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Standing Alone

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A happy little tune about breaking up with the most terrible person in the word. (Not a true story, for me, at least.)

This is a retread of a tune submitted back in 2004 and written back in 1990. I used the same guitar parts (altered a little) and keyboard parts, but the percussion, bass, vocals and the overall mix is completely different. Since I started working with R.T. Cooper, I've learned a good bit (I think) about using the multiband EQ and it seems to make a big difference. It does to me, anyway.

So, I hope you enjoy this peppy little soul-crushing number.

I'm going to leave the original up for a while longer in case anyone wants to do the compare/contrast thang.
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She left me standing there
with a silly look on my face
She took me no where
She left me running in place
Every thing
To her was just a game
She took the best of me
and turned around to play

There was deception in her eyes
There was laughter in her lies
It should have come as no surprise
Now my pain I just can’t hide

She left me floating
like a paper in the wind
Each little detail
etched into my mind
standing alone
my thoughts a world away
Just like a play thing
at the end of the day

Then as I turned around to leave
there was a hand upon my sleeve
I saw her eyes and couldn’t believe
All the darkness she’d achieved
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selters said 4734 days ago (April 9th, 2006)
I like your voice
I have always liked your voice a lot. It sounds young, innocent and honest. The lyrics are great, and production sounds good to me! A great tune Joseph!
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jgurner said 4734 days ago (April 9th, 2006)
I like your voice
Ah, young, innocent and honest.....hehehe!

Thanks for listening, Selters. I appreciate you comments and I'm glad you liked
the tune.

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said 4733 days ago (April 9th, 2006)
Beautiful music!
The vocals and harmonies are a real treat. The bass is exceptionally well
played here. But really, the whole song is top notch. Kudos!

Be well!
jgurner said 4733 days ago (April 10th, 2006)
Beautiful music!
Thanks for your kind comments, Michael. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and I'm glad you liked the tune.

<a href="http://www.macjams.com/artist/Dixie+Mason+Band">The Dixie Mason Band</a> - take a listen.
philonnie said 4732 days ago (April 10th, 2006)
This is great!
full of energy and carried along by propulsive drumming that works so well with your bass line. Love those vocal harmonies and backing vocals. I just had a listen to your original version and the new mix, clarity and volume is so much better ... guess those multiband EQ settings are working their magic. Keep up the good work
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jgurner said 4731 days ago (April 11th, 2006)
This is great!
Aside from redoing the vocals, the bass was the main thing I wanted to work on.
In the original version I played the bass on the keyboard, which is something I
used to do a lot when I first got GB. I don't really know why since I've been
playing bass for almost 20 years. Laying down a real bass line is much more fun!

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, philonnie, especially for
taking the time to go back and compare the two.

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said 4732 days ago (April 11th, 2006)
Like this
Its a great tune I'll have that experience by my self so I now.
Thanks for sharing I really love it..

jgurner said 4731 days ago (April 11th, 2006)
Like this
Thanks for listening, Kenta. Glad you liked the tune. I think the message is kind
of universal. Sad.

Check Out My Latest - <a href="http://www.macjams.com/song/19801">Standing Alone</a>
dreadmon said 4731 days ago (April 11th, 2006)
I listened to
this kind of music growing up! This is like the stuff they played when the Banana Splits were running around that theme park. Very retro - very fun, and like so many songs back then, the subject matter is so dark and it's like "but I don't care, I'm dancing!" The ending's kind of sudden, but other than that - I enjoyed it; uniquely retro!
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jgurner said 4731 days ago (April 11th, 2006)
I listened to
Hey, I'm a retro kind of guy. One of the things I like most about this tune is the
dark lyrics against the happy, shiny musical background.

The sudden ending is kind of a tribute to my laziness. I never really got around
to coming up with an ending, so I just kind of let it kit a brick wall. That may be
a revision for #3 one day.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment, Dreadmon. Glad you
enjoyed it.

Check Out My Latest - <a href="http://www.macjams.com/song/19801">Standing Alone</a>
Macaudion said 4730 days ago (April 12th, 2006)
What happened to my words about this... Well, I can do it again... I can
say that when someone left me standing there I wanted to pull the
curtains on the world, and there was nothing light about that - They
didn't make prozac pills big enough...

I always like your productions -- they're always full and rich w/ what's
needed to round things up to piece that feels well thought out, and
this one is no exception - I could easily hear this one shoutng out from
the radion, way back when -- There was a point though, where it
sounded like the vocals were done at a different time and head space
then the instrumentation, but it was momentary, and closer to the
beginging, but maybe I was the one in this different space -- Anywho, I
always like your vocals so I feel like I just picked on you -- Besides
that, I do like how together and tight things are here. And I'm enjoying
how you've captured that 80's feel - I expect Banannarama to follow
up after this one played -

You know, I'm not sure that I liked the time in my life where this would
have blurted from the radio, but strangely, I like this tune - It is quite
likely, that it's because this tune is a reflection of you -- I was way into
groups like, The Fix, the later Alan Parsens Proj, and the transitioning,
Yes, and Genisis, Rush; 2112 - I probably just got older than you - and
on into, Phil Collins, believe it or not - Gosh, whatever happened to

So are you playing the bass on this - Nice job - Drums? Those aren't
loops >>Right>> Nice guitar work>> - Were you in a band - I'll bet
you were, and I bet that there are pictues that you'd like share...

Sorry if I sseemed like a downer, I'm not in such a good mood tonight,
but I did want ot get to you. I hope that all is well with you - This one
was certainly a d/l - Thanks - Dion
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jgurner said 4730 days ago (April 13th, 2006)
Ahhh, the mysterious disappearing comments. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

As always, I very much appreciate your comments, Dion. They always go way beyond the boundaries of the tune, but are always interesting and relevant to the song. It's very cool.

I am definitely stuck on the music of the 80s, and that shapes a lot of what I do. My wife and I have talked before about how a lot of the music from that decade, especially the early 80s, may be bouncy and happy sounding, but has a definite dark side, and the dark side of pop music has always kind of fascinated me. This was written in 1990 (a little of a dark period for me, but also a very creative one), and harkens back, sound wise, to maybe a few years earlier. It was a period of time when I had been transitioned from the terror of facing nuclear extermination (the 80s) to the terror crumbling relationships of those I was closest to (the 90s). Now, of course, I'm pretty much just scared of spiders.

I think we probably listened to some of the same stuff in our formative years (Just guessing, but I think we're about the same age). The Fixx "Reach the Beach" is one of my favorite albums from that time and my college suite mate was obsessed with Rush (I can probably still sing the whole "Moving Pictures" album by heart.) The late 70s and early 80s, in my opinion were a close second to the British Invasion of the 60s in its importance of shaping rock and roll.

The bass was real bass (I love playing bass), the drums were loops, but they were modified, sliced, transposed, and stacked one on top of the other to get the sounds I wanted. This song was actually written for a band I was in at the time, Rosebud. The only band I was in that ever actually go into a recording studio. We never performed this song, however. I was in about a dozen different bands in college, all with varying degrees of success. Ans, yes, there are some pictures, and maybe they will pop up some day. :)

Again, thanks for your support, Dion. It's very much appreciated, especially at times, like now, when I feel unsure about what I'm doing. But the folks here at MJ always seem to be able to pep me up a bit.

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Macaudion said 4729 days ago (April 14th, 2006)
JG, you're so cool - And I just knew that you were in a band - You are one of
few here who put together such huge ensemble of differing instruments, and
that's one of the reasons I always look forward to hanging out w/ ya here --
I'm open for those pics anytime you're ready - I'm not trading though - lol

And no, I'm not gonna sing on my next tune, I was just telling a little lie about
that and the solo thingy so that people would stop picking on me about that
- Buuut, you weren't serious about me singing a song w/ you, were you???

On through
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JOAN said 4730 days ago (April 13th, 2006)
pop jewel
nice tune.... the vocal are excellent and the music flows along very smoothly!!!
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jgurner said 4729 days ago (April 13th, 2006)
pop jewel
Many thanks, JOAN! I appreciate the listen and the comment.

Check Out My Latest - <a href="http://www.macjams.com/song/19801">Standing Alone</a>
charliechen said 4724 days ago (April 19th, 2006)
What a great mix
I'm so envious of the great mixes that people are able to achieve here at MJ's. Wonderful sound you've created.

The lyrics speak about being deceived and toyed with. But the music is upbeat and bouncy. I like the contrast. It's like the singer is really happy to be outta this relationship.

I also really liked the harmony in the vocals.

Good work. Cheers.
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jackstone said 4714 days ago (April 28th, 2006)
Nice pOp!
Yeah you are so young!
Sounds like teenage pop song.
You're mind is still a boy! this is great thing!

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TheReverendAG said 4704 days ago (May 8th, 2006)
I liked the bridge/chorus/whatever they were parts the best.

Good lyrics, jumpy beat, singing that fits the song...The bass is by far the
best part I think.

Awesome stuff. Good work.
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bronco said 4693 days ago (May 19th, 2006)
Mississippi Burning

I don't know how I missed this when it was first posted but this is a hot
song! It literally jumps out of the speakers. Good arrangement, strong
vocals and a good song! Really liked and enjoyed it!
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alackbass said 2501 days ago (May 20th, 2012)
Standing Alone
You have a light pop side :)

I was grabbed right away by the intro. It was just so inviting. Love the analog synth lines that recall The Calls. Some very cool guitar textures. Another fine lead vocal wrapped in some well conceived and nicely executed background vocals. I know over the years I've said your voice has a Neil Young quality. But the more I listen the more I hear Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.
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