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Starkweather and Projects


sky shoes

 Genre: Art Rock

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This is a song about an impoverished time in my life when I was a little kid. My family had fallen on hard (very) times. I had a paper route in Cleveland Ohio, in the ghetto, near the projects where I “lived”. My paper route was to try and help supplement the welfare cheese and powdered milk we (eight kids) were subsisting on. It was the year they killed John Kennedy. One Sunday morning, the wagon I was pulling (the Cleveland Plain Dealer made you buy) got stuck in the waist deep snow on a cold dark morning. It tipped over. The more I tried to pick the scattered papers up or pull the wagon out, the worse things got. For reference check out the ghetto in the movie “The Deer Hunter” this was filmed near the projects where we were existing. I admit it, I surrendered and left it in a heap in the snow bank. I don’t know if my mom or my dad went out and at least pulled my mess back to the projects. All I know is, I gave up. On somewhat of a hopeful side the, by far and away, prettiest girl in the whole school, somehow decided she liked the scruftiest skinny poorboy on earth, me. Golden hair, blue eyes, she was every boys dream. Don’t let anyone ever mislead you that things are worse in impoverished areas today. It was hell. I was a marked kid, I had to get in fights every day. I got whipped the worst when Edie asked me where I lived. I froze (again) I just pointed in the general direction down Starkweather avenue, towards the projects. I only had one pair of shoes, two shirts, one pair of pants, one thin jacket. I was whipped by the poverty worse than any thug. I gave up again. I used to sit in the little diner across from Edie and her mothers apartment, hiding out, watching her come and go, spending my last paper route collection quarters and dimes on French fries. Sometimes I would walk her home through Lincoln park, only when she would catch up to me. It was much easier to be the aloof tough guy and James Dean it out, never explaining to this little heart why we couldn’t be together. Eventually my mom, though having a college degree, went back to school and was re-trained to be a secretary. She pulled us together along with my dad, who had a stroke (that’s what had gotten us ghettoized in the first place). And we escaped. Some mothers are heroes. Happy mothers day.
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Its cold in the morning
In Cleveland Ohio
Cats cry sounds like
some old babys cryin

I've been on the road
for now days untold
and my feet are gettin cold
and the wind's blowin in my coat
and I fear
it's reached my soul

I'm lookin for change
not just coins
my soul is lookin for change

French fries
I spent all my money
I think I've just lost my job

I don't want to go home
I don't want to go home
I don't want to go to the projects
I just don't want to go where they call home

The sky's grey and cloudy
Her hairs like rays of sunshine
Blue eyes blue skys
Rays of sunshine

She's not from the city
She's from
West Virginia
she says that
she can
teach me

to dance

no your left foot
no your right foot
put your hand right here

Her mother comes walkin home
Edie I'll meet you after school
and walk you home through the park

If they'll leave us alone
If they'll leave us

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Uploaded: Apr 11, 2006 - 12:04:32 PM
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Creschendo played on the Harmony guitar
Typed into Text Edit phonetically and recorded the voice of Junior from the speach mode, to get the sound of pre pubescent yearning. processed in Soundedit. Used Garageband Keyboard for choir sound.
said 4822 days ago (April 11th, 2006)
I'm practically speechless...
I feel like whatever i say will trivialize this piece. So please accept my vote
and my fanship. And thank you!

Be well!
sky shoes said 4822 days ago (April 12th, 2006)
Thanks Mr. Conductor
I sang this song one thousand times. I have my own music to go along
with it. It just always sounds to sweet and jaunty. I started writing the
verses down and began messing around with the speach mode in TextEdit
and the voice of "Junior" seemed so hauntingly close to a stunned kid,
(and boy was I at the time). I know it is a weird concoction to post. I was
afraid I might get barred for its strangeness... Barred or blessed a mear
click of the mouse. Mr. Conductor you grace my bared soul.
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said 4821 days ago (April 12th, 2006)
Thanks Mr. Conductor

How did you get your TextEdit function to speak these words. I've looked at this
and can't figure out how to select the text to be read.
sky shoes said 4821 days ago (April 12th, 2006)
Go to Edit
Just below "Spelling" is "Speech", and click "Start Speaking" and it will
speak whatever you have written in TextEdit. If you still don't have it
speak, go to your "System Preferences:, find "Speech" and on that menu
make sure "Text to Speech" is high lighted and pick a voice. You can pick
a rate of speed as well.. Pretty cool. I had to drop some other letters in to
make the sound a little more "real". If you want I can send you the
Phonetically adjusted version of "Starkweather" so you can check it out.
Spacing and commas help with the rythmm.
Check out my latest song called Baby You Can Do Much Better Than Me
thoddi said 4751 days ago (June 21st, 2006)
I dig those mac voices. Very clever to come up with that. You have a touch of magic in your tunes. The ambient sounds and the association with the picture you have for the song makes me think of an old movie..

I'm signing up as a fan:)

Great work.
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