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Poor Me

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This tune comes from a desire to play over chords rather that just jam in a key. So I take my vocal songs and lay down a rhythm thing and then do the guitar. the production could use some work but the overall sound I like .You may have to crank the volume a bit. The sound effects were for someone I sent the song to around Halloween last year. A bit corny but fun...looking for collaborators.
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Fender '74 trat,yamaha clav GB
Willywagga said 4791 days ago (September 1st, 2006)
Smooooth Guitar
Love the sound of your guitar, sounds fierce cool altogether. For a second
during the intro I was reminded of Van Morrisons Coney Island but then
the percussion took it somewhere else. I really like the tone of this song
it's unusual for the genre and fun and kind of unexpected. Terrific.
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Boris the Bull said 4780 days ago (September 11th, 2006)
thoughts from the bull...
this is absolutely lovely! although i love jazz, i don't know how to play
jazz to save my life! not only is this so well performed, it's clean, and
the production is fabulous! the song may not need the sound fx, but
they don't ever really distract.

this is top-notch stuff and i am looking forward to more! thanks, tim!

btw, i lived in Arlington for many years until i moved out to the rural
burbs! my best memories are from that area!
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said 4765 days ago (September 26th, 2006)
realy talented
very moving piece of music everything works nice. I love the fx the way
you blend them nice work. steely dan comes to mind when i listen but you
give it a pleasing feel keep them coming
timothy devine said 4686 days ago (December 14th, 2006)
Just say Steely Dan and you made my day.
Thanx for checking this out. Its one of the first things I was happy with on GB. I use a Dan trick called a muu(Spelling?) chord or a raised second wich gives the over all sound a 'danish' effect. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.

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TobinMueller said 4593 days ago (March 17th, 2007)
Saw this in your STR thread...
I really dig your drawings (song art). Is that you in the kitchen? I think you have some good musical ideas, but the overall feel in my ears is kind of aimless, like a windup to something that never comes. Too much chord progression without a lyrical line moving it forward. I love your guitar sound, very mellow and rounded, with personality.
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timothy devine said 4593 days ago (March 17th, 2007)
After listening to your tune 'I wanna Fly' I can see where your comment is coming from about all wind up and no pitch. Your a straight fast ball guy. 'I wanna Fly' explods with playing, as does the other tunes of yours I have explored. Reminds me of the Montro Summet records where all the greats get together and play... everybody showcasing there talents....
Thanks for your honesty. Its refreshing. I can only imagin being able to play like you and wish i could explode with musical talent as you do.
I think my style c
omes from me being too carful about what to play ...to make sure i got it right.
Yes, about the art work...its me in the kitchen...A CIA(Culinary Institute of Ameica) grad with a love for drawing and cooking as well as music.
I am so glad you stopped in to comment.
Thank you for your visit.
I will be checking out more of your music, I am sure...now that i have got a taste of it...

"Sooner or latter it all gets real...Walk On"
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Norman Goodman said 4593 days ago (March 17th, 2007)
Your guitar playing exhibits beautiful tone and tasteful phrasing. I love the glissando lines. Structurally the song has some very nice changes and the continuity and flow is very well done. Glad you introduced your post, this is very good!
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timothy devine said 4593 days ago (March 17th, 2007)
Thank you
You kind words mean a lot to me. I am experiencing a writers block and such kind word might pull me out of it.
Thanks for checking this out...
The forum has turned up some gems including yours

"Sooner or latter it all gets real...Walk On"
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kristyjo said 4593 days ago (March 17th, 2007)
The lack of a distinctive melody categorizes this in 'background' music for me. Very mesmerizing.
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timothy devine said 4591 days ago (March 19th, 2007)
Thank for stopping in. I should probably sing the lyric i have which would define the melody loud and clear, but i am never happy with my vocal.
I guess i here the melody in my own head when i listen to this version.
thanks for taking the time to comment.

"Sooner or latter it all gets real...Walk On"
Check out my latest song called Inside of You
saymme said 4025 days ago (October 5th, 2008)
LOL ! ! Soon Halloween again ;) : )
What a blast...Halloweensong so nice & smooth...Enjoying this ALOT & abit of mischiefs night in it I think !! GREAT LOVE IT !!!
Courtsey to You !! have another good Halloween & be careful on Mischiefs night...We can have one HERE !!! i'll have to talk DeputyDoofy into thatone... : )

sonnyjim said 3834 days ago (April 14th, 2009)
popped up in the random player; the first time I've heard it. I've got all the time in the world for a song like this!

You're a CIA guy, eh? That's another thing we should talk about.........!

Best wishes, Tim,

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