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There Must Have Been A Reason


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A song about something I can't quite put my finger on. But I like it, and I get a kick out of playing it, and I figure it out a little more as I go on.
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The clouds came out of nowhere,
And they cluttered up the sky
As if God himself had had enough of the blinding yellow light.

Now the air is heavier,
I've got a reason to lie down.
I've got an excuse to be sleeping in
The soil underground,
Where the world will never find me.
They'll remember my name
Because it's written on the headstone
You placed above my grave.

Surrounded by flowers
Left by faces I barely recognise,
And a long long list of excuses
I used and used until the day I died.

I hear that being fucked up
Is a desirable quality people look for in their lovers.
(To make themselves feel less crazy?)

I wish I wish I wish I was messed up in the head.
I wish I couldn't get to sleep at night
Without pills or medicine.

You've got to drown out all the nightmares
With somebody or something,
And all you left behind were the scribbled words
To the song you used to sing
Whenever you were feeling lonely.
(Whenever I was at your side).

I caught your expression when the phone rang.
You were hoping it was him on the line.

You're the only one to see me cry.
I finally have proof that I'm alive.
Something you can see with your own eyes,
Something you can touch and feel
And eventually deny.

Do you still sing yourself to sleep at night?
Or do you just hum the tune?
I keep the lyrics at my beside
To stop me thinking about you.

There must have been a reason
Why I kissed you years ago.
And why I very nearly drowned myself
Dancing in the falling snow.
We were spinning through the static
Between your channel and mine,
And there was white noise on the radio
And it was keeping us in time.

It doesn't make much sense now,
But we were 17 back then.
And if our mistakes have taught us anything
It's to just keep making them.

Go on.
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said 4852 days ago (March 5th, 2006)
Very nice songulation. I love this song. Your voice is great! Great intensity and emotion. Love the melody! Keep it pup! This killed my plant. SO good!
Nolan said 4852 days ago (March 5th, 2006)
Great song Matty-boy
Nice job. Love the power in the delivery. Great lyrics. You said in your
forum "ad" that to play it with a band would need more than just bass
and drums. I disagree - I reckon a big and simple bass and drums
accompaniment would be a great addition. Very good as is, though.
Nice work.
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J.A.Stewart said 4852 days ago (March 5th, 2006)
Energy Emotion
This is a very good acoustic performance and an excellent piece of
songwriting... both filled with energy and emotion.

You've delivered a passionate vocal performance, as well as some good
musical dynamic changes and variations. About the only problem I heard
on this track was a wee bit of distortion from the guitars.

Nice job. ;-)

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The Composer said 4851 days ago (March 6th, 2006)
great song
Quite a great cool and punchy song here. Full of energy and very
nicely performed. In regards to your forum thread... I partly agree with
Nolan... this doesn't need a whole lot of instruments to go along with
it... bass and drums would be fine so long as they're being played with
as much energy and enthusiasm that its being played now.

This is the type of song you could easily add a percussion section, 3
horns, an electric guitar solo, half a dozen backup singers, a piano, an
organ, a set of bagpipes for a second or two and a whole choir and 20
guest stars to repeat the final "Go on" for another 15 minutes... but
theres gonna be a line somewhere where it just becomes tacky. Don't
put too much more into it... just make sure what you do add doesn't
detract from the energy that this song already has.
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Alannah said 4851 days ago (March 6th, 2006)
Funny but ...
I just kept hearing the "Barenaked Ladies" while listening to this song ...... (Canadian Band .... not sure how big they might be in Scotland heh heh) - great tune tho ... love the heartfelt emotion in your vocals as you did this one.
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Myshkin said 4851 days ago (March 6th, 2006)
Yessir, I like it!
This sounds great. I love the lyrical flow - almost stream of conciousness. Musically, it's great too. Reminds me a bit of John Faye from The Caulfields or IKE. Well done!
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alley-oop said 4851 days ago (March 7th, 2006)
lots of energy and sincerity, you can go wrong if yo have those. cool words

Do you still sing yourself to sleep at night

great line

And if our mistakes have taught us anything
It's to just keep making them.

great line

great tune, great job!

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TobinMueller said 4850 days ago (March 7th, 2006)
Great lyrics
I especially like the "I hear that being fucked up" verse and how it
grounded the imagery of the first sections in real events and present
emotions. The demo feel of the track could be helped by brightening the
vocals a hair, giving them more presence (I listened in headphones), but
nothing can take away from the honesty of the performance and well
crafted lyrics. Really nice.
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Scott Carmichael said 4816 days ago (April 10th, 2006)
these new music machines can pump out some pretty sterile stuff...
this stands out as a reminder that you can't program passion and
performance... bravo

great stuff
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