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Ethylene Hodgepodge



 Genre: Trance

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An instrumental created after receiving an email with the same subject title as the song. Too much bothersome email clogging my lifestyle, so I decided to make use of the titles. I have 8 more SPAM Songs to release. My new source of inspiration. Feel free to tell me how much you love it or hate it. No in betweens please. Both extremes are preferred. Help me become a better songwriter.
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Uploaded: Sep 09, 2005 - 11:18:26 AM
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2007 - 08:40:25 AM Last Played: Apr 03, 2016 - 06:36:47 PM
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iMac G5, Oxygen 8
Warren Smith said 4567 days ago (September 14th, 2005)
Ethylene hodgepodge? Take inspiration where you find it! I like the way you put together sounds - it's refreshing. And your pauses between elements work nicely in this piece. There are places where I think it runs on a bit too long, but that's just my perspective on much iof ambient music.
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five_extra_arms said 4561 days ago (September 20th, 2005)
Warren, thanks for the comments. There's so much to be inspired by, why not
SPAM?! This song writing experience was the first I'd had in quite some time. I
was tense and nervous and irritated so I tried to breathe deep and make
something sweet sounding that even the kids could sleep to. It was originally 9+
minutes long which might tell you of the trance I fell into. I shortened it to about
6.5 minutes which seemed just right to me. Normally I write 2 minute songs. I
guess I listened to too many Ramones songs.... waitaminit... that's impossible. I
love the Ramones! Maybe I'll drop a "!-2-3-4" into my next song. Think it'll add
a punk rock twist to my "Ambient Electronica" song? Do we need that kinda
thing here at MacJams.com?
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Liliwood said 4545 days ago (October 6th, 2005)
when spam goes good..
nice soothing work...thank you for sharing with us
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five_extra_arms said 4543 days ago (October 8th, 2005)
when spam goes good..
Sometimes I don't mind SPAM. Thanks for noticing. You are very talented and I
appreciate the comment.

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ic42 said 3981 days ago (April 23rd, 2007)
when seemingly incongruous events cause harmony, it is a synergy to celebrate. there is beauty in the hodgepodge, if one is a craftsman. you are a craftsman. the sudden ending halted a digital dream, but it can now be replayed. 0x0
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five_extra_arms said 3981 days ago (April 23rd, 2007)
ic what ur saying, but my other eye is broken too.


five extra arms does not help you sing any better.
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Diviner said 3793 days ago (October 28th, 2007)
Wow I missed this
I should have listened to this one earlier in my macjams life. This is a nice track. I have some ideas with this one for a remix. Good track. Very pleasant.
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lavalamp said 3710 days ago (January 19th, 2008)
Cool title
Going back to the things I missed. I mean this has more of a soundtrack feel to it. Maybe, like a girl and a boy finally realizing there the ones for each other at the end of a film.......in a sort of Oliver Stone slow motion
For this genre it is excellent.
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The Infinites said 3699 days ago (January 30th, 2008)
Or should I say, watch out for an exciting version of this tune by Bob, which has taken on a life of it's own and currently has three others working on it to make a full blown work, complete with lyrics and introducing a stunning voice to deliver....

I'm excited! Bob gave us this sound-bed and it just begged to be developed further. Great musical concept - how can you go wrong with a start like this?

Not long now....can't wait to post it. Hope you tune in and enjoy.

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The Infinites said 3499 days ago (August 17th, 2008)
Hey Bob
I'll be posting me & Andy & Maggi's version of this on Sept 01 for the MJ Covers challenge - can't wait to see what reaction it gets, as it's a cool version using E.H. as the undercurrent to a great piece of collab-ing.

See ya!

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Henke said 3483 days ago (September 2nd, 2008)
And a great version it is!
But this original is some refreshing ambient-like music as well. I understand you got caught in a trance over this!

I also understand now that I need some more tracks with more sounds in my own humble ambient pieces ;-)


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five_extra_arms said 3481 days ago (September 4th, 2008)
I forgot about this old thing until Jim and his clan decided to blow the dust off it.

Thanks Jim.

By the way, my comment section on my profile page still shows the last comment on this song as 01/30/08 - 04:11:22 PM. Strange but true.

I'm hoping my new comment with fix this untruth one and for all.
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Name: Bob Dorsey
Location: Rio Rancho NM USA
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I'm no longer sitting in front of my computer every day, so I no longer have the pleasure of listening to the best original music ever. It's hit or miss with MacJams these days. I try to get on to listen and comment and too often the site is down. I'... [see more]

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Trance music is a subgenre of electronic dance music (EDM) that developed in the 1990s. Trance could be described as a melodic, more-or-less freeform style of music characterized by steady beat between 130 and 158 bpm and repeating melodic patterns.

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