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Traveling Man

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A collaboration with friend Jono Newton, written while I was traveling in Spain more than 3 years ago now. We´ve had the acoustic part and voice recorded since december ´04 and I´ve been wanting to add something to it, so I played around with the garageband strings and found something that I think fits pretty well.
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A man sits on a red-tiled rooftop
and watches the landscape and thinks to himself
"I hear the streets speaking and the hills reply
but I still don´t know myself"

"I´ve traveled so far in many directions
and now I feel as though I´m miles from home
Each day there are new faces and I hear many names
But I can still feel so alone"

The breeze that touches his hair
Blows through the doorways and the love affairs
While he stays he´ll take what he can
But soon he´ll be gone, a traveling man

From his view on the rooftop the valley below him
Stretches out straight to the sea
Evening leans on a small spanish town
The sunlight slowly recedes

Darkness decending
The end of a day
and the feeling of restless rising inside
what did he think he would find

The breeze that touches his hair
Blows past the barstools and abandoned cares
While the city sleeps he´ll take what he can
but soon he´ll be gone,
a traveling man

The man pauses and looks down below
where the city lights shine so long
he descends to the valley
and boards the night train
and moves on

The breeze that touches his hair
Blows past the churches and the foreign prayers
Gospel music rings through the air and he´s gone
Traveling man
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stevel said 5023 days ago (November 23rd, 2005)
Lovely acoustic number
I really like this...great guitar work, great vocal harmonies, nice subtle
orchestration. A lovely song. Very enjoyable indeed
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aclarke said 5023 days ago (November 24th, 2005)
It surprises me
how a song with such high quality can be virtually ignored. This is a very
nice song. Humble in a sense.

The song would be wonderfully expressive without the strings. But they
are a very nice touch! Beautiful song!
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Einarus said 5023 days ago (November 24th, 2005)
Funny (or maybe it's sad...) how some songs can slip through the masses
of listeners...
I'm glad I caught this (thanks to aclarke).
Beautiful melodies and excellent performances, guitar and vocal-wise.
Fav'ed and DL'ed!
Great job!
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TobinMueller said 5022 days ago (November 25th, 2005)
So nice!
Superb guitar playing, tasteful use of synth strings to add a layer of
sweetness, and very pleasant harmonies. Wonderful track. I am going to
check out the rest of your catalog now....
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dajama said 5021 days ago (November 25th, 2005)
Love the guitar playing on this song. Great clear sound, and married with
the vocals and the (nicely subtle) strings, it makes for a sweet vibe. Good
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t-bone said 5020 days ago (November 26th, 2005)
Great Work
How refreshing, a song at last. I thought we forgot about storytelling all together until I heard this. Nice work... I look forward to hearing your other titles
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MisterFrap said 5020 days ago (November 27th, 2005)
Very nice
I like it so much.
Great guitar work and nice vocals.
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eltopo said 5019 days ago (November 28th, 2005)
A great song well played and really well taped.
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Holistik said 5018 days ago (November 29th, 2005)
This sounds like the best of The Beatles and James Taylor. Fortunately,
it's completely original. The addition of the synth/string part way in was
very pleasant.
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stacey said 4807 days ago (June 28th, 2006)
I love the vocals!
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Name: John Mogielnicki
Location: Middletown CT U.S.A
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Most of the songs here are collaborations with my friend Jono Newton recorded in New Hampshire in January '04. Then I spent the fall of '05 studying abroad in Buenos Aires where I recorded a couple tracks on my laptop without vocals. Luckily, the t... [see more]

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