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Splasher (V2) (Collab PV EE)


Drew Kopr

 Genre: Funk

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This is version two of ElectroClubCrew's (via Electro Estate) rendition of Perceptual Vortex's drum groove, Splasher. Here is Electro Estate's version one: http://www.macjams.com/song/16874 ; I added bass to the version posted here. I consider it rock, bop funk, electrogroove. I hope your speakers can handle some serious bass! Your comments are appreciated.
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Uploaded: Feb 01, 2006 - 09:21:37 AM
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SlimGirlFat said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

hmm, not much more I want say other than


perceptualvortex said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
Killer basslines
Yeah, right on Drew! Excellent bass playing as always. You and Electro really took my groove to the next level, and improved on it tremendously. Thanks!
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datafunk said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
monster jam
nothing else but a party yo, damn so groovy piece of proto funk, you got the groove drew, you make your bass sound like a lethal weapon of funk destruction. thumbs up!
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Mcboy said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
like a
a crunchy chocolate peanut buttery funky chunky yum bar.......funk
on !!!!!.......
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Z293 said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
I'll Say That Bass Adds
to this groove. It's cool to go check out the oringinal versions before
someone else comes along and adds their interpretation. The orignals
had a cool groove and the addition of the bass really compliments it.
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AEROjet said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
EVER TASTED!!! I don't think I've ever given a perfect score before this. I
love that insane track pan.
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dreadmon said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
This is a mouthful and an earful all at once - phat bass, Mr. Man! This truly kicks things up a notch, although I dig the original too - this is certainly a pea in the same pod. Audio candy - and I love the give and take of it - much booty bait, yo!
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said 4945 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
Yum is right.
I am excited to have a long line off cool bass projects with Drew in the
future. Totally jamming. One talented homie.
Anyone notice LeDebutant's noice in there?
"Oh wait a minute"

J.A.Stewart said 4944 days ago (February 1st, 2006)
This Is Really...
Funked Up!

And the wild, inventive bass is at the bottom of it.

Nice work, Drew. Very impressive.
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Drew Kopr said 4944 days ago (February 2nd, 2006)
Folks, thanks
for stopping by to comment. PV and EE did a great job developing this track and
I had fun blasting some bass into it.
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Stun Nutz said 4943 days ago (February 2nd, 2006)
Man, this is dense!
It's a day-glo skeleton doing the jig in a tornado of skittles!

I liked this tune before, but I felt something was lacking... the
bass was a good move! It adds cohisiveness and puts some jiggly
rubbery meat on that skeleton...
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said 4943 days ago (February 3rd, 2006)
thanks for making my
body shake involuntarily. It felt good.
Macaudion said 4943 days ago (February 3rd, 2006)
uh, Now we're talking
This is funked up... And not one bad lick! - And there's some illeagal
activety goin' on here somewhre...

How you put the three of you together is too far beyond me, but
there's some f'kn sticky @ssed glue holdn' tight. Tight as hell.

Didn't know that anybody on this site could play a bass like
that...That's nasty... Nice Drew. I PV... EE... - What do you say to you
guys except, bet cha can't do it again... - I double dare ya... : ) -

This is the sh!ts

This is off the charts

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said 4942 days ago (February 4th, 2006)
The more...
...I listen to this, the more i like it. Fun Fun jam.
I need to listen to it in the car a few times.

phineas said 4941 days ago (February 5th, 2006)
Splasher (v2)
Nice, very thick layers, which I like, but not muddy.
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jam works said 4937 days ago (February 8th, 2006)
sexual votex...

funk your arse moving (going on the work-out mix)
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said 4936 days ago (February 10th, 2006)
speaker meltdown
found your page via your colaboaration with ziti. this is sooo cool. I
keep going from one thing to the next on MJ. great job
Mr. A said 4920 days ago (February 25th, 2006)
to quote the Funkadelic people
free your mind... and your ass will follow

fantastic groove, deliciously dense orchestration -- love it!
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atonalis said 4846 days ago (May 11th, 2006)
that is some bass......
wow. the bass playing is really nice. this has some fun trancy qualities to it...... but it's an assault on the ears........ in a pleasurable way........
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ktb said 4538 days ago (March 15th, 2007)
toss in the blender
wow, what a stew of sonics. Chirping beat and a funky deep bass to pulse it along. Like the cameo brassy stabs and the staticky rhythm. The voices are also cool as the blend nicely into the mix. Lots of subtle changes, heavy beats, and rattling clicks combine to make an industrial plant picnic.
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mackellar said 3932 days ago (November 10th, 2008)
This song is HOT!! The bass is phenominal.
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