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Static Noise Altered


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This is another recording taken from the Max/MSP patch that I wrote for a drama production. The full description of the song can be found here:


This is a longer recording and some post production has taken place attempting to follow some of the suggestions and desires made by people after the first post.
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said 4846 days ago (November 13th, 2005)
What would be interesting would be to set up a web page where when the
user clicked on the song, what was presented was a new sound collage
from the same source material using your algorithm.
I like the additional low frequencies in this version.
perceptualvortex said 4846 days ago (November 13th, 2005)
Nice layers of noise. I recognize the Crossroads Baker explosion in your song pic. Well, I kind of like the way little sound bites come out of the foggy noise and then recede back in. It would make a good museum installation piece, in it's own room, with the right lighting effects.
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allsaints said 4842 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Is the length of each piece chosen at random by the program as well?

How many "tracks" can be played at once? This is to say, it sounds like
you have two, maybe three, different sound sources playing
simultaneously. Have you thought about increasing this number?

I enjoyed this piece and I can't say I would choose one over the other.

Although, I did enjoy the fact that it was longer, and that many of the
voices were more distinct, and there was a greater clearity to each of
the sound sources as it played.

I like Mungo's idea as well.

It seems that if you changed the source material, that you can get
some very interesting and different experiments. This is to say, if
instead of voices and white noise, you use instead notes or musical
riffs or just noises. There seems to be many possibilities.
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The Composer said 4842 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Thanks all for the comments.

Up to 5 tracks can be played at once... though this is not likely to happen very
often, except when the density setting is very high. This can be increased in
the program quite easily (would take me half a minute at the most)... the only
real time consuming aspect would be creating the sound sources for it.

Due to limitations in the program, only one 'track' can be playing a particular
sound source at the one time otherwise there is some sort of overload
resulting in that track ceasing to play. At the moment I've safe-guarded
against that by making sure that each track does not share control over any
of the sound sources... but this also means that if I added another 'track' I
would also have to add about another 30meg (10-15 minutes in mono) of
sound sources (at the moment each track has about 3 sound sources 5
minutes long each) to be completely operational. (collecting the sound files
to begin with was quite a long process)

The other solution is loading the sound sources into buffers... however this
uses up a lot of ram and I'd need to use much small sound files. The
advantage of this would be that a very large number of 'tracks' would be able
to play from the same sound source at the same time with no problems.

So its a trade off... I can have a very large program with a lot of variation but
only a few playable 'tracks'... or a signicantly smaller program with a very
large number of playable 'tracks' but significantly less variation.

In regards to the length of the each 'piece' the original Static Noise was
dictated by a midi file I wrote... so that demostration piece will always be the
same length even though the content would change each time. This piece
however was 'performed' (or maybe conducted would be a better word) by
me. Part of the reason the voices were more distinct probably has something
to do with me using less noise this time around.

Of course changing the source material is going to produce a wide variety of
results... though using musical sources is an interesting idea that I'm already
thinking about.

As far as Mungo's idea goes... putting this on a website is probably beyond
my current expertise... and since the program is currently at 200mb, it would
probably be a little inpractical. However, there is a site that has done
something very interesting along these lines:


An instant music maker, very interesting.

The Composer, previously known as The Pianist who hasn't played the piano in a while...
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moglee said 4830 days ago (November 28th, 2005)
i iwhs i had the intelligence to understand max msp. i'll get there eventually..
but i literally am in a state of worship for the schizoid underover and below above nis of spinning platyes on water and just complete chaos. :)
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K Möller J said 4829 days ago (November 30th, 2005)
I LIke
I Like
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mvh9591 said 4672 days ago (May 6th, 2006)
I'm not sure
Mr. Composer but I think I'll be hearing static in my sleep tonight. (lol)
Very interesting indeed. I never had a chance to listen to the first
version but I must say the title and genre fit this one.

Thanks for posting.

mvh: )
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