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Finale (Silent Night)


Noel Project

 Genre: Holiday

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It is with a touch of sadness that we submit the final cut from our holiday CD, Splendor Bright. This is an unusual version of Silent Night, with contributions from Tom Atwood, Mystified, Cori Ander and MidiOrleans. The challenge was in making this "medley" from around the world seamless, especially the speaking parts, which we hope you will enjoy. Curry speaks! In fact, we all speak...

Mystified and I would like to thank all those who participated in the Noel Project (Rebsie, mandolinquent, Curry, Scotty) and all of you who have listened and left comments.

As for the CD (available at thelostrecords.com), it is better than good - it is done! We hope you enjoy it!

Artwork by Mystified & Alimar
Inside cover of "Splendor Bright"
Courtesy The Lost Records™
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Silent night, holy night
All is calm,
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child.
Holy infant,
So tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, holy night
Son of God
Love's pure light
Radiant beams
From thy holy face,
With the dawn of redeeming grace,
Jesus, Lord at thy birth.
Jesus, Lord at thy birth
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savage4hire said 4930 days ago (December 19th, 2005)
very nice folks
Good finale from the noel project, full of christmas spirit.
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cjhoose said 4930 days ago (December 19th, 2005)
ooo aaaa
downloading. listening. going on ishuffle permanently.
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dreadmon said 4930 days ago (December 19th, 2005)
This is really great, y'all. What a labor of love, I've never heard anything like it. It's like the best NPR show ever! Just stunning.
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jiguma said 4930 days ago (December 19th, 2005)
Incredible piece of work everyone
Incredible piece of work everyone - congratulations on this song and on the whole effort for the Noel Project. Talk about a public sevice - that's the best Christmas collection I'm ever heard!
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ledebutant said 4930 days ago (December 19th, 2005)
So Strange
I commented on this song earlier, faved and downloaded and, as the
comment was posting, the song page disappeared. Now it's back with a
new song number.

I think Santa must be coming.

Thank you guys so much for this gift to the MJ community. May you all
have a Merry, Merry Christmas and, Tom, don't forget to turn off the
coffee maker in the NP break room.

Happy Christmas!
Noel Project said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
So Strange
Ledebutant, we here at the Project would like to apologize for any
irregularities in posting. But, as you know, this is the holiday season, many
things to be done, busy, busy, busy! Yesterday I had sent all Project staffers
on various errands: some were buying Christmas presents for my family,
others addressing my holiday cards (I hate to lick stamps!) and the rest
assigned to adjusting the icicle lights and inflatable Santa globes scattered
around the Project's property. So, with no one left in the office, I had to post
the song myself. So many versions! Which one was it?

Well, somehow, the wrong file was posted. In this version, one of the later
takes, Curry & Cat had had too much holiday cheer, he was slurring his
English, Cat was singing a Swedish sledding song (very loudly), and Scotty
had passed out in the Classical music section of our library. In fact, that is
why Revolving Doris does not appear on this final track. As avowed
Prohibitionists, mando and Rebsie walked off the set in disgust, although we
have since patched things up.

So, I had to take that version down, and replace it with the more 'sober'
performance you hear here. Sorry if this caused you any confusion in Seattle.
Thanks again for your support, Lisa. We hope your mom enjoys the CD. Merry
Christmas to you!

<a href="http://thelostrecords.com/noel-project-artist.html">splendor bright cd on the lost records™</a>
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ledebutant said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
So Strange
How bizarre (and not our bizarre). It's so odd you say that about Rebsie and
Mando being Prohibitionists because I just woke up from having a dream
that I was in a pub with them and Ronnie Long. Rebsie and I had the tab and
we were doing complicated math trying to figure out how much each person
owed and we realized that Ronnie and Mando had left without giving us any

Of course, I know it was a dream because Ronnie had left behind his half-full
glass of Guinness on the table.

Dr Freud?

Merry Christmas, again, NP members. I'm sure my mom will enjoy the CD
when it arrives. Thanks, guys.
Mystified said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...
Mr. Noel Project has been drinking too much eggnog. (I saw it at the cast
Christmas Party!)

Too much holiday cheer? Bok!
My original version was to have the hens in the stable singing (clucking?) to
the infant child, but Tom wouldn't have any of that....noooooo.
So I did the straight, non-chicken version.

It's more subdued, but probably more appropriate?
Maybe for Easter.....?

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mandolinquent said 4928 days ago (December 21st, 2005)
So Strange
... ah, you did have that dream too. I had it as well. Me and Ronnie
were so tired of waiting for you two to finish your sweet sherries we snuck
out to The Slaughtered Lamb next door. I don't remember much from there.

Actually, I'm sort of glad I wasn't on this track. You people play so sweetly on
it I could have only dragged it down. Besides, I was still hung over from my

Seriously beautiful music, everybody. I'm very proud to share CD space with
you all.

Tom Atwood needs a new anorak. The Noel Project CD now available.
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Tom Atwood said 4928 days ago (December 21st, 2005)
So Strange
A new anorak? At first, I thought you were talking about a hooved mammal
roaming the plains of...Shropshire. But I am on to you:

"In British slang, anorak has come to mean "geek" or "nerd". It stems from the
use of anoraks (a type of rain jacket) by train spotters, and eventually came to
be used to refer to anyone with an unfathomable interest in detailed
information regarded as boring by the rest of the population—aided by the
intuition that only a geek would wear something so terminally unfashionable."

(This may only prompt me to revive the infamous blue poncho photo!)

<a href="http://thelostrecords.com/atwood-artist.html">american plain cd</a>
<a href="http://thelostrecords.com/noel-project-artist.html">splendor bright cd</
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Cori Ander said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
So Strange
No no, i dont remeber schlurring anyzzing. All me remember was schasing
around di offish trying to catch a beutiful chiccen who perschisted to claim she
was a cat...

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notsosweet said 4930 days ago (December 19th, 2005)
A beautiful finish..
.. to a fantastic project. You guys did such a wonderful job with these
songs. And this is the icing on the cake. THANK YOU!
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aclarke said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
Two thumbs up
I never thought of this song as whimsical and fun- and it's been my
favorite Christmas song of all time forever. Great job and congrats to all!
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Tadashi Togawa said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
Warm, happy Christmas.
I wish to express my gratitude for we all families' gathering.
I wish to express my gratitude for your beautiful projects.
Thank you very much.
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said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
A free-spirited yet tightly woven tapestry of sound. Beautiful. Praise to
our Savior. Thank you for doing this.
said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
of so much that is good and wonderful in this world. Thanks
again for putting it all into this special musical treat.

said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
Sweet, entertaining, interesting and drenched with the spirit of giving.
Thanks to all of you for sharing your music here.
ShallowRed said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
First christmas song to ever be on my iPod
Cori Ander said 4929 days ago (December 20th, 2005)
I'd like
I'd like to thank you all MacJammers for the supportive comments
given to this and other Noel Project tunes in which I've had some part! I
know that I have not been that good at writing replies, have been
loaded with things and felt a little worn, but I have read everything and
been cheered up in the middle of it all. This is such a gorgeous

I'd also like to thank you Cat and Tom for the way you've managed the
collaboration on this CD! I have felt that everything has gone effective
and smooth without stress. It has been easy and fun to work with you,
almost like music. And it was finished in TIME! (guess that at least one
must be a pro around here).

And as for this tune, Silent Night, it has turned out great the way
you've arranged it! Wonderful!


And a Merry Christmas to all MacJammers, your families and friends!

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thoddi said 4928 days ago (December 21st, 2005)
warm and sweet
Beautiful would cover my feelings when I listen to this.
Nice to hear you speak, and it makes us get to know you a bit more.

Professional arranged and produced.
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perceptualvortex said 4928 days ago (December 21st, 2005)
Beautiful, and nice messages. Merry Christmas to you fine musicians!
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daphna said 4928 days ago (December 21st, 2005)
I love
the variations you've done on the melody - very creative and I LOVE the
spoken word interludes, the conversation back and forth between those
who worked on this. Lovely ending. cheers.
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screamalexz said 4928 days ago (December 21st, 2005)
i like the vocals, very peaceful and makes you want to sleep. i think it's put nicely together.
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stevel said 4927 days ago (December 22nd, 2005)
Very wonderful!
Ooh this is just so nice....a great interpretation..the musicianship shines
through. What a great finale to a fab project!
Merry Christmas
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Syncopatient said 4924 days ago (December 25th, 2005)
Class & Truth combined
What a great project. I go away for a while and come back to find
incredible musical growth. I'm blown away. Very classy, excellent
selection, arrangements and musicianship. The reality of Jesus is once
again displayed for all who would listen. Congratulations on a
wonderful work. Sitting here shaking my head in awe.....WOW!
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The Noel Project is a collaboration among several artists at MacJams. The idea for a Christmas CD sprang from Mystified and Tom Atwood, who are producing the Noel Project's first CD, "Splendor Bright." Artists featured on "Splendor Bright" include Jo... [see more]

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