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Deadly Minds feat. Lightfingers Klepto



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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Two emcees droppin' some grimy, yet educated hip-hop.
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(Holistik) We're back! (LFK) Like a pimpstick's attack
Like a trick hittin' crack, I don't get into that
In the back of my mind I'm convinced of my ability
The only sh-t they drop is when they usin' the facilities
I'm ill at ease, like I'm covered in swarms of killa bees
Tryin' 'em as they killin' me, holla if ya feelin' me
Still it seems my time is shorter than life expectancy
To people named Sara Konna peeped in the directory (I don't know if that's the line, I've never asked him what he meant here)
They'll never get the best of me, I'll battle them eventually
But in the mean time I'll cook up powder like a recipe
Get baked puffin' sess and be blinded by the light
And get blown like Johnny Depp in Old Discarded Mics
(Holistik) Yo, a duo! Massive intelligent death margin
Strong and the weak and the wack get partied
I'mma step larger and start to bust
My mission statement of rhymin' is find hearts to crush
You all huff and puff, bitch, complain and yack
And when you given the chance you wont take it back
It'll make you wack, attack brain and mind
It'll blatantly break your back leg and spine
You have vacant eyes and pack peagan lies
My massive statement's a great one, you can't wait to die
My rap bakes your rhymes, you find failure instead
With Klepto and all of his lines nailin' your head
(LFK) We two of a kind, usin' only truth in our lines
Abusin' the minds of people who're amused by our rhymes
A fool can't decide, doin' time like a patricide
When we kill pop and still drop (Holistik) Underground hip-hop!
(LFK) We have to hide, 'cause the window doesn't mean nothin'
If they know who's inside, my crew combines like Jedi Minds
Steadily climb, and always will to the end of time
(Holistik) We a pathogen that's entered your mind

(Both) We're back! (Holistik) Better than y'all, hard to stop us
(Both) You're wack! (Holistik) More clever than all this fake nonsense
(Both) In fact! (LFK) Instead of the mall and doin' shoppin'
(Both) The tracks! (LFK) Are just us whenever we be talkin'

(Holistik) Me and B prevail now, not later!
I'm rated hot, often I stop to drop haters
Most will start to panic, askin' if I'm done
By the time I turn I find they grabbin' at they guns!
F-ck weapons! I hope that you jokes are done steppin'!
I enlighten minds for life with one lesson!
Best to confess of your faults and failed traits
You're jailbait, you wait in stalemate
My compile rate violates live fellows
I'mma put a packet of acid inside your pillow
I'm an armadillo wit' a shell made of integrity
Keep eggin' me, I'm saving these partakings of your knavery
Behave or be destroyed, what's your best option?
I'd like to see the best on the block with less talkin'
The rest freeze when we start to bust
I'm done with practice you bastards I am hard enough
You're far from my rap, you're a link that I'll sever
I don't think that you're bad, I just think that I'm better
What, you think that you're clever? Maybe so
But I'm a fist in comparison to a baby's toe
(LFK) This some evil rap, let the blood clot like a hemostat
Seems you jacked the microphone but real rap needs it back
You need the track, like drug addicts who always fiend for crack
We keep it phat, but they get beat with bats
I speak exactly precisely and nicely, fighting with a mic piece I might be
Scheming on a nice based attack, I might make it back
But I like when your wife says she likes when I rap, I'm not nice, I'm an ass!
In class I laugh last and first, not a clown, knock 'em down
They ridin' in a herse, what's worse is you don't know how reality hurts
What's a fallacy worth? 'Cause blood gushes in spurts
Seems we all break our necks to return to the Earth
After birth, but first I wanna learn, watch emcees get burned
(Holistik) Eh yo, we beat 'em and leave 'em, believin' we be the demons
Releasin' heat on an evenin' so all the evil is leavin'
Uneven secant of freedom to calculate that I'm breathin'
Immaculate for the reason that half your sh-t isn't decent


(Both) We're back! (Holistik) Never to fall off the logic
(Both) You're wack! (Holistik) Remember to call off your offense
(Both) In fact! (LFK) Instead of the mall and doin' shoppin'
(Both) The tracks! (LFK) Are just us whenever we be talkin'
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Ancient Rhymer said 4977 days ago (January 9th, 2006)
it must be dem ECB boys again and there vulgar rap
Grimy and Raw and Intense and traditional LFK n' G1 styles and mic tactics. Keeps the adrenaline pumpin with the drums, bass and synth from start to finish. I remember when you guys told me about this song at Mark's B-Day saying it was the best track you guys have done to date. This is true. Check out Pool Shark as well if you liked this song, it's more crew comedy hip-hop then this Grim Hip-Hop style. Nice job on this one guys, keep pumpin out the hitz!

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Ancient Rhymer said 4974 days ago (January 12th, 2006)
it must be dem ECB boys again and there vulgar rap
To people named Sara Konna peeped in the directory (I don't know if that's the
line, I've never asked him what he meant here)

He actually says "To people named Sara Conner peeped in the directory"
It's a Terminator reference to the first movie, you know when the Governor of
California looks up every Sara Conner in the phone book, goes to there home
and eliminates them. Expect nothing less from the Last Action Hero.

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