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G-H-O-T-I spells 'fish.'

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I still have no idea where these titles come from. :)
However, here's the explanation.
G-H has a "f" sound, as in laugh.
O has an "i" sound, as in women.
T-I has a "sh" sound, as in vacation.
See, I TOLD you it spelled "fish."
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11 tracks belted out by a dual G5 (who needs a new superdrive). :) :(
JOAN said 5165 days ago (May 28th, 2005)
nice playing and
nice sound dep doof. always fun to hear your tracks
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snowdragon said 5165 days ago (May 29th, 2005)
The title hooked me
And then the tune reeled me in.

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Liliwood said 5165 days ago (May 29th, 2005)
something fishy...
You need to spell it out.. groovin fish tune..wow.. didnt
know you had the JAZZ in ya...must be that massive G5...
great groov DD.. excellent and really dig your JAZZ style...

OH......and always love all thoose GIFs (to Bad they dont
work here) you use on every tune..they are always
entertaining as your music.. a music visual .. you always
finding them to fit your song.. impressive..

woodfish32..... oh its Lilichi,s and woodguy32's new ID..lol
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SlimGirlFat said 5165 days ago (May 29th, 2005)
The Doofy Jazz,
excellent track DD.
Brilliant arrangement and sounds. couple high peaks on
the beats and perc above the mix, but pretty minor..
Perfect length.. gah, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

very very Nice Fish!

stevel said 5165 days ago (May 29th, 2005)
Dig that funk
Great 70's jazz funk vibe you've got going on this one...a
cavalcade of sounds. The drums sound a bit peaky in
places but the overall vibe is great..makes me want to don
a cheesy open collar shirt, clunky medallion and dance
around the room! Must restrain myself....
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TennesseeVic said 5163 days ago (May 31st, 2005)
Is this all loops or mostly? The sound quality and the mix is good, but some of the riffs -- that Rhodes -- are getting a bit old by the end of the track. There are some nuggets such as that baritone sax. On the whole this lacks direction.
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DeputyDoofy said 5163 days ago (May 31st, 2005)
Thanks for the comments on this, everyone.

Vic, yes this is all loops. I have been told this is too loud in some places, and I'll agree that it does get repetitive towards the end. As much as I should fix it - I should fix a LOT of my tunes - I'll leave it be and work on the next one. I appreciate your honest critique on this.

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_nderscore said 5161 days ago (June 1st, 2005)
speeeed funk
i think that smokin machine is havin an effect on your
music-this is faasssssssst! what IS the BPM on this one?
rockin tune (or jazzin as it may be)
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AquilA said 5161 days ago (June 1st, 2005)
...I'm likin' it. Chaotic yet coherent. Your place may not
be in front of the mike but I think many would be lucky to
have you behind the console. As far as the repetitive
pieces, they don't come off that way to me. They appear
as a recurring thread that, each time they are re-
introduced, have a fresh new layering that enhances them,
sequentially building to something better. I'm often
amazed by what some MacJammers can achieve with
loops. This is no exception.
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coletb said 5157 days ago (June 6th, 2005)
I really dig the electric piano sound, reminds me of old
Herbie records.
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amani said 5143 days ago (June 20th, 2005)
seriously fat
Ohhh seriously fat! (is that slang still in? l0l) totally
diggin't it. Like how you can make those changes and
keep it flowin. It's the hardest part for me. What real
instruments are you playing in this one?
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caroline said 5128 days ago (July 5th, 2005)
i'd forgotten how much i like this so...
round i come again, download and onto the ipod it goes - for which, i thank you x
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K.I.S.KISMET said 5115 days ago (July 18th, 2005)
freakin' production!!!!! You kick some major arss on this!
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