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Illusion of Democrazy


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Im back after a way to long break. I am looking forward to start listening and commenting on tunes again. I have written a few songs on my break. I think there is a changed Selters returning. I have been able to practice my guitarplaying and realized that a more advanced playing style is harder to record :). So i feel this songs more like a short demo, allthough spent a few hours recording it. I have recently moved and the acoustics of this room is quite different then my previous "recording studio". I will need some to make it sound better.
The lyrics of this song probably sound a bit schizophrenic, I have a lot stuff on my mind nowadays, but expressing them through lyrics is hard. So i hope you can make something out of them.
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My kingdom called and wanted me
I was needed for democrazy
In a land supposedly free
To fight a great Conspiracy
While Whistleblowers cried out loud for peace
When I arrived In the foreign land
The locals didn’t give a hand
They had created their own plan
To remove us all man by man
The people cried out loud for peace


I was in shock, I couldn’t stand
Blood was spillt on my small hands
I didn’t realize the pain
I felt inside when I watched it rain
People were flushed down the drain
While whistleblowers cried loud for peace!

It was all based on a lie
Ten thousands innocents have died
I have seen a mother s cry
When we killed her little child
While whistleblowers cried out loud for peace


For how long can they manipulate
And fill us up with unjust hate
Wo that they can have their cake
No matter what it takes
The people should start crying out for peace

2. chorus
I am in a shock I cannot stand
The blood is on the people’s hands
We cannot understand the pain
They feel inside when they let it rain
People are flushed the drain

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musichead said 4781 days ago (September 10th, 2006)
nice harmony
I like it ....very relaxing...The guitar sounds well placed and vocals are
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vbluesky said 4781 days ago (September 10th, 2006)
raw sound. lyrics make me think you were a solidier that came back from Iraq.....strong meaning to the words
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stevel said 4781 days ago (September 10th, 2006)
Welcome back Selters!
its good to hear your music again...this is a very nice acoustic track...I like
the doubled vocal style you have here. Look forward to hearing more
songs from your new 'recording studio'
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moorlandt said 4781 days ago (September 10th, 2006)
nailed me to the ground
Wow Magnus. This is a hell of a great song. Very good lyrics, man. And very haunting singing. Nailed me to the the ground, so I had to listen several times to get the message. Jajaja, this is faved with pleasure.

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urbnite said 4781 days ago (September 10th, 2006)
you know i like it. i'm glad you're back!

i think you've got a great sound here. guitar's sound great. the finished
lyrics work well.

i love how you use a wide range of your voice here. the lows sound great
- esp. with the high harmonies in the back.

classic selters sound - but it's progressing. nice work!
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Ed Hannifin said 4781 days ago (September 10th, 2006)
Hey, Magnus, welcome back...
I like the spots here when it feels like you're going a little lower with
your voice, and letting the ghost of a little grit get in your voice.

I think you've gotten good at a certain kind of vocal doubling, and it
has become the 'selters sound'. I might suggest, especially on a song
that steps away from your usual lyrical concerns, that it might be
interesting to experiment with doubling (or more-than-doubling)
certain spots, perhaps especially on the chorus, but at other points
strip it down to one lone, hard, anguished voice. I find myself
wondering if that would underscore the lyric...

Good to have you back. Best of luck settling into a new acoustic


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jiguma said 4781 days ago (September 10th, 2006)
New room sounds good
I like the new sound of your new room Magnus - it is a much fuller
sound - your vocals in particular have much more depth to them,
although that's also due to the doubling you've done I guess. Powerful
lyrics in this one, and I like the ending. To me this sounds like you've
done one of your best songs yet - welcome back!
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Einarus said 4777 days ago (September 14th, 2006)
Good to have you back!
You and your music are a big asset to MJ - and tracks like these proove it.
Lovely work!

-Einar S.
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DOCTORBIZARRE said 4774 days ago (September 17th, 2006)
Man i love your vox! I like your double whisper technique! Cool vibe and great message! Demo crazy basterds! Rock on and I'm glad your back! Di i hear a bloody Kazoo in thar!
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Electric Lobster said 4774 days ago (September 17th, 2006)
I like your voice
Suits the guitar playing very well !

Or vice versa ?!-)
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dreadmon said 4764 days ago (September 27th, 2006)
Welcome back, man (I just got back myself) - your lyrics continue to blossom and show the amazing growth going on inside of you. I hope you'll always let us have a look through your music. Love the lyrics - very simple, effective, and a nice hook as well. You've an old soul, my friend!
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Rolo said 4750 days ago (October 11th, 2006)
Except the voice, reminds me of some Dylan song. Very cool.
...but I hear some "pitchy" problems on the highs... :)
Your guitar is cool as always.
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Feter said 4750 days ago (October 11th, 2006)
Cool Words !!
liked your singin ... very impressed !!
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caroline said 4750 days ago (October 11th, 2006)
ahhh .. no fluff here either!!
good for you magnus - i would expect nothing less of you - great to hear your voice and guitar again ... it was a long, lonely summer and darling i promise you this... ooophs ... wrong song!! big loves dear thing xoxo

ps - i caught me up and i listened all the way through - you really do do this kinda thing very well.

blimey - i think its a download!!
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screamalexz said 4737 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
your singing has some power behind it on this track and yet keeps a bit of that airy quality i like. this one has a lot to say. glad to hear another song from you :) you get a nice low quality to your voice near the end.
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