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Five Billion Years

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We've had a long time to get things right.
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“Five Billion Years" by Paul Fidalgo
Copyright 2002

Ages at your heals and I’ve stayed wise
Set free all the spiders and kill the flies
But I know a man with bee stings in his eyes
Though he knows he will be swallowed he still tries

Rise and fall

The better half of this world is in chains
With glossy magazines glued to their brains
While some are dying to control the reigns
Most are happily unmoved and take no pains

Rise and fall
Five billion years just to stand

I one had a home but who can tell
Now my small town belongs to Taco Bell
The beast is loose and now we’re scared as hell
The fish’s only defense is to swell

Rise and fall

What will we leave if all that we make
Is siphoned away and devoured for our own sake
And when we’re all dead and seep into the crust
The beings to come can make oil out of us

Say your prayers and I’ll kiss you goodnight
I’ll crack the door and leave the hallway light
I’ll tell you that your future will be bright
Cause now the cruelest lies all come in white

Rise and fall
Five billion years
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fling93 said 4873 days ago (August 11th, 2005)
Wow, very nice!
Love the voice. Sounds great!

Just a couple of suggestions. I think the bridge could use a little bit more work. Also, the enunciation of "five billion" sounds a bit goofy (especially with the backing vocals near the end), which doesn't seem to match the rest of the song.
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jackstone said 4873 days ago (August 11th, 2005)
This is great song!
I really like this song's mood.
Thanks for sharring it!
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jgurner said 4873 days ago (August 11th, 2005)
Deep message with a light sound
Very cool lyrics. I wish you would post them. "The beings to
come, can make oil out of us" - I love it. Song has a very nice
feel. Some very nice guitar work. Reminds me a bit of some
of the 60s folk rock like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
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TobinMueller said 4872 days ago (August 12th, 2005)
I really dig your lyrics. (Please post them!) Such a good
track. Clear and intimate vocals, tight guitar performance,
nice build; but such good lyrics. Could be a contemporary
folk hit too, since the social commentary lyrics fit well with
that genre. Your vocals on the bridge seem farther away
from the mic than the others, even tho my ears wanted them
louder, not softer (over compressed?) There are other reverb
issues my ears wanted evened out, but the song and
arrangement is so nice It didn't matter. I just wanted to
listened to the song again...
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Cori Ander said 4872 days ago (August 12th, 2005)
Wow ... I just passed the place where orchestra came in. I
was about to write that this is very professionally made. Now
I hear the music also have an interesting soul with
disciplined and restrained power under the suface. You must
be a pro, or if not, why aren't you?
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Hapster said 4871 days ago (August 13th, 2005)
nice title
nice title
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SlimGirlFat said 4869 days ago (August 15th, 2005)
Firstly a great track.
I love the lyrics, suitably metaphorical.
I like the way you sing this (some lovely harmonies)
and the guitar playing is wonderful.
I like the electric guitar coming in halfway through.
Very impressive.. D/L
Einarus said 4867 days ago (August 17th, 2005)
Fantastic lyrics, first of all!
Good vocals, lovely guitar and clear, very pro production.
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macapa said 4210 days ago (June 5th, 2007)
Really nice!
This song was a pleasant surprise. Lovely sound and great lyrics. Thanks for sharing!
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Name: Paul Fidalgo and the Conflict of Interest
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A New Jersey native and current denizen of Washington, D.C., Paul Fidalgo hopes his sounds will reach beyond the walls of his Facebook page, as he releases his musical material out into the wild for ego validation on a wide scale. Assembled from a... [see more]

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