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Not to be found Collab With Ejh

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well, this is a collab with Ejh. I am impressed of all the great work he has done with the instruments! A big thank to Ed for his great effort!!!

From Ed:

I first became aware of selters’ work when he left a nice comment on ‘Song Of This World’, and I almost immediately ran into him on the Chat page. He was getting feedback that his songs were really strong, but some MacJammers felt they would benefit from better production values. I was charmed by his songs and melodies, and his very earnest and heartfelt vocals. I don’t remember how we fell into it, but somehow it ended up that I would try to produce a backing track for his song ‘Not To Be Found’, for selters to sing over… This is the result… selters’ original vocals are still in there, but with a few more tracks added in… I tried to have almost a dialog between the simple song as I first heard it, and loved it, and the Big Song that it could be anytime it wants… This, to me, is a song that could be done and could live all sorts of ways… I don’t think I’ve done the definitive version, but maybe if I did a halfway decent job, I’ve done a version that points toward all the other versions that could be… It’s a wonderful song, and I’m honored that selters let me mess around with it…

A final note on the production:

selters’ original song was much shorter than this. Since I fell in love with the song, I was tempted to be totally overblown and self-indulgent with it… then I got the idea of being more restrained throughout the song itself, with the main self-indulgence saved for what I hope is a pretty instrumental coda, in the style, perhaps, of some of Future Games-era Danny Kirwan… in my dreams… selters and I both have thought about having a vocal harmony fest over this coda, but that will have to wait for the next version…
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Looking at you, but you cannot see
im getting closer
holding out my hand

its invisible, you cannot reach for it
i stand like a poser
Holding out my hand

no one did ever, give me the feeling
that i needed,
to go on

the fear of rejection, prevents me from blooming
All that i could have done,
if i wanted someone

I cannot go on
looking for people not to be found
I gotta be
looking for flowers on the ground

Looking at me, how can it be
Im getting colder
reaching out my hand

youve searched in my house, youve searched in the sea,youre getting colder
freesing on your hands hands

the fear of comittments, prevents me from trying
All that i could have done,
if you were the one

no one did ever, give me the feeling
that i needed,
to go on

I cannot go on
looking for people not to be found
I gotta be
looking for flowers on the ground

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Einarus said 5081 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
I had always liked selters' first version of this so I was tempted to add the
song to my favorites before I actually played it, but I managed to wait...
turns out it didn't really matter since I fav'ed it anyway.
The production is awesome - really dug the solo.
Great buildup, good performances and overall nice feel to it.
Excellent work!
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eltopo said 5081 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
another top track this week
This is a lovely folksy, beastlesy, byrdsy piece of work.

How did you play so many guitars at once?
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Mystified said 5081 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
Very nice collab...
...you two!
This just shows what happens when two people bring their strengths to
a song.
The acoustic guitar playing is warm and rich, and I love the easy-going
percussion that nicely suppports this all the way through, as well as the
electric guitar.
While the lyrics are melancholy, the jangly guitar gives them a sense of
hope at the same time, and the vocals are honest and delivered with a
nice, understated tone that is perfect for the instrumental.

well done! :)

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thetiler said 5081 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
Like it
Nice feeling to the whole tune.

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SBS said 5081 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
Beautiful track, but
I think this is a beautiful song, I love the songwriting and the lyrics. I
do however prefer your previous versions. The backing track is well
recorded, although the timing in the gitars is sometimes a bit off. And
it has obviously been given a studio treatment, which in itself is ok, but
one of the things I have most enjoyed about your songs have been the
more lo-fi approach to recording. But that's just me. On a technical
note the vocals shouldn't be gated that heavily. The hissing of
backround noise that occurs right before and after each line is a bit
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thoddi said 5081 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
beautiful music
You have a voice worth money selters. I really liked the first version you did of this. Thats like Bob Dylan would have done it in the early years. This one is more like a polished studio version. They're both good and can stand alone. If I was to choose one - I'd go for the first, naked version - it's so honest and near.

BTW - HamKam beat Viking today... hmmm well who cares about football when we have such good music;)

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jiguma said 5081 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
enjoyed the restraint
I really enjoyed the restraint of selters original - this has added a
certain sophistication while still retaining that reticence. The guitars
are nicely recorded (I just haven't been able to do that well yet), and it
all fits together very nicely. All in all a good revival of a very nice
original tune :)
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stevel said 5081 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
Great song...Ejh has really brought a nice production feel to this track,
adding interesting elements without sacrificing the essential intimacy
of the original
Well done guys!
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said 5080 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
Skibbles and bibbles!
Nice tune! Anythin EJH sings on is great! The only thing I wasn't to overly excited about was the hippy theme with the flowers and bees part! Just my personal opinion! Everything else sounded great! Just not my flavor of music!
Ed Hannifin said 5080 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
Skibbles and bibbles!
Just for the record, ALL of the singing is selters...

(Always love your comments, though, bizarre...pardon me, selters, for leaping in
here on your song...)

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said 5080 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
Skibbles and bibbles!
Ed the only hiss I hear is coming from my pet snake Lucifer? Sounds
pretty clean to me! POp oh just kiddin!

selters said 5080 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
Skibbles and bibbles!
leap in anytime!!
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Leon said 4981 days ago (January 3rd, 2006)
This song is NOT not to be found...it has to be found and appreciated!
Sad..very sad... Magnus, most of your songs can make me pause and be
sentimental. Your melodies and lyrics are profound in their simplicity in
this song. Your vocals add a sombre tone that really tug at heartstrings...
I totally love the phrase "I cannot go on looking for people not to be
found... I gotta be looking for flowers on the ground" How'd you find the
inspiration to think of such lyrics, man? Man, does your girlfriend ever cry
when she hears your songs...?

Of course, Ejh's high-quality guitar playing provides an amazing backdrop
to this great song!
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bronco said 4942 days ago (February 11th, 2006)
Sad Vocals
I had voted on this one and gave it an8.5 but didn't leave a comment.
One of your sweetest and saddest vocals. World weary but wiser! Great
song and great singing.
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