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Roshan Khan



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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Roshan Khan
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Roshan Khan
Just a little brains and just a little brawn
He drives like a madman, I don't know what this kid's on
The fuzz with em at the moment, the next second he's gone

He's a fiend for crime, it don't matter wut it iz
As long as it's illegal, he'll be in on it
Driving the speed limit's a term he doesn't know
And you better watch beside u cuz he hangs out the window

Riding on rooftops another thang that he does
City streets are for pansies, he takes the highway cuz
If he isn't drivin you you best be wishin he was,
Cuz Roshan transportation's the best that there ever was

Now, although his rides sweet, and his driving is too,
Ya gotta be careful because of what this dude can do,
It doesn't matter what it is u hold in your hands,
He'll smack it out and it'll break before it even lands

Roshan Khan, my friend, this is to you
You're the craziest mother that I ever knew

Roshan Khan by blood is Indian and rotten
But inside he is whiter than cotton
Don't give him an explosive, I don't care what you've gotten
He'll use it for mass destruction just like Osama Bin Laden

He most likely associates with Iraqi's and
I'm quite sure that he's a taliban man
In fact I think 9/11 was his plan
When Osama asked him to crash the plane he just turned and ran

All the way to the US and A
He ignores Osama bin Laden to this day
Osama Bin Roshan is the name that we gave
And it's the name that will be printed on Roshan Khan's grave

If it's not printed it will certainly be wrote
All over Osama Bin Roshan's throat
In permanent ink, and it'll be an open casket
So when ever one sees it, they will have to ask us about

Roshan Khan my friend this is to you
Your the craziest mother that I ever knew

He got this new ride, he takes it for offroadin
It's only 2 wheel drive, But with Roshan it's golden
It don't matter what vehicle he's usin
Osama bin Roshan's drivin, and there's no disputin

He took some martial arts jujitsu and
He'll use it to dismember you and
There's nothing that you can do man
If Roshan's around, somethin will be breakin

He's got this job as a hotel valet
It's a few days a week a few hours a day
He comes home with a stack o cash every day
I mean how much does a valet get paid?

Don't forget his dirty Indian roots
I get the feeling that Osama Bin Roshan loots
From the pockets of other employees

Roshan Khan my friend this is to you
Your the craziest mother that I ever knew

One more time, let's bring it on through
Let's go boy this what we gon do
Roshan is a rap fan, and I'm telling you
Roshan Khan, That's why this is to you

Come on let's go over to bin Roshan's house
So we can sit there tryin ta think of somethin else
We'll probly end up just drivin around
But sometimes I just wanna keep my feet on the ground

Crazy, is the thing Roshan knows best
So if you're gonna get crazy be Roshan Khan's guest
You'll never outcrazy him, but if you do
Roshan will be crazier, he'll f'in kill you

I swear I never thought I'd see the day
When Roshan Khan fired an AK
It had to be the scariest thing I'd ever seen
Thank God that Roshan wasn't feeling mean
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saymme said 3811 days ago (December 11th, 2008)
Wow U have alot of different genres & styles !! Really enjoying this one , You write the lyrics(?) - awesome really like this ! Here U sound more american - in others U sound english..hehhehee ! TX for sharing !!!
Moses said 3774 days ago (January 17th, 2009)
saymme I am surprised you liked this. It is so silly!! But I am glad you liked this. Funny about my accent too. I am American, but I have heard all sorts of things about my accent.
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