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Magnetic Polarity


Aweful Noise

 Genre: Electropop

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I drew this Wizard. Shirts, soon. Tryin to write songs without loops. Keyboard guitar, stretched voices, farts, and burps, etc.
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It's the end of the world as we know it.
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Uploaded: Jan 21, 2006 - 03:54:04 PM
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Ozonic, 20"G5, MIDI Drums, Ze Brain
GBand2, GuitarRig, Ze Noodle
paddler said 4984 days ago (January 22nd, 2006)
listening as I write
Hey I just had a look at your website,your glass making looks really inventive.As is this tune - quite an industrial sound sculpture.Man I haven't done sculpture for ages.Keep the good work going.Have you tried hipforums.com ? Its not good for advertising but it's a great for getting feedback once you've got to know a few people.Cheerz
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Aweful Noise said 4983 days ago (January 22nd, 2006)
listening as I write
Wow, I love this. Good coverage. I'll check that out , thanks.
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Aweful Noise said 4983 days ago (January 22nd, 2006)
The Wicked Wizard of the West
Ya, that wizard picture is coming out real soon on a t-shirt.

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said 4968 days ago (February 7th, 2006)
Little Conglomerate Spank Mc Boogenstein!
mandimonkee said 4962 days ago (February 13th, 2006)
I listened to this song last, it's definetly my favorite. I played in the background as I built a shelf, kept me motivated
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Aweful Noise said 4959 days ago (February 15th, 2006)
That is sooo interesting. It's my song with the least loops and most cheesy me
parts. I was a little unsure about this one. I did'nt play it perfectly in beat so it
feels less electronic and more human. Thanx luv!

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Moses said 4955 days ago (February 19th, 2006)
gear up!
i see this song playing as a background to a part of a movie that
involves heavy training, or suiting up for battle or something, idk why,
i saw this movie annapolis and it had similar music for those scenes i
guess, i enjoyed it, gj mr. noise! you should keep experimenting with
not using loops, a little bit of humanizing is a good thing!
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The Composer said 4949 days ago (February 26th, 2006)
just some comments
Just some quick comments about production and the song itself. The
thing that I noticed first was the drums... unfortunately because they're
panned to the right a little. Theres not nessicarily a problem with this,
but because the drum loop is very bass heavy (heavier than your
basses) it very quickly puts the mix off balance. So much so that it was
a relief (instead of an interesting change) when you had a drum loop in
the left ear instead.

When mixing, try to make sure that everything is balanced... if there's a
high sound on the right, get a high sound going on the left ... a mid
sound on the right, have a mid sound on the left... etc And if the
sound doesn't have something to balance it out... put it in the center
(also since it would be the only sound in the register... it won't muddle
the mix in the center either)

About the song itself... theres some interesting stuff happening here...
but not for too long. For me the song got very repetitive very quickly...
no chord changes... not progression of any sort really. Though there
were some textural changes... the song was pretty static the whole way

Anyway, there were some pretty cool noises in there though, so keep
up with it all.
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Aweful Noise said 4946 days ago (March 1st, 2006)
just some comments
Now THAT is what constructive critisism looks like ladies and gentlemen! I can tell this man really gave it a listen. Thank you, Mr. Composer. You taught me something very useful. I will take a whole new approach next time I am mixing my songs. I did remix this one once more after I posted it. Maybe I should switch em out? Anywho.... Thanx for the feedback!

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Electropop (also called Technopop) is a subgenre of synth pop music which flourished during the early 1980s, although the first recordings were made in the late 1970s. Numerous bands have carried on the electropop tradition into the 1990s and 2000s.

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