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london's burning

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In memorial to thus attacked by lousy cowards in London today...

This is a song I was started working on before I knew about this mornings incident. It was a song that originally was suppose to be directed to certain groups at the G8 meetings (both inside the powerful building as well as outside). It was suppose to be a happy song about the revolution of love, and needless to say, today almost all the love is gone... Whoever listens to this song I'd like to say, don't turn the London attacks against any religion or group of people. There are cowards in any society and in any group of people, of all races and religions. Some of you may or may not agree with the message of my song, and that is fine. Some of you may think "we" need to invade just one more country because of this, and that is not fine, if asking me. Some of you may forget about the important things going on at the G8 meeting because of this - please don't - there are too many innocent people that has to suffer because of a bunch of loser cowards.

This is my own way of dealing with my own anger and frustrations going on today.

Thank you and don't forget...


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[ london's burning ]

to me, there's only one kind of revolution
it's not throwing a rock at a cop
or blasting a subway with bombs
i don't know if there's any real solution
to all the madness we've created on earth
but violence will always create more violence
and fear will bring more fear
to me, there's only one kind of revolution
the power within yourself, called love
the ongoing march of human kind

it may seem pathetic today
but the though of peace must not die

to me, there's only one kind of revolution
i call it, the revolution of the child
the power to spring free, jump and feel alive
the power to love the human kind
to me, covering your face while throwing a molotov cocktail
is a coward game
smashing the window of a corporate building
won't give your words a true name
your ideas will be eaten up by the fear
of your stupid actions

stand up my dear revolutionary
stand up and show me your face

london's burning

to me, there's only one kind of revolution
the revolution of the human kind
no needed religion, no needed church of any kind
no needed politicians, no needed lies
to me, we don't need the army
because any army is good at replies
to me, there's only one kind of revolution
that one, based upon true love, hard to find
that one that begins within ourselves
that originates from an innocent child

innocent child

may seem pathetic today, I know
but the thought of peace must not die

look inside yourself and find
the thought of piece must not die

© MKN05
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Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Microphone
Jim Bouchard said 4636 days ago (July 7th, 2005)
Amazing! you are the fastest worker and what you lack here in production quality you make up for in pure immediacy and emotional content.
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idunno said 4636 days ago (July 7th, 2005)
no forgetting
Eloquently and bravely said (sung). We can only defeat fear one heart at a time. - I won't forget.
mikkinylund said 4636 days ago (July 7th, 2005)
When you see the above 3 posted songs I am probably going
to get the artist name: "Lightning Mikki"... :) It is brave, but
at the same time I am a little concerned what the thoughts
are going to be with what have happened today... Of course,
I am very sadden by what have happened today like
everybody is, but at the same time can't give up my hope for
piece... Now, it's needed more than ever...


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jgurner said 4636 days ago (July 7th, 2005)
A lot of emotion in this
Anger, sadness, frustration and hope.

This would have been a poignant work anytime, but has
extra meaning today. The harshness of the instruments
and the dissonance give it an added punch.

The lyrics are a message the world needs more than ever
today and I love the delivery, from the almost paniced
sounding verses to the smooth and somber sound of the

A very heart-felt work.
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Peter Greenstone said 4636 days ago (July 8th, 2005)
great work
You've been on a roll lately, Mikky. This song is great and
powerful. Your free-flowing lyrics are excellent. Great
grinding sound. You have such an interesting way of
combining message with sound. Great performance too.

I'm with you, my friend.
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mikkinylund said 4636 days ago (July 8th, 2005)
Thank you
I ageree that the world need this message more than ever,
I am mainly carrying it over. It has been spoken for many
generations. It seems like "real" messages are almost
"forbidden" in music today unless you sing about yourself
and how you feel. In this song I have a whole world of
people out there, some of them which does not have a
voice at all. I sing to them and for them as well as to
anyone else that think this is important. Some doesn't
and I am equally fine with that. My music is not and was
never meant for a mass audience. If I can reach a few ears
like yours I've done my job.

This is a performance! :) All of my latest productions are
like live performances out of my small home office. I play
hard, work hard. I jump around, I speak to an invisible
audience. I do the Gene Simmons tongue and the Sid
Vicious pos». I do the Elvis shake and the cut-myself as
Iggy Pop. I hide myself behind the black hair of Robert
Smith writing poetry about death or stand still in a fixed
Kraftwerk position - and in a monotone voice repeating
the words: "Liebe Mach Frei" (Love Gives Freedom)... I am
practising, because one day soon I know I am going to
have to act on a stage...

But I will never forget the message. The importance of
what art can do. Therefore...

I am with you too my friends.

Thank you.

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Dwayne Plain said 4633 days ago (July 11th, 2005)
Okay, this is a cool song
Yes, I really like it & I did download it. Are you a Captain
Beefheart fan?
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mikkinylund said 4631 days ago (July 13th, 2005)
Okay, this is a cool song
Thanks Dwayne! I'm afraid not, in fact, I can't say that I know of the Captain
except by the name... Of course, this is a good reason to check them out...
Thanks for listening!

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breezer said 4630 days ago (July 13th, 2005)
JOAN told me to check you out
And now a new revolution had begun!!! Great work! I Love it!!
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TobinMueller said 4629 days ago (July 14th, 2005)
Perfect fit
Your whole loose, improved style comes together perfectly
on this track. Really well done. You are nailing the whole
production sound quality thing, and have always provided
thoughtful soundscapes and arrangements. Your concepts
and sounds are a perfect fit. Nice.
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JOAN said 4629 days ago (July 14th, 2005)
Yet another winner!!
Good one Mikki!!! We must agree with jgurner "a poignant work anytime" and like pgreenstone we love your "free flowing lyrics". Love the guitar work!!! Excellent message and production. We bow down to you!!!
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mikkinylund said 4629 days ago (July 14th, 2005)
Thank you
Your words makes me blush, because it is important to be
able to blush sometimes. Music seems to come to me
very easy - I've had some problems (and are still having
some) with the produciton and mixing. But things are
easier after months of practising. I am finally at a point
where I am able to communicate what I want, without
having to struggle with the technical parts of it. I have a
flow. Comments from you and others are of course good
enough of a reason to continue. Music means a lot, it
helps me communicate with my heart.

Thank you for the very nice words.

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