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This song is about a woman and a man that lost their son to the Lake and also about others that has been unfortune to share their sadness. It is still a work in prgress but I would like some opinions before taking it to the next level...

This is my first song using my new slide (type) guitar as well as some other things...


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[ lost ]

down by the lake, a man and his book
some children are playing in the sand
down by the lake where a young boy died
down by the lake and the beautiful sky

down by the lake, a woman nearby
she looks at the man but she doesn't know why
he doesn't look back, he is reading his book
she moves a bit closer, she starts to talk:

come with me, walk with me through the park
come with me, we don't even have to talk

lost by the lake
people get lost by the lake

they walk through the park, none talks
they walk until they don't walk anymore
they stop at a house, a broken down door
they step inside to look around

the man is weeping, the woman is too
the whole lake is weeping and no wonder why
it's filled with tears and has been filled for years
down by the lake is where people die

come with me, sit down by my side
come with me, we're never gonna die

© MKN05
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New acoustic slide (type) guitar, Electric guitar, Bass, syntheseizer, microphone...
GB, Reason
alley-oop said 4622 days ago (June 28th, 2005)
(PFD) Personal floatation device
Actually, this a very pretty and sad song. The guitars are real cool. I like the guitars alot. The chorus is really good. Your song production is excellent. The composition is very well contructed.
I've noticed a death theme in many of your songs. Don't go to the mountains or the woods and now,
'icks-snay on the ake-lay'
That's what in Amercia we call pig latin for ' the lake is off limits'. Do they use the buddy-system for swimming in your country?
I really like the line:
come with me, we don't even have to talk
it's pretty, it gets me. A lot of your work gets me.
Thanks for posting another facinating song.

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said 4621 days ago (June 29th, 2005)
Excellent song and performances. I love the guitars and
chorus here.
mikkinylund said 4621 days ago (June 29th, 2005)
Thank you very much
Again, I am getting a little bit better on both the
production parts as well as the performance itself. Lots of
practising gives nice results they say. Of course, I love my
new guitar! :)

I live by a lake in the USA and it's not OFF LIMIT by any
means... :) I guess there is a death theme in many of my
songs but I think it is more on a symbolic/philosophical
level. I also have many songs abour life, the source of
life, nature etc. This song actually sprung out of a
collection of short stories written by a French author
Margaurite Duras: "Blue Eyes, Black Hair". It's more about
the picture I am trying to portrait, the silence between the
man and the woman and I thought I needed to use death
to signify that strong silence... I always find it very
difficult to define what to write or NOT to write in the
description however...

Thanks for listening, liking it, and voting!

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alley-oop said 4621 days ago (June 29th, 2005)
Thank you very much
I just wanted to come back to say perhaps I was too 'jokey' in my first
comment. A solemn song deserves a solemn comment. The topic of your
song is nothing to joke about. :-( Sorry
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JOAN said 4621 days ago (June 29th, 2005)
this is a sad song. almost hard to listen to because this weekend a 5 yr old boy drowned at a nearby lake. really hit home with this song
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TobinMueller said 4621 days ago (June 29th, 2005)
Ambiguity in all levels of fine writing
Very solid writing. I really like the ambiguous details,
spaces to let me think thru where the song might go.
Without the description, this could be a song about
strangers meeting for a moment of shared grief,
compassion, escape; or a song about a stalker-killer and
his next victim. I like that you don't provide a definitive
answer. Makes it a statement about how hard it is to tell,
how we build walls around ourselves because of this
uncertainty. The mix of different sorts of guitars adds to
this double meeting. The track cuts off abruptly (on
purpose?); your vocals seem unnecessarily lacking in
precision and tightness, and there are spaces that drag in
my ears (the long chordal instrumental ah sections, the
repeats, perhaps there is simple one too many of them for
me). But I really dig the concept, the writing, the overall
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mikkinylund said 4620 days ago (June 30th, 2005)
Thanks you
alley-oop > No need to worry, art should be free as well
as the interpetation of it. The lyrics in this song has many
levels: a serious level, a silent level, a romantic level, a
beautiful level etc. Your joke was not about the song per
say, but about the differencies between two systems,
that's okay. That's what this comments and forums are
about; for us to be able to be open minded. He**, I am
not all that serious a lot of times either and there are
many posts I've made I wished later on was written in a
different way... We're all in the same boat! :)

JOAN > Unfortunatley this is the risk one takes when
writing lyrics about serious matter. Some are going to like
it, some not, some are going to be touched with sadness
of reality (like in your case), some are not even going to
notice anything...

Tobin > Sometimes it would be better not having a
description I believe, especially when having a song that
works on different levels. I completely agree with most, if
not all, of you suggestions. This song was made on one
take so to speak, all the guiatrs and all the vocals. The
purpose was to make it while having it in my mind. Put it
down as a sketch, not lose the feeling I had. The guitars
are a little bit of sync at times, and the mix itself is
probably what makes the "cut-off" effect. The vocals
where recorded on by one, no editing, no re-recording.
My purpose with this song is really to take it to the next
level - one of the the things I had in mind already when
writing it, was to bring in a female vocalist, and that's why
the lyrics are kind of written for whoever she may be as
well... I do also feel the song is a little bit too long (too
many ahh's), so there are parts needed to be re-
constructed and worked on... Always appreciate the time
and deep thoughts you bring with your comments, very


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