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New Holy Land



 Genre: Gospel

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For the week following the fall of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, I worked at Ground Zero coordinating the relief effort from Chelsea Piers to the dock behind the WTC (until FEMA replaced us with professionals). Amidst unspeakable sadness, I felt as if I was living in Utopia. Within days, my volunteer staff grew from 1 to 200, we filled a gymnasium 3 times over with donated goods and stocked the WTC docks with everything from hard hats and gas masks to free pizza and antibiotics. None of us slept much, nor really wanted to shut our eyes. I tried to capture the swirling energy, doing a hundred things at once, days on end. This song is about that time, about walking home that last day, down the middle of the street lined with supportive New Yorkers. I looked up and wondered, amidst these still standing yet much smaller skyscrapers, if people knew what was really possible in this life... (For a complete story of that week, please see: Journal from the Streets to read a photographic journal about my 9/11 experiences.)

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On the street,
20 hours on my feet.
I can't stand stay at home watching
all this need, so many here to feed,
so many volunteers bringing their small relief.

As the grey dust swirls everywhere,
DNA in the air,
no time for tears,
too much to bear.
Grim saviors in hard hats.
Bright angels in gas masks.
Everyone here's come to uncover a Holy Land.
Help to find it now, this new Holy Land.
Holy Land, come uncover it now, this sweet Holy Land.

From this, our darkest hour, wisdom shall rise,
and we, working shoulder to shoulder, revitalize.

Can't help but help.
Can't help but care.
Can't help feel in the air
3,000 souls, 10 million hands,
each one making this new Holy Land.

Tower above in courage.
Tower above in kindness.
Tower above in a new kind of fineness.
Tower above in daring.
Tower above, united.
Tower above, come build this Holy Land.

Starting on the street alone.
Slice some bagels, pour a little coffee.
Find some people with a phone.
Get some help for those who are too groggy...

Here's what we need, need to proceed:
acetylene torches and something caffeine,
shovels and pails, filters and masks,
antibiotics and more things caffeine.
Here's what we need, need to succeed:
thick gloves and goggles and something caffeine.

I've got some clothes, some food to share.
I've got some time to spare...

Give it your heart.
Give it everything you know.
Give it your hands,
that's how we build this Holy Land, you know.

When all the rubble's cleared
and all the heroes cheered,
who will be there, still in the streets?
Homeless, with graveyard eyes,
lost amid enterprise?
Or will they too find a new Holy Land?
A new Holy Land...
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G4; Mackie CR1604; MOTU 2408. Twon's Olympia 5-string bass.
MIDI piano, drums, organ, acoustic guitar. No loops. GB; DP 4 for vocals.
said 5587 days ago (May 5th, 2004)
An ensemble of singers...
Very nice! This has a Billy Joel feel to it. Have you ever thought of an ensemble of guest singers to join in during the chorus? I think it would sound awesome!
TobinMueller said 5586 days ago (May 5th, 2004)
An ensemble of singers...
Excellent idea. Maybe we can pass the track around...
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morrie said 5586 days ago (May 5th, 2004)
Thank You for this song
Not only is it a joy to hear your songs, it's an honor to
hear your stories about your songs and how they came to
be written. Right now I'm sitting in a hotel room in
Cincinnati on a five day business trip, feeling sorry for
myself that I'm away from my home. Your song has
reminded me that I'm a lucky man, that I have a
family waiting for me to come home Friday.
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TobinMueller said 5569 days ago (May 22nd, 2004)
Thank You for this song
Thank you. And amen.
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kevin_stone said 5585 days ago (May 7th, 2004)
Don't let it happen again
I saw the 9/11 on Sky News in France and was a long way away from what happened. It was a sickening watching on TV, I can't imagine what it must have been like to be there in the aftermath. This song goes a long way to describing the spirit of the people involved in trying to help others. Well done Tobin for getting that feeling across.

I don't want to sound to political here, but let's hope the people we elect and whom are in a position to alter world events, deal with all people of all nations and faiths in a fair and even handed way. We have to stop giving those would destroy us and our way of life a reason for doing so. And then maybe Tobin wouldn't have to write songs about such sad happenings.
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TobinMueller said 5349 days ago (December 28th, 2004)
Don't let it happen again
Here, here. One of my reasons for writing the song "I Will Love," which I
wrote just before this one. Thanks for your comments.
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XVERION said 5564 days ago (May 27th, 2004)
Nice as always
Very cool Soul/gospel song. As I've said many times before all of your music is fantastic, this is no exception! Great work Tobin! Keep it up!
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CannonBallGuy said 5543 days ago (June 17th, 2004)
Tower Above!
As I have said before, you have an oustanding ability. You
deserve an award just for being you!
I loved this, you really got the feeling and energy across!

I send my love to everyone who lost anyone on Septembe

Keep this up, or else! :P
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thoddi said 5505 days ago (July 25th, 2004)
great song
I am from Stavanger, Norway, but the world was witnesses
to your tragedy. In your song I can sence the strong forces
that keep people together when times needs us to stand
together. You sing like I can hear the volounteers joining

All in all this is a very professional arrangement, and you
show great musicanship.
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TobinMueller said 5349 days ago (December 28th, 2004)
great song
The community of volunteers was my closest taste of Utopia. Heaven on
earth. A wonderful, terrible week after. I'm glad you could hear them in the
Check out my latest song called Momentary Undertow
Scott Carmichael said 4898 days ago (March 24th, 2006)
such right writing.... I love the picture you paint here of "uncovering a
new holy land" there's more to you than just technical musical ability...
I'm also enjoying where you are willing to take your pieces.... popular
music should be about creativity, not formats... the way you bring it
down for "this our darkest hour" then to release into... can't help &
tower above... I can't help but react emotionally

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NeoGuy said 4035 days ago (August 4th, 2008)
God bless
Love all of it. good job.
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jdholliday said 3438 days ago (March 23rd, 2010)
What a commentary
you have made here with these songs, very powerful, positive, productive way to grieve and heal, inspiring!
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