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Pool Shark feat. Kryptik, Lightfingers Klepto & Gemini



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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A comical, yet deep look at the dangers of shark attacks.
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Now it's a tragedy when a life is lost
'Cause the colamity and madness isn't right at all
In the mind of God we're to flourish and grow
And the power of livin' is just the purpose of hope
You feelin' nervous at home? Scarred and marred in black?
Like you're ripped apart in horrible shark attacks?
Well don't let your imagination create a downfall
Spittin' your whole mouth raw, I'll now pause
To talk about Billy, who had the world in his hands
Followin' a master plan
But distraction took it from him and left him with nothin'
Crumblin', eruptin', it's somethin' that'll take your hope
Nothin' you can do when a shark starts to bite
Your life in dark light and your mind fails cope
Teeth break your bones so leave fate alone
Or sharks start to bite with deep pain you moan
As we paint a picture that'll caress ya
Catalistic action of habit's addin' the pressure
And there is no escape unless your heart's deep
You start to bleed in the dark from shark teeth

[Skit Part II]

{Lightfingers Klepto}
Liquid born entombment, the tragic violent movements
No music could boost it, it's useless to do sh-t
Confusion is crimson, it swallows it's victoms
A depiction of vicious inflictions and contradiction
Water all around like Noah's Arc
From the dark comes a shark, he's ready to leave his mark
His soul decides a surprise that leads to death
From the depths comes a threat that severs your dyin' breath
More power than any murderer because he's bread to be excessively
Destructive, eternally your enemy
You were swimmin' at the pool respectin' every rule
Ain't it painful? The pain will mame you as your drool
The cruel fate awaits, no safe place to race
As hatred gives chase, you come face to face
A tooth for tooth and eye for eye when you died
Refused to realize that your life was just a lie
As your insides are outed, the fear you once doubted
Is paramounted as people shoutin', a red fountain
All the while lookin' for children the parents all be countin'
By the time you tie your shoelace it's too late
Now it seems that the game of life has reached it's due date

[Skit Part III]

It's a shark attack so watch your back, I'll make your
Heart collapse and break your neck, just for effect
And when I'm finished all the bones are diminished
In any given instance I never leave a witness
This is the beggining of the end
Every living being has a meeting with the dead
Momma said that two heads are better than one
But in this case it's your head that's better than none

{Masta Phat}
Battle me? Yeah, I'll slam ya dead
Comin' at you like a f-ckin' hammer head
'Cause all I smell is blood and the fear from your sweat
The tears of regret 'cause your near to the end
Don't start with your head, I begin with your hands
To give you some time to think of your friends
Make ammends as you swim into the water
Billy, I'll spare your life if you go get your mother
There's no other that I would rather slaughter
I gotta swallow that bitch, her hips and her lips
Man, I thought tricks were only made for kids
But the shark'll always get his way
Bitch stop swimmin', you can't get away
So you wont get your mom and dumb
F-ck your hands, I'll eat both your arms
There's no harm in beating your senseless
Look into my eyes? Now you got me offended
Tryin' magic tricks? Man, you really are dense kid
I hate kids named Billy, now I'mma end this

[Skit Conclusion]
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13 said 4910 days ago (January 9th, 2006)
you are a genius-glad to see your meditation helped you reach
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WI.flowin said 4887 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
dont like it
dont like it dat much .. to kidish for me....
I like all your other stuff tho
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WI.flowin said 4887 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
dont like it
dont like it dat much .. to kidish for me....
I like all your other stuff tho, what kind of microphone does a standard
mac come wit
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mikeeroberts said 4886 days ago (February 2nd, 2006)
good beat
that beat is tight...bass line is sick...second guy sounds good..third guy
needs some polishing up
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Masta_phat said 4866 days ago (February 23rd, 2006)
love the song, but i wrote like crap and rapped even worst..hahah n e ways overall i like our song...damn it...give me a second chanceeeeeee......(fades away)
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Skean said 2383 days ago (December 10th, 2012)
Kinda cool
Dig it, cheers.
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Skean said 2383 days ago (December 10th, 2012)
I forget, I hope all's well with you out there somewhere, cheers
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