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It's Our Time (Down Here)



 Genre: Hard Rock

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The Goonie's it's a movie. Now it's a song.
I was inspired my Mikey's speech when the kids are down in that well and Mouth doesn't agree with him. Classic Cinema. I just love the movie and always wanted to do a song based on it. I had this instrumental and the chorus I had just sort of fit perfectly. So I watched the movie and took some notes. Then I lost the notes and made up these lyrics one day.

This song is old but I didn't like some of the vocals and didn't want to post it but they kinda grew on me the way they were so here it is. The verse's and solo in here are based on the dorian mode which is one of my personal favorites.
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just some ramblings about what I remember from the film.

Mikey - "It's our time! Down here it's our time!"
Mouth - "This was my dream" (as he is holding a quarter from the bottom of the wishing well) "This was my wish. And I'm taking it back. I'm taking them all back!"
Mikey - "Don't you see guys? It's our time down here. Down here, it's our time. It's their time, up there. Up there its their time. Data - "Chester Copperpot never made it this far. Chester Copperpot. He was an expert and he never made it this far."

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My Fender Squire. My Peavy Grind Bass (5-string)
GB2, loops for drums and programmed the keyboard part the rest is me.
tinkle said 4943 days ago (January 9th, 2006)
Loved it
Grungy, but melodic, mysterious and loved the piano at the end...thanks.
PinkMulletsRock said 4941 days ago (January 11th, 2006)
This rocks my face off! Just like the Goonies did! You captured it all in this song! It really got my head bobbing and the guitar sounds awesome! I liked how you incoorperated the movie quotes into it and you know how to throw in a good guitar solo! The piano was good at the end tied the madness together. Great job!
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SpasmodicMan said 4936 days ago (January 16th, 2006)
Layers of cool
Bent by the best, squashed through the compression wringer, though, and sounds like a basement re-recorded stolen track, until the piano comes back in and then the squished compression becomes another layer of cool.
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MegaDonkey said 4914 days ago (February 7th, 2006)
Layers of cool
Thanks.... I think. If this is a compliment then I appreciate it.
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The Composer said 4931 days ago (January 21st, 2006)
Fantastically Grungy
Hey, this is quite cool, very grungy and I'll just give a few suggestions
on the production of the piece.

Although this piece has a fantastically full sound, the placement and
levels of some of your instruments are interfering with each other.

For starters, your bass track, particulary in the intro is off center, this
makes the mix sound off balance... having any low sounds off center,
like bass guitar or kick, is often very distracting in headphones and in
a stereo system the placement won't be noticed because its very
difficult to hear where low sounds are comming from (notice that it
doesn't really matter where people put their subwoofer in their 5.1 set
up). So idealy, the best place for a bass guitar is in the center with a
low pass (or treble reduction) on it, as its the bass that matters, not the
higher picking sounds.

Aside from the intro, most of your guitars are right in the center. This
can be quite a problem, particulary when you have the vocals in the
center too. Because they all have a similar frequency range, they are
substantially easier to hear when they have their own place in the mix.
This is quite noticable in the chorus because the volume of the guitars
are just slightly louder than the vocals and cover up the vocals a little
(not that much). Quite a standard solution (and a very good one) is to
keep the vocals in the center (though I do like the wide vocal effect in
the verse, definately keep that) and pan the guitar tracks equal
distances from the center. Because you have two guitar tracks playing
most of the time, you could easily have them panned extreem left and
right most of the time with few problems. It would clear up the mix a
little and make it very wide.

Very cool song otherwise, like the audio clips in the middle, nice work.
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MegaDonkey said 4928 days ago (January 23rd, 2006)
Fantastically Grungy
Thank You for this comment. These are the kind of comments I really long for
on here. And I think you may the first one to comment for me like this. This
song was one I had done almost a year ago now so I have just gotten used to
hearing it and hadn't really thought about the mix for a while.
All good suggestions I never thought about the bass off center in the beginning I
will look into that.
I will have to go back and really listen and see what I can do. Thank you again.

P.s. those aren't audio clips from the movie thats me quoting the movie
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soundwave said 4922 days ago (January 29th, 2006)
it's our time(down here)
Cool tune, I can't say who it sounds like, good demo
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