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The Apprentice

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this is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek sixties-style pop song inspired by a recent TV series you may have seen called 'the apprentice'.

I sing and play everything except the drums which are DoD loops

hope you enjoy it!

cheers and thanks for listening
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The Apprentice

I’m so pretty, can’t you see
I know you want to be like me
My legs are long and my boobs protrude
I’m well-connected and I’m pretty shrewd

But I lost the plot long ago … you know
Stuck in this revolving door
And when I tried to push
It made it spin so fast
So I guess I’ll be the last to know the score

I’m well-healed, you know it’s true
My gardener earns much more than you
He tends my pool and cuts my grass
And if you disapprove, you can kiss my ass

But I lost the plot long ago … you know
Stuck in this revolving door
And when I tried to push
It made it spin so fast
So I guess I’ll be the last to know the score

Yet I’m so troubled …. I must admit
Don’t understand why you think I’m sh*t
When I wind you up … and then let you down
Do you consider me a clueless clown?

So maybe I drive you insane …. such a shame
Stuck in this revolving door
If I ever get out of here
It’ll surely slow right down
And then I’ll finally get to know the score

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J.A.Stewart said 4920 days ago (March 1st, 2006)
You're Fired!
Oops, sorry... where did that come from? ;-)

The subject matter and lyrics aside, I LIKE this somewhat quirky song.
Parts of it do suggest a 60s vibe. The melodious parts and harmonies
work *very well* to that end.

Here are my observations and suggestions...

Your song is an interesting, eclectic mix of musical styles that, for the
most part, *works* --- except in parts.

1) Most notably, the discordant ending on the chorus phrase... *know
the score*. If you were intentionally seeking musical discord at that
point, keep looking... this current choice does NOT work. It's a
dissatisfying letdown to the harmonies that precede it.

2) Parts of your lead guitar duet clash; part of it may be due to the
uncomfortable discord mentioned above. Give it a good listen, clean it
up and it will work fine.

3) The chorus setting for the guitar is too fast and too thick; lighten up
on both those settings... and maybe add an unadulterated acoustic
guitar rhythm part into your mix.
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philonnie said 4917 days ago (March 3rd, 2006)
You're Fired!
Hey thanks for listening Joe …… you’ve obviously seen the TV program referred to!

You have a very good ear and your constructive feedback is much appreciated. I agree about the chorus on rhythm guitar being too thick and I admit the lead guitar towards the end needs tidying up quite a bit … I’ll definitely have a go at cleaning these up.... with hindsight the guitar solo was a bit of a rush job. I’m not sure I agree though about the discordant ending of the chorus … to my (untrained) ears, at least, it seems to work despite being a non-conventional chord change.

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sometimesthree said 4917 days ago (March 3rd, 2006)
I Dig It!
What a cool and off beat song. I kind of got this whole Austin Powers
vibe going. Anyway, very creative and original. Nice Work!
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