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What Remains

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This is a song I was inspired to write after reading Christa Wolf's "Was bleibt" ('what remains').
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I didn't raise my voice yesterday,
I didn't think I had anything to say,
to make them think, so I'll let it slip away
in my sleep.

Free speech, a sugar pill to make you think
someday your words will make them think
or change their mind, they're on the brink
of sleep

And this speech I can taste,
but the words seem to escape
inside my head.
And I am free to believe
I can be what I want to be
inside my head.

And in school your mind they'll shape
while in the field your back they break
and nothing you say and nothing you take
and nothing you do can stop the ache.
what you feel, what you thought,
the things you were taught aren't real
and what you see is what you find.
if you still feel, you're doing fine.
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rtcooper said 5029 days ago (October 12th, 2005)
Big Landscape - small problem
The emotive vocal lead is very on point and color. The polyphonic
rhythmic buid out works and spreads the canvas, inviting the haunting
counterpoint vocal interweave. The space, "inside my head" is well
detailed, existentially melancholy or, perhaps, slightly wind-drifted and
elusive. It's all there, but I just can't pull it together.

Reason being, the clipped-sounding rhythmic beat is between me and
the intamacy the song elicits. It blocks the way to fully hearing/
inhabiting the space of the song for me. That said, I Like the Ironic
quality of the effect - I just can't get around it!

I'll download it to Tunes to see if my system can separate it out or
place it in more favorable position to the lyric.

This is a Fine Composition, here, that draws this frustrated complaint.
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jschultz76 said 5029 days ago (October 12th, 2005)
Big Landscape - small problem
Thanks for the comment and criticism. I'm glad you noticed the "irony," as I
try to add a bit in all of my songs, and I wonder if I'm the only one who notices.
I'm torn on where to place the drums, as far as volume is concerned. It sounds
so different on everything I listen through (computer speakers, headphones,
iPod, car). So, I'm always grateful for a second opinion. I actually wanted
the drums to sound mechanical and cold. I wanted them to be the "uneasy" or
disturbing part of the song -- I wanted them to represent the machine of the
East German government which interfered with the thoughts of the narrator.
But I hope they aren't so disturbing that they move into the realm of being
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stevec said 5029 days ago (October 12th, 2005)
'cept for the drums
I thought this was an awesome track. truly original. the overdriven(?) percussion was distracting to me, although after reading your comment, i understand what you were going for. i had to check my headphones & speakers to see if they were the problem. vocal was kinda haunting, which i liked. loved the heavy guitar near the end as well. excellent production. thanks for sharing!
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Peter Greenstone said 5029 days ago (October 12th, 2005)
Another great tune from you. Melody, lyrics, performance, production, all
excellent. I love this kind of moody music. That said, I agree with the
others that that clipped beat effect is distracting. It's an interesting idea
and get where you were going with it, but in the end it's just too out of
place from the rest to ever really settle in my ears as a real part of the
song. Maybe if you expanded on that idea, occasionally using it on other
instruments or even partly on your voice at times it would tie it together.
I love how you later bring in the guitar with the distorted rotary effect;
that works really well.
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aclarke said 5028 days ago (October 12th, 2005)
Great song- your expressive vocals and thoughtful lyrics always impress...
without question. The "clipping" is distracting to my ears though I at least
understand why (read the comments above).

Maybe if the effect was used more sparingly... At the end of the song
where there was more going on it worked really well, in my opinion. If you
leave the effect in maybe make it more subtle to begin and gradually
increase it. Just my thought- it's a terrific song in any case.
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jschultz76 said 5028 days ago (October 13th, 2005)
To stevec, pgreenstone and aclarke:
Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. OK, I guess it's unanimous,
the drums need to be changed. I wanted the drums to be as unorganic
as possible, so i'll have to play around with them again when I get a
some free time again (which seems to happen less and less frequently in
my schedule these days).

Thanks for listening and commenting. Sorry I haven't had time to respond
to each of you individually. Thanks!
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rtcooper said 5027 days ago (October 14th, 2005)
Can't Stop Thinking About It
"What Remains" is still on my mind.

To me, the sonic identity of the percussion is too good/right to just
replace, somehow. It's ominously harsh persistence and cruelty are
integral in the gestalt.

So, to drop it back in the Soundscape, in GB, a slight surround of
Reverb would move it, but retain it's punch and glint. Short of a
Sequencer/Mixer with spacial controls, this might just work And
preserve the track.

[Proviso: Some state as fact that I was born in a Fender Reverb unit in
Laguna Beach sometime in the 60's. While not entirely accurate, I am
perhaps guilty of having, maybe, "Drowned" a track or two along the
way.] This suggestion will draw outraged Hate Mail, but -

I very much hope your percussion TRX will be preserved in some slight
mod that will allow "Remains" to fully Soar; it's So Damn Close already.


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ronnienotch said 5012 days ago (October 29th, 2005)
nice song nice voice. I think that the drums should be changed because it takes away from the song, but on the same note, I think I see what you were tryin to do to this song.
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