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 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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This song sprung from a piano piece I wrote while well inspired.
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She deserves much better than this
Why she's with him I never did get
She's wit' him instead while I'm sittin' in bed
Lost in my thoughts of her
She deserves much better than this
When she's with me the rhythm is set
She'll get in my head but she's wit' him instead
Lost in my thoughts of her

She's like a shadow, a friend of light
Blackness of yin that'll blend with white
But go beneath her surface and her limits are gone
When together I get the feeling we could live in a song
A riveting one, the type that'll make you feel whole
Wit' her I believe we can trace where dreams go
Even if we alone I believe that we've grown
Deep inside the secrets that only the trees know
The leaves blow based on the nature that she shows
People tend to take her for granted but please don't
Her fire is eternal, no need to restoke
When I listen to the words she speaks I breathe slow
Age deep relief, a breeze so peaceful
That if I'm lost or hurt the peace depleats both
She keeps me warm while feet beneath slow
Degrees below when I should freeze but heat wont


See? In the end if I'm wit 'er it doesn't matter
But he don't even think of her freedom, it doesn't add up
I don't have any complaints, if she's happy I'm fine
But the way that she's bein' treated's in the back of my mind
I rap it rhymes and wit' a pen I trap in the lines
The magic aside, I'm actin' outta habit of mine
When I managed to find out that she's a free spirit
I believe when she breathes that even the trees hear it
A piece of me needs to speak with these lyrics
The other part wants me to leave so she can flourish
Now God has a way of makin' it all right
So if I see her hurt then I'm lookin' with false sight
When dark befalls night then it's hard to choose
Between leavin' her be or feelin' the Pulchritude

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Tiny_Man_Inside said 4976 days ago (January 3rd, 2006)
hey, I kinda dig it
I like the vibe - kinda like a Weird Al dorkiness meets Eminem (I actually
mean that as a compliment). Some interesting vocal phrasings in there,
but I think you could make it better with a little tighter control of your
voice. Fun song.
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Leon said 4965 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
pulchritude and attitude..you got it dude
Great debut. your lyrics are intricate..you are a natural at writing rap. try
to steer clear of the eminem style though and make your own mark..i
really think you have the potential to be a unique rap talent. the
background music is a little thin and bare...but this song is all about your
lyrics and voice anyway. melody in the refrain/chorus is catchy but not
quite well-developed, and i think an awesome melody is what gives rap a
musical break and disinguishes it from other raps. overall, an awesome
debut...looks like youre heading to the top after you gain some name
recognition around here. D/L for repeated listening.
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mikeeroberts said 4946 days ago (February 3rd, 2006)
stick with piano
these vocals are horrid...you have no flow...piano is good....the lyrics arnt
bad, they just sound bad with your voice
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Moses said 4943 days ago (February 6th, 2006)
stick with piano
i disagree, i like this man, i've listened to alot of your stuff and you are
steadily improving but i like the tune in this one, good work i look forward to
you next post!
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Holistik said 4943 days ago (February 6th, 2006)
stick with piano
HAHA, thanks, that means alot. I still like my flow too.
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