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Fair Winds, Full Sails



 Genre: Classical
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This is the first song from the suite 'Inland Seas'. I've already posted the second and third movements (Tempest Rising & Homeward Bound.) The melody is built on the pentatonic scale, giving it a 'native' or primitive sound. This pice was built from a vocal idea, to an orchestral piece, to a band piece. It's the first thing I did after I got the JamPack 4.
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PB 15" , edirol keyboard
GarageBand, JamPack 4, Finale
screamalexz said 4826 days ago (January 7th, 2006)
this is nice, it builds up and drops back down. like the drum roll at the end. i think it could go on a little more and fade out it ends sort of abruptly. nice song though.
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kristyjo said 4825 days ago (January 8th, 2006)
I appreciate your comments. I think you are the only person who's commented
on all three songs from the suite that I've posted, so I thank you for being there
for the long haul. Thanks.
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screamalexz said 4825 days ago (January 8th, 2006)
no problem. i'm always willing to listen and comment. and try and give advice when i can.

Robert Smith lied, boys do cry
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FXproject said 4826 days ago (January 7th, 2006)
Needs words!
I only say that, because it haunts me in that it reminds me of a lot of
other songs. Mostly church style songs. I kept trying to come up with
the lines to sing along. And obviously not finding them.

My only minor criticism is that it seems to have all the instruments
along the same track and timing. I like the energy of the song, just
think it could be more of an inter-weaving, rather than a perfect
harmony of instruments.

But take than from someone that has never figured out one instrument.

I assume since it's JP4 it's loops, so that may be why the da da DA DA
gets to me a bit. But I am biased.


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kristyjo said 4825 days ago (January 8th, 2006)
Needs words!
Christopher, thanks for your input. The very homophonic texture is in contrast
to the second movement, which is cannonic in structure (actually, it's a
quodlibet, but I don't hear THAT term tossed around much.) So, you're right, if I
did extend this piece, I'd have to do more with adding contrast to the sound. As
it stands, however, I'd like you to give a listen to 'Tempest Rising' , which is
currently the second movement, and see if that adds the variety and contrast
that is needed.
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dreadmon said 4826 days ago (January 7th, 2006)
This is beautifully done
I really enjoyed this - it has a great big outdoory feel, and I got the limited scale structure, images of several different primal tribes - which lends itself well across the board to interpretation. I love the canon flow, and the delicate flute interjections - I'm looking forward to the rest of this, very serene and exciting at the same time! Awesome crafting!
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kristyjo said 4825 days ago (January 8th, 2006)
This is beautifully done
Thanks, Dreadmon. I'm glad you are catching that primitive feel. I grew up a half
mile from Lake Michigan, and lived along the ridge which was first a path, then a
road, and is now an interstate freeway. My dad collected arrowheads there
growing up, and there's a lot about living along the lake that connects you to the
'place', despite the passage of time. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece.
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drakonis said 4825 days ago (January 8th, 2006)
Great melody
Nice orchestration, good build. Love the simple flute countermelody at
the end, wish that were a little longer, and the saxes, sigh... I think they're
OK here, but maybe balance them with more clarinets to take the
sawtooth buzzy edge off them a bit. The ending was fine I think, normal
way to end a movement that expects a second movement following it.
The melody and harmonies are very primal and feel powerful to me. I'd
add a little more rolling dynamics in the measures to get a swell going.
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kristyjo said 4825 days ago (January 8th, 2006)
Great melody
Thanks for listening. Earlier, I said that screamalexz was the only person to
listen to all three parts of the suite, but I was wrong. Thanks for listening and
commenting on everything. You are a perceptive listener, and it's great to hear
your thoughts on these pieces.
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Scared sacred said 4825 days ago (January 8th, 2006)
A Comment
What they, everyone else, said. It's pretty and bombastic; music to be set to the climax of a film about lions, or something.. My only gripe is that the instruments sound like crap, being synthesized. But that doesn't detract much from the piece.

I think it's just the right length. My attention span is somewhat short, and I don't have the patience for classical pieces of the traditional length (anywhere from 6 to thirteen minutes). This is compact and satisfying.
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said 4824 days ago (January 9th, 2006)
Nice! I like this a lot. I love the tempo and movement of this piece. I could actually stand for it being longer...building on the theme and hearing more. This gives me incentive to check out the rest of your music.

I'm going to download it and throw it in my iPod. Thank you for sharing this piece! I'm excited to have it.

RickW said 4823 days ago (January 10th, 2006)
Fits nicely
with the other two movements. Very beautifully done! I'm looking forward
to the suite being completed so I can listen to it in its entirety.

God bless,


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Cori Ander said 4823 days ago (January 10th, 2006)
Mmmm ... A soothing piece.

A very nice compisition! I think that with a real orchestra this piece would
grow to something really beutiful! Hope you will be able sooner or later to
set the suit up for real instruments, (and please dont forget to record in
that case)!

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kristyjo said 4821 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
I'm working on getting it played by our university band just for a read through.
My husband is guest conducting the band for this semester's annual Sousa
concert, so I may have a chance to get it played. If I do, I'll be sure to record it
and post. Thanks for the encouragement.
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