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Yellow Jacket/ac.guitar



 Genre: Acoustic

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Thanks to Richard Schletty for supplying the Yellow Jacket (you can see why he is a graphic designer!. But maybe that may someday change to on-stage-world-renoun stage performer. I put in a little stripe in the backround and sheard it.

I did an earlier version of Yellow Jacket had it online for a 1/2 day but just had too many scratches of me sliding up the dang fretboard so here is the latest. . .

This is my first full recording using Logic Express. It is not very user friendly to newbies like me. But I am starting to get the hang of it a bit. Thanks so much to Richard for very patiently going through some of the vital points of LE. Sometimes thing in LE are not quite were they should be. I know that this isn't really trure.

You have to think sometimes that LE is a secret plot to drive the new user's insane. It sure isn't a Garageband! In a way to be honest I think that Garageband is more of a pro-app than LE in that it is USER FRIENDLY. I wish that the engineers at Apple would take serious thought on making a pro app using Garagebands user friendliness! :)

There are so many things that make Garageband stand out. Like saving as band file all of it's content, so when you want to export you can send it through Ichat with no problem.

It's master control though simple is right there were you don't have to rack your brain trying to find it. (newbie experience)

Trying to do multi recording, I can do multi recording now for mics for the first two channels. But have not figured out how to do the next two channels. (again can do that easily with GB2!

Trying to find the Jam pack 4's is tough in Le for a newbie like me, in GB a breeze the way it should be.

Midi - is much easier to operate, making volume and especially "option drag, what a hassle in LE, I option drag a midi note and it lands were I can't even see it.

And the least goes on and on.

*I understand that GB has less stuff, but really to me there needs to be a pro version of GB!
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2 mics
Really Nice Pre amp
Betsy my acoustical guitar
jiguma said 4719 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
Great to see you back Bill
Great to see you back Bill - hope the back is mending OK. It sounds
from this that your fingers are working well. Really good to hear a
tune back to the "old" Tiler - just Betsy'n'Bill! - even though I enjoyed
your forays into slightly different styles and instrumentation. Lots of
depth to the sound in this - where did you record it? Sounds like it
must have been a very resonant room (or plugins).
Brilliant to have you back again - glad things weren't as bad as you
expected - but backs can be like that.
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thetiler said 4718 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
Great to see you back Bill
Thanks jig

I recorded this with one mic back much farther for heavy stumming I really think
I need to do this more often for the heavy strumming. But I am learning to turn
up my pre amp to get a more solid sound. It's a bit tricky, but there is diffinitly
and art in micing when you strum as compared to when you fingerpick. You
shouldn't have the mics situated in the same spot. Further back for one mic a
step in the right direction for me ascetically.

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Ed Hannifin said 4718 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
Any truth to the rumor...
...that perfectionism contributes to back tension?...

I'm just wonderin'....

This was another case of coming home to find a tiler piece being
announced in my Mail, and by the time I got there it was gone. I'm glad
I got to catch this version before it gets pulled down to adjust the
reverb 3 ms.

This has got great sound...nice reverberant space...and some real
drive... a nice variation from some of your more "even" or delicate
pieces... So that it stands well on its own, but will also sound really
good in the tiler Playlist, as a variation... Context can really help a tune
to shine, and you've got context in YOUR collection of tunes to shake a
stick at...

I'm happy, as many people are, to hear that you're feeling better. I have
suffered some sciatica in my day--I'm sure not a tenth of what you
were going through--and I remember it as pretty awful. I also
remember the sweet relief when my doctor and the right combination
of meds let the muscles and whatever else relax...

Take care of yourself, Bill...

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drakonis said 4718 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
Delightful, as usual
Another piece from you that I have to download... I love the mix of
styles you swirl into the pot here... I hear a faint bit of Asturias in this
one, but all classic Furner. The recording setup sounds unique, I can't
decide if its good or not. There's a little room-reverb which sounds
warm, but there's also a kind of "compressed" feeling in my
headphones that's hard to explain (not the regular compressor control,
but a feeling like my ears are under pressure from high altitude and
need to "pop".) There's lots of high and low end which sounds great,
so I don't know what's missing here, but it does sound slightly strange.
Maybe somebody with lower-altitude ears can articulate better than I.
But other than that, wonderfully played, beautiful Betsy is happy you
are back, and so am I!
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thetiler said 4718 days ago (January 15th, 2006)
Delightful, as usual
As I explained to jig, I set one mic back further and turned up the pre amp to
make the mic sound louder. At first when I set the mic back the volume showed
up too low and lost that power feeling that strumming and fingerpicking texture
needs. But I did use LE's reverbs, one was moving along with the volume and I
had to get rid of it, I used mostly "Sliververb". I really tried to make the depth
and delay pretty low. I wanted to show a bit of power and rhythm that I thought
by utilizing the reverb plugin would allow.

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Nolan said 4718 days ago (January 16th, 2006)
As usual...
...bloody fantastic. Can't think of anything else to say, so I'll ask you
something: What is the process you go through to write these songs?
How long would you have spent at the guitar coming up with this one,
for example? Great stuff, Tiles. Too short though.
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RickW said 4718 days ago (January 16th, 2006)
LE impossible
I agree with you that Apple should come out with a pro version of GB. I
had the LE trial version for 30 days and found it exasperating! Never
could find JP4.

Aside from that, I can still hear the left hand noise in this LE version, but
it is much less pronounced. Your playing is, of course, still exceptional.

God bless,


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