All I Know - heatherbrooks
8. Spinning - eleveneyes
9. Tompkins Square - twonicus/M-Lab
10. Prettiest Things - wurlygig
11. Rachel Said - echoroom
12. Ann Elise - Brian D
13. Just Like a Little Girl - jenny dove
14. Luv - I. Spike

Simig Media would like to give special thanks to Tobin Mueller (our inaugural DJ), Chris Cihon (for the intro/outro), and all of the fantastically talented artists at MacJams.com.