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15 minutes

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A song about the work and persona of Andy Warhol.

Playing all the instruments except the drums.


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[ 15 minutes ]

in memory of andy warhol

brillo boxes
cambell's soup cans
silver clouds
elvis and flowers
of the factory
outer and inner space


in america
self portraits
in a booth
velvet underground
velvet underground
a yellow banana
on display

15 minutes of fame
perhaps it is too late

born in pittsburgh
born in pittsburgh
born to fame
she had a gun
at his chest


3 bullets
did not do him
3 bullets
could not put him to rest
from a to b
and back again
from a to b

© MKN05

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Uploaded: Aug 17, 2005 - 11:39:57 AM
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Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Microphone
mikkinylund said 4595 days ago (August 17th, 2005)
I know all of my songs aren't "good", or "there" or falls into
everyone's taste, but of you want to give somebody a 4.25
voting, at least be clever and brave enough to give me some
feedback so I can do better the next time.

Thank you.

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jgurner said 4595 days ago (August 17th, 2005)
I've noticed the low scores on several different songs lately with no comments
left or comments left that don't reflect the low votes. Maybe someone just
doesn't get the system or doesn't feel the need to explain the vote, but I'm with
you, if someone has a reason for a low vote, they need to speak up. It's all about
learning to do better.

As for this tune, not a huge Warhol fan, but I do dig this song. Very new wave/
underground sounding. I love what you've been doing with your vocals lately. It's
been some really interesting stuff. There is a really thick, rich sound that you get
on the chorus that just sounds great. The backing vocals and synth make a
really smooth melodic line. Enjoyed it.

Some people are like big children, harming others without even seeing it. Staying angry with these fools is like being mad at fire because it burns.
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mikkinylund said 4595 days ago (August 18th, 2005)
Thanks! Yeah, I don't mean to sound hurt or anything, I am not. This is a
good place top post songs and a good place to get valued feedback. I for
one, care much more about the feedback then the points, period. The only
thing points does for me is getting me more listeners, which is of course
valuable. But I don't learn much from it, comments teach me more. I just
thought getting a 4.25 without a comment is almost pretty rude. I hear
plenty of songs that would get this voting too, but I don't bother giving them
a vote. If I would, there would be something good, something to build on,
and I would for sure give that poster a valid, thoughtful comment to go with
my "low" voting. I can accept that people are different though, but also
needed to express my feelings on the subject! :)

Andy was not, and is not my favorite artist by any means either. But, he is
very important in the history of art. I wrote the song with a little question in
my mind: "What would the world of art look like without Andy's success, or
even more so, the world of graphic design?" I'm glad you like my voices, it's
starting to become very easy to do all of the different scales, mainly because I
don't have anyone else to sing with... :)


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holyparsnip said 4595 days ago (August 17th, 2005)
Just deficated on my head with sound. Maybe a little Yaz.
Did you just see I shot Andy Warhol? It's well put together.
I likes it!
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