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The Gopher's Lament

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Another from the archives. This is a silly little song about a gopher. It's a storytelling song, so come along for the ride.
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The Gopher's Lament

Sunday mornin' and I went for a walk
To the stream, I'm gonna fish and dream
I took my time, every fence I'd talk
Just gossip, whitewash gossip
Made it to the stream where the shade was cool
Hmm dadum dool

I dropped my line and the ripples grew
Nothin' leapin', they must be sleepin'
I laid my head in a pillow of dew
I closed my eyes to the bright blue skies
Well, I drifted away before my worm was drowned
Hmm dadum down

Suddenly, I heard a voice a'callin'
No one there, 'cept a gopher bawlin'
He said, "Lookahere, I'm desperate sad!
Hmm dadum dad!"

I rubbed my eyes, thought it was a vision
A talking gopher, a crying gopher
I said to him, "Well, I'm just fishin'.
I got no grief, so take your leave."
Well, the gopher stayed; he stood his ground
Hmm dadum down

I let him jabber cause I had no choice
He was feeling sorely, been treated poorly
The gopher talked in a funny little voice
He caused commotion with his deep emotion
He ran away from family and school
Hmm dadum dool

Funny little voice kept a'callin'
Poor little gopher kept a'bawlin'
He said, "Lookahere, I'm desperate sad.
Hmm dadum dad.

"All my life, I been mistreated
I been a slave; I never took, I just gave.
They said, 'go fer this' and only me did
The others stood there, just like wood there
I had to go fer everything in sight
Hmm dadum dite.

"Finally, I just got angry
Get your own, I ain't no drone!
Tiger and bear said they would 'fang' me.
Life was bum but I ain't dumb
So I said, 'I'm getting outta here!
Hmm dadum dere.'"

Little gopher shaking and calling
Cannot keep his eyes from bawling
He said, "Lookahere, I'm desperate sad.
Hmm dadum dad.

"That's a death I wasn't meant fer.
Wasn't I right? To fly not fight?
Better a go-fer than a went-fer
Ain't no mystery, I'd'a been history."
And little gopher dropped a big ole tear
Hmm dadum dere.

I sniffed a little as I yanked my pole hard
Thought I'd quit as no fish had bit.
He offered me cash to be his bodyguard
I said, "What's the dough fer? I gotta new gopher!"
Taking his money just didn't seem right
Hmm dadum dite.

Gopher smiling, laughing and calling
Never gonna waste his time a'bawling
And then we left the fishing hole
Hmm dadum dole.

I said, "Gopher, please, wanna grab my pole?
Hmm dadum dole
Say, "Gopher, doncha go'n forget the bait."
Hmm dadum date
"Gopher this, Gopher that, oh, Gopher! Don't be late!"
Oh, I cannot wait!
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caroline said 4628 days ago (September 18th, 2006)



thank you!

big loves!


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jiguma said 4628 days ago (September 18th, 2006)
Gophers rule!
Gophers rule! Poor little guy. I think there should be more latin in MJ
songs : )
Cute song well performed - there, two in one night : )
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david.sfinzi said 4233 days ago (October 18th, 2007)
Gotta like it!
What a fun song; seems like a 'sittin-round-the-campfire' tale.
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