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Malcontent [TENSE]



 Genre: Industrial

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This is the first "ground-up" collaboration between Packosmokes and myself under our "Tense" label. Features killer vocals from Pakosmokes and live guitar from both of us. We were both in the mood for something loud, so turn it up before you hit play!
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It's not what you believe,

It's the shit you preach.

Wasting your energy,

Selling hypocrisy.

Easy to point the blame,

When you're not in the game.

Mouth off for all to see,

Just more impotency.

Victim, you make your claim,

You have yourself to blame.

Don't try converting me,

With your soliloquy.

Useless to both yourself,

and everybody else.

Scrape off the shit you bring,

Won't help you change a thing.

Shaking your angry fist,

But you wont fight with it.

Soldier that you condemn,

But you won't stand with him.

Fashion offer dissent,

Against your government.

Shut up you little bitch,

Get out and deal with it.

Wallow and feign despair,

Goddamn it grow a pair.

Jack off your bitter speech,

Best practice what you preach.

If you want a revolution you decide,

If you want a revolution, get in line.
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Uploaded: Jul 08, 2004 - 06:42:24 AM
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Cameron said 5552 days ago (July 8th, 2004)
great guitars
I liked both your guitar work on this song. The vocals
sometimes got a bit lost, though, so I appreciated being
able to read the lyrics! (god I sound like an old fart....)

There was a bit more variety in the textures towards the
end of the song, which was good; I especially liked the
little space of silence you created.

Right-on message!
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Mcboy said 5552 days ago (July 8th, 2004)
some wicked sounds and playing......i like the contrasting
parts.....vocals could be a tad more upfront but cool
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Ringo said 5552 days ago (July 8th, 2004)
Makes me want to grab my guitar and break all the
strings....Maybe that's just me.....

Vocals are a bit quiet.

Guitar reminds me a bit of King's X.
Like the panned powerchords.

As we say in the UK, KERRANG!!!!
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ronnielong said 5552 days ago (July 9th, 2004)
Hey guys, DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC, I feel sorry for all the morons who THINK we are in Iraq fighting TERROR....thats just too bad...please read a book, watch the BBC, Listen to NOFX and SYSTEM of a DOWN- because your lyrics lead me to believe you will be voting for the idiot son of an asshole come November-and It seems that the only disproof the other side can offer is "get over it"- well thats a joke, this Nation is a joke. WAKE UP! Bush was never elected-and this war was started under FALSE ALLEGATIONS- I have "a pair" and would fight if it was justified, but it is not! Are you out there fighting? Of course not! Send somebody's kid!
No WMDs NO LINK TO IRAQ AND 9/11-Bush is not my President!!
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packosmokes said 5552 days ago (July 9th, 2004)
Hey Ronnie, I'm gonna' punch in here because I believe you're
misunderstanding us. This song is about misdirected anger and
bickering without doing anything about it. I voted for Gore, and will vote
for Kerry in November. However, there are so many out there who don't
get off their rear ends and vote and that's what chikoppi and I are
pushing for. That way, we don't have another incident like

What we want is this: Vote, listen to both
sides before speaking, don't blindly follow someone just because you
believe in them, question their intentions and motives.

On a final note, re-read the lyrics as if they were spoken to our current
president and I believe you'll have a different impression of our song.
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ronnielong said 5552 days ago (July 9th, 2004)
Ahhhh...Thank "god", I apologize for "mis-underestimatin'" you two...I can see what you were going for now...glad we could fix up the mix up before it got outta hand! Peace.

p.s. Everyone please Vote and listen up! Remove the imposter! Keep postin Tense. Rawk on...
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ka-klick said 5552 days ago (July 9th, 2004)
Gotta say I was a little bit confused after having read the lyrics too. I'm glad
you clarified your position in your post. I was finding myself grasping for a
little irony or something to feel it wasn't just a blast at the left. Then again,
we're in a conflicted and confusing period at times.

Great edge and punch. Love the guitar and vocal work.

Strangely enough, reminded me a bit of "Capitalism" by Oingo Boingo.

Beauty should be edible, or not at all.
-- Dali
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chikoppi said 5551 days ago (July 9th, 2004)
Meaning and Rhyme
Since this tune has the potential for controversy I wanted to add my own clarification to that of Packosmokes. I think many people have the misconception that because we are a representative democracy "we the people" are victims of those decisions made by the government with which we personally disagree.

Truth is, every citizen has a right, opportunity, and responsibility to become involved in the process beyond paying taxes and casting an often under-informed ballot every four years. For me, this song is a condemnation of those who rail incessently about the state of the nation without legitimately contributing to the process.

"If you want a revolution, you decide/get in line." We all want change, but its up to you personally to undertake those actions that will bring it about.

"No interests are dearer to men than those which ought to be secured to them by their form of government, and none deserve better of them than those who contribute to the amelioration of that form."
--Thomas Jefferson to M. Ruelle, 1809.
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SlimGirlFat said 5550 days ago (July 10th, 2004)
Bring up the vocals Packo, just a tad..
I want to hear the emotion behind this track a little
louder... I'm getting it but would like more! Its a very
powerful track guys.
well produced. good lyrics and will be sending Packo
some throat lozenges heh heh
great stuff

Suzanne said 5547 days ago (July 14th, 2004)
Southern Tool
it sounds more like a demo than your last, with less perfecting, and the over-distortion is simply too much for me, personally, and makes it impossible to listen to without wanting to push it away a bit. your voices are so nice, so perfect for certain songs, they can't get as angry as this piece wants, which is a life compliment, by the way.
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_nderscore said 5536 days ago (July 24th, 2004)
truly awesome
sounded even better when i turned it up! very complete
tune/lyrics. inspiring. i suddenly feel like i don't belong
here. really enjoyed the "grating" chorus and latter parts
of the song
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fosod said 5517 days ago (August 13th, 2004)
Well, You Know Me
I hate political songs... but... you avoided the 'sarcasm'
route, which VERY few do... so... hats off. The message is
pretty coherent too.

Shame all artists are libs. I think I'm alone on that one
though. Mabye that's what makes me so CRAAA-ZZZZZ-




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Normal said 5517 days ago (August 13th, 2004)
Great song
Very Chemlab meets KMFDM. I guess I should stop
comparing people's songs to other bands. But I guess I
feel like it's a compliment.

I do have to say, it's amazing how good everyone is
getting around here. When I was back in Germany briefly,
in March, before going back to Iraq for the 2nd time
(bleh). I wasn't nearly as impressed by the songs on

Now I keep hearing songs better than those from the
bands, labels such as Metropolis (metropolis-
records.com) has been signing lately.

Keep up the good work guys.
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said 5509 days ago (August 20th, 2004)
Damned Good Point
Yeah, people should get off their asses and vote. People
need to realize how lucky they are to be in a country
where their vote actually matters. It's one of the
cornerstones of our free society, this right to to be heard.
Complaining is utterly USELESS unless it motivates one to
institute change. So get in line all you whining
Char said 2906 days ago (October 6th, 2011)
I think
your message is that everyone has a hand in the process, if he chooses to get involved. Love "If you want a revolution, get in line." Great music. Good collab, guys. Thanks.
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