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Dear Bill

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A doo wop song askng Bill Clinton to come back. At least the person HE screwed consented.
We had jobs, there was no war.. It says we'll even line up girls for him
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Bill Clinton, you were naughty and our noses got all blue
and Bill, when you had monica, They said that you were through!
But there were jobs, there was no war and we were in the black
We don't care who your girlfriends were, Oh bill, we want you back!!!

Dear Bill: Oh Bill, we just couldn't see
How good we had it during your presidency
And sure you lied but nobody died
You didn't rob, folks had a job
How bad could it be?

Dear Bill We know that nothing atones
For your impeachment by those republican clones
But now you're gone and this Bush moron
Is such a curse and so much worse than your raging hormones

When you were in charge we were on our games
And proud of what we were becoming
With jobs, peace and progress our middle names
The country and Monica humming

The guy who's in charge now is such a fool
The zealots and neo cons lead him
He makes us an object of ridicule
Hey, where is Ken Starr when we need him?

Bill please forgive us Come back and ease all our pain
Bring all the troops home and get us working again
We're all adults. We just want results
Date who you please no guarantees, just don't leave a stain

We're standing right here with our arms open wide.
A broke weary country awaits
We couldn't care less who you do on the side,
Hell, we'll even line up your dates!
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thetiler said 4728 days ago (July 9th, 2006)
I'll admit
I voted for Bush the first time. But I am really getting tired of so many
people getting killed over there. For over a year in Viet Nam I was
stationed there during the war, so I know what it means to fight for
your country. Even Cher, is providing safer helmets because our
military is not protecting those young kids. Sure, they can drop
millions of bombs and spend tons of billions, but why not protection

I get a little tired of very talented people like your self not receiving
enough time to at least give a comment to your very talented writing.

You'll find there is a lot of christians here, which I am one of, are too
scared to post because some of your subject material is a bit of a
stretch for them.

But let me say this, it's true. I would rather have Clinton back cause I
think that he was a better president. He had some useful smarts, he
didn't have to tag on to his fathers coatails to get into the Whitehouse!

Your very talented Davis.

Again, what an MJ tradgedy, your not even getting any posts. You are
truly one of the most talented comedy writers here at MJ, maybe the
best. So dont forget that, I hope you don't. I can't remember the guys
name but I remember there was a dark haired with glasses guy that
stood at the piano and belted out incredible politcal satire tunes. And
he was brillian, sorry I can't remember his name right now. But you
remind me of him.

Best of luck to you.

Again, this is another example of a very, incredibly very talent comedy
wirter getting very little attention here at Mjams.

Were is the justice?

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Moviz said 4371 days ago (June 30th, 2007)
What can I say?
You do hit the nail on the head and I love your wit....' Monica Humming" I'm in hysterics here, M
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