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My usual obsessions. A new dark piece. I planned more for this, but got to a point where I liked it and figured more would be less, so called it done.
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I know what you look like
with your head on my pillow
and belladonna drops in your eyes.
I know what you look like
when you are alone and afraid.
I know your insecurities better than my own.
I know how to play at the fringes of your doubt,
how to belittle you, and make you feel pain,
make you small and sad, all the while concealing
I need you more than you need me.
I know what you look like
when salt tears fall from your eyes
and you desperately cling to me,
not for salvation, or even hope, but only
because I am near.
I know your body bathed in moonlight and
yellowed lace.
I know your lusts and skin and sweat.
I know how you speak
when you’ve had too much wine,
and even what you will say.
I know how you taste,
and how you touch,
and what you fear.
I know what makes you smile and hate.
I know the sound of your breath as you sleep,
what you dream of,
and who you really love.
I know your scents and passions and dreams.
I know how to find you in darkness and how you
like to be held.
I know your face wet with rain.
I know you.
I have always known you.

And I know you know me not at all.
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AU powerbook, PCR-30 Edirol keyboard, and my Shure mic.
GB2 Only.
2XS said 5075 days ago (October 1st, 2005)
Dark, Dark, Dark
This is very alarming in a dark, disturbing and somewhat enjoyable way.
The undercurrent of violence with a tinge of sexuality is excrutiating.
Sound bed is an excellent backdrop to this art.
cjorgensen said 5073 days ago (October 3rd, 2005)
Dark, Dark, Dark

I was hoping for more feedback than yours. Your post can be cut and pasted
into almost anything I do. I was hoping for more original comments. Not cutting
on what you had to say, I thank you for saying it, just crushed not more people
were chiming in!

Maybe I am stepping up to the plate with the same bat?

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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savage4hire said 5072 days ago (October 4th, 2005)
Yet Darker
Wow, this is fascinating. I think the subtle sound underneath makes it all
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cjorgensen said 5063 days ago (October 13th, 2005)
Yet Darker
Thanks. Orgininally I had the backdrop up louder, and you could make out
individual notes, etc., but the the whispers were lost.

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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thoddi said 5065 days ago (October 11th, 2005)
Bad day?
Hmm, could remind me of thoughts I might have after being the bullseye of someones mood after "that time of month" ;)

What puzzles me is that if someone knows one person so well as this - still there's a chance that this person not knows you at all...
Sounds to me as a description of a non-communicating relationship, or maybe that the part that knows all this, feels like really giving a lot into the relationship, and propably not getting the things needed in return.

For the musical part I say you've done well. The echo effect sets the mood together with the soundscape of the synth. Wonder if the echo thing would be better if just added a few parts to underline some of the statements, and not beeing up front all the time... not sure tough.

I think you did the right choice, when leaving it at this point, and not falling for the temtation of puting more into it.


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cjorgensen said 5063 days ago (October 13th, 2005)
Bad day?
I had intended to add the echos to individual words, but this is too difficult in
GB. You can dupe the track and have only those parts you want echoed there
(cut and paste), which works best, but is damn tedious, or you can isolate the
track with the volume "graph," but that cuts out the effect as well.

I spend a couple hours putting together one piece, so am not adverse to the
time, but I have a que I want to get to. I figure I ever get to the end of my
material I can go back and add complexity.

And I think you're right about the person in the poem. It is a non-
communicative relationship. Or at least it is one way. It was always surprising
to me when people I dated long term were ever surprised by me. I always
thought, "If you knew me half as well as I know you that question would never
need be asked."

Or whatever.

The guy in the poem is kind of an ass.

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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