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Follow Your Heart



 Genre: Acoustic Rock

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posted this song a few months back under C-W genre bu feedback firmly indicates that it's NOT C-W (shows how little I know about this genre!) so I'm re-posting under "acoustic rock" hoping to attract a few more listens
cheers, phil

original song description:

I laid down the instrumental tracks for this a few months back and, as usual, have been struggling to write some lyrics (terribly cliched I fear!) and sing em. This is my first post in the C&W catagory but it seems the most appropriate for the way the song turned out.
I play/sing everything here except the drums (DoD loops). Any advice or comments (.... like don't give up your day job ...!) gratefully received.
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Please sleep easy while I’m away
If all goes to plan, I’ll be with you some day
When the river ice melts and the snow geese return
I’ll find my way back here and perhaps you can learn ….

To follow your heart ….. it won’t let you down
Live your life straight from the heart

If I could wind back the hands of time
I know, my darling, you’d surely be mine
I’d have taken the trouble to make you feel sure
That my feelings were growing each day more and more

So just follow your heart ….. it won’t let you down
Live your life straight from the heart

I’d have make it my business to walk the straight line
And I’d make sure you knew that I cherished the time
That we spent arm in arm kicking leaves every fall
Before that fateful winter day put an end to it all

So just follow your heart ….. it won’t let you down
Live your life straight from the heart

I can’t say I’m proud of the way I behaved
But that guy drove me to it and perhaps I’ll be saved
By a final reprieve from the state governor’s hand
But I guess it’s more likely this will be my last stand

So just follow your heart ….. it won’t let you down
Live your life straight from the heart
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aclarke said 4794 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
NIcely done
I wouldn't necessarily categorize this as C&W- but not really sure where it
should be... acoustic rock maybe?

At any rate I really like the performances on this song- your voice sounds
great and it's real solid musically. To my ears the mix on the vocals
sounds a little thin... by that I would have liked to have a little more
warmth. Let me know if you don't know what I mean and I'll try to explain
it better. It has nothing to do with the performance at all!

Very nice song... hope you don't mind that I grabbed a copy!
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philonnie said 4789 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
NIcely done
belated thanks for commenting and for advice on genre.... glad you like it. I'm still struggling in the black art of vocal recording and will continue to play around with different mixes. It's really pleasing to learn that someone downloads one of your jams!
cheers, phil
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said 4792 days ago (May 6th, 2006)
This is more of an acoustic folk-rock piece with C&W overtones. Beautiful
work on the vocal harmonies. Nice lyrics. This is an exceptionally pleasant

Be well!
philonnie said 4789 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
many thanks Michael .... really appreciate the positive feedback and advice on genre.
cheers, phil
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charliechen said 4792 days ago (May 6th, 2006)
Well done
I wouldn't consider this C&W at all. This could be considered Soft Rock/Adult Contemporary or Acoustic Rock.

You have a nice voice and you've performed your song well. I found that some of the double voice tracks came in and out. At times, there was only a single vocal track and it was a bit jarring.

Lyrically, it is a bit strange. The song is in the voice of a convicted murderer, and its his way of saying he's sorry to the woman he's wronged. And yet the style of the song is quite easy going. I gather that the lyrics came last in your writing process. I think the song would be better served if you took out the last verse and changed the fate of the narrator to something less permanent. Perhaps he just knows that he has lost her forever and the song is really about letting her go and forgiving himself.

Otherwise, I really like this piece. Cheers.

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philonnie said 4789 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
Well done
Thanks Charlie! Well 3/3 say it’s not C&W so it seems pretty clear I posted this offering in the wrong category …. this genre thing sure is a tricky issue for me! ‘acoustic rock’ seems to be the consensus. The irregularities in the vocal recording are where I tried to patch up the odd dodgy bit with a re-recording …. the mike just seems to have a different tone here and I’m not really sure why; I guess I ought to try recoding a new vox track in one session.
As for the lyrics, this is invariably the very last part of my song-writing process ….and something I’ve only been doing for about 6 months …. Previously all my stuff was instrumental. I start out with a basic chord sequence that appeals and take it from there by building up a melody line and settling on a rhythm. I’m not sure where my idea for the condemned man lyrics came from but as mentioned in the description I fear they are very clichéd indeed!….. maybe the song will re-emerge with a completely different theme at some stage but I sure finds lyrics a struggle.
Cheers, phil

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snowdragon said 4791 days ago (May 7th, 2006)
one more voice
adding to the "this ain't country" theme.

Having said that, I did enjoy the tune with its beatlesque harmonies
and chord patterns.

The one aspect I do think you should re-visit however is the lead guitar
following the vocals (ie, the lead riffs playing while there is singing
going on). It's a tough thing to do in any song and in this one, it's a bit
distracting. It's not that the lead riffs suck or anything, just that they
compete with the vocals and approaching it as a "fills" instrument
would probably produce a more effective overall composition.

There's an old saying concerning B.B. King that goes: "First B.B. sings
and then Lucille sings." Always thought that was a good rule of thumb
for backing lead guitar.
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philonnie said 4789 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
one more voice
Thanks snowdragon, glad you enjoyed it ...... despite being in the wrong catagory. I really appreciate your listening and offering sound advice on the clash between vox and backing lead guitar. So BB King named his guitar Lucille eh?
cheers, Phil
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