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Wolves of War REVISE


Vic Holman

 Genre: Rock

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After valid comments on some drums during a half time segment to this song i decided to re-edit. normally if it's minor i let it go. (i usually go back re-edit songs anyway). again thanks for the second set of ears.

Who are those Wolves? can be anyone /thing. maybe the pack of racoons running through my neighborhood. style is a nod to_______(fill in the blank)
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from the forest
down the hill
teeth are bared
blood will spill
hide the wolves
how those eyes
burn like coal
dogs will cower
heads will lower
dogs will whine
wolves will dine

i'm run over
taken cover
hiding from
the wolves of war
hear the howling
it's a warning
the wolves of war
are stalking
fear in the air
wolves smell the scared
hunting packs
never gave a chance

came the last days
wolves got there way
out of hiding
it's end of days
laid to waste
wolves had there say
i lost my way
i fell that day
just as well
i've gone to hell
for i have fell
to wolves of war
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e-mac, sa electric gtr, ibanez ew acoustic, ibanez bass, m-audio keyboard for drums & low end synth, a cheap slammer electric gtr (but it plays good...seriously), mk-219 mike
logic express
said 4634 days ago (October 16th, 2006)
The music...
really sounds good in this arrangement. The guitar is good in the
background. The only concern here is maybe it is EQ'd a little high, but it
sounds good nonetheless. Enjoyed it!
Vic Holman said 4633 days ago (October 17th, 2006)
i should of checked the mp3 conversion from the mixdown. doh!!
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announcer said 4633 days ago (October 17th, 2006)
Really nice sounds here
I came of age in the mid and late 60s so this song and the sound here are like a comfort food to my ears. Nice stuff. Could use a stronger bass sound but that is a minor complaint.
Keep 'em coming!!!
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Vic Holman said 4633 days ago (October 17th, 2006)
its good to do tunes
for us old guys. like an old fuzzy blanket. in logic the deep ends there with a
added low end synth. teaches me to let a conversion to go unchecked. double
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said 4632 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
I've got to get out more...
Great tune Vic... like announcer, the sixties was my decade for music growing up and this fits just nicely for me. I really love that guitar work. This is very early psychedelic that plays as a new tune. Fav'd...
Vic Holman said 4631 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
goes to show
who my teachers were. 60's and early 70's rock got so embedded in my
conscience i don't think i can ever shake. so like the old saying...just go with it
man". if you have time go through some of my other stuff you'll find the lost
generation there as well.

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said 4632 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
Time to start piecing together my Vic Holman album....AWESOME lead
guitar work! Eerie ambience throughout. Very appropos. We hail from the
same time, the spirit of which is captured perfectly in the amazing piece
of tuneage. Love the lyrics and your vocal delivery is superb. Well done.

Take care!

Vic Holman said 4631 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
thanks mike...
it's music for us old dudes. i made it a obvious nod to p. floyd. i wanted to be
more intense on vocals, but i just had stitches removed by the periodontist after
some gum work. arrrgh! it was a really involving piece. i think 8 tracks for just
the guitars alone. but was fun to go trippy all over it.

remember the 50's are the neew 40's, so we've gained 10 years more!

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Slotogenic said 4631 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
Great guitars!
I love all the textures you achieved with the guitars. There seems to be alot going on at times, but it holds together and never gets too chaotic. i also love the organ sound you put in there. Real spooky. The vocals sound great as well. Good tune!
Vic Holman said 4631 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
chaos is good
certain songs you have to take it to the edge. i knew this was going to be one of
those. so a lot of fun was ensued. just a minor note there is one sound that
sounds like a keyboard line playing on top of the vocal that is actually a guitar in
time with a delay effect. thans for the comment and listen.

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said 4631 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
Boy, You Have Some Old Fans ;)
Sorry, just reading the other comments.
I hear a bit of David Gilmour in the guitar (I finally started collecting Pink
Floyd this year). Very nicely done track - performances and writing.
I hear some clipping about 2/3 through (sounds like pops) - they may
have been introduced (or become more obvious) during the mix-down to
I'd add a little more low end to the mix (or take out some of the high
end?) - similar to what jsacker noted, it sounds more trebly than it need
be - as though it might have been mixed for AM radio in the 1960's.
Vic Holman said 4631 days ago (October 19th, 2006)
am radio or 8 track
i've already fixed the eq but i won't bother with a reposting. i'm surprised that
you are just getting into floyd. sure it's old guy's music but we liked it that
way. i still have a original lp of darkside of the moon album with posters and
stickers that came with it. funny thing i was listening to echoes (there
compilation cd's) on the way home today. anyway the popping, maybe you
have an idea or suggestion... i'm getting that more often. best i can it's either
the m-audio interface or computer or maybe logic express software thats
doing it most i can cut out but some, but some of it still slips thru. i've been
thinking of updating to a firewire interface or a small usb mixing board. any
ideas or suggestions?


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said 4631 days ago (October 20th, 2006)
Popping Floyd
I have no cure-all suggestion on the popping - unless it's noticeable at the
recording stage, to bring down the levels at tad. I had some popping in an
audio file I sent to Tobin Mueller, he had Alimar apply SoundSoap to it - I
think that did the trick. As far as noise - I get hums when I apply the s/w
guitar amps to my guitar tracks - I end up creating creating a filter at 200 Hz
and sometmes also around 2000 Hz and that seems to silence the hums.
BTW, I don't hear any hums on your track.
I started listening to Pink Floyd this spring. Meddle, Atom Heart Mother,
Obscured by Clouds, More, Ummagumma, Animals, Wish You Were Here,
Dark Side of the Moon I bought 2 weeks ago to listen on vacation (I'm on tail
end of that now, just relaxing at home), Pulse in July, Live in Pompeii in May,
Saucerful of Secrets, London 1966, Piper at the Gates of Dawn in March.
I had avoided PF for years since the snippets I did hear on FM radio (basicly
Money and Another Brick in the Wall pt 2) left me cold.
Listening to them in rough chronological order, I learned to appreciate them
in a way my limited radio exposure didn't. I still have to get the Wall and Final
Next up on my "I should really listen to them after avoiding them for 30
years" project - Steely Dan. I'll do that next year, maybe.

Ars longa, vita brevis.
Vic Holman said 4631 days ago (October 20th, 2006)
fm killed the radio star
meddle has been very underrated but it's kind of like they're "revolver" album. only experience with steely dan was playing guitar cover versions reeling in the years in bands years ago. never have listened to any of there albums.

i may have found a cure on the popping, earlier this year i different record issues and updated the interface driver. i check to see if maybe there was a newer one. well nothing new on that, but i did update the software update to my keyboard thats always plugged in. that seemed to stopped popping during recording. at least for now, go figure! thanks bill.


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said 4610 days ago (November 10th, 2006)
Great tune!
Wanted to add my bit on the popping. I've had this issue plenty of times when cutting track segments and splicing stuff.... I find if I zoom in to silence and cut there, I have less problems with that. This is in the scenario where I hear the popping in the track playback in Cubase....

Enjoyed this tune very much.

. - Harold
Vic Holman said 4609 days ago (November 10th, 2006)
it never ends does it
i know what you mean of the edit points. on this popping though it would happen during recording. sometimes you dont notice it until you converted to mp3. i would see a sharp line that would be the pop, most i was able to cut out. when i installed a update to my keyboard it stop doing for a while, now it's starting do it it again. so again it's like what the f@#*. it's always something isn't it.
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racerat said 4587 days ago (December 3rd, 2006)
I feel your pain about the popping. I've had tha issue may times over the years. It usually ends up being (like you noted) a old driver that needed to be updated. Or more regularly and likely it is sometimes a buffer setting. Buffer settings that are too fast or too slow can also cause latency that I seem to hear in some of your vocals sometimes. But it may also be the heavy stereo pan. doubling, and spreading you are applying to them. Chorus effects can also add what appears to the ear to be latency.
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Vic Holman said 4587 days ago (December 3rd, 2006)
popping up
still get occasional pops even on direct feed without effects. gremlins i tell ya!
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five_extra_arms said 4450 days ago (April 19th, 2007)
You are so talented man. This sounds great, like just about everything else you have posted here. I'm waiting for your US tour.
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