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My Home Town



 Genre: Acoustic Rock

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This is a song I wrote and recorded several years ago but never posted. I thought now might be a good time for it to see the light of day. This was a hard one to mix and am not sure I got it right but hope it is not too out of sinc for the producers among you.
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Oh the south side of town is as beautiful as can be

The yards are well kept and the flowers attract the bees
The houses look so nice in their bright, shiny paint
And they are surrounded by giant, oak trees

But the north side of town is not quite so sweet
The streets are cracked and the buildings are falling down
There is a smell in the air that is rather foul
I guess it's because of the oil refinery

Oh, my home town, sometimes I miss you
Oh, my home town sometimes I don't
And sometimes I wish that the river would wash you away
and bury my memories at the bottom of the sea

Oh I had a job with the State Government
In a building made of stone by the riverside
And I collected money for the corrupt bueracrats
But mostly I just stayed stoned all day long

But I loved the music that I heard everywhere
In the clubs, houses, fields and cars
It was the only thing that got me through the day
So I could relax and rock away the night

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Martin D-18, Shure Mic, my faithful eMac
thetiler said 4569 days ago (October 20th, 2006)
I don't get stoned
but I enjoyed the terrific story setting.

Blending a story is so cool like this and fan to hear your clear soulful
voice. Like the folk country sound as well.

Nice to hear bronco!
Lots of nice folk musical warmth!
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bronco said 4569 days ago (October 20th, 2006)
Well . . .
I bet you never collected money for corrupt beuracrats either? Seriously, thanks
for the comments! Wasn't meant to be a song extolling the use of drugs, just a
part of my life back then and I was being honest. To me this was just a little
autobiographical country rock song. Simple in it's meaning and execution but a
song I have liked more and more over the years. Glad you could like it also!
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selters said 4569 days ago (October 20th, 2006)
Great to hear your voice again!
Its been long since you have posted a song, and I have missed it! This song gives me a good feeling inside, and I really like your production on it. Your guitar playing sound very good and in sync!I have listened to this songs quite a few times on repeat now. I think it reminds me a bit of Van morrison! (Which is one of my favourites). However, most of all it reminds me of Bronco! Great to hear your voice!

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bronco said 4569 days ago (October 20th, 2006)
Van the Man
Hey good to hear from you Magnus!! Had a few health problems lately and then
had a hard drive crash which kept me without a computer for a month. Hope to
be doing more recording and posting soon. I love Van the Man also. I was
putting some of his songs back on my new hard drive last night and marveled
again at how good he really is!
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Feter said 4568 days ago (October 21st, 2006)
My Home Town
charm singin voice you have bronco ..
very classic .. nice words as well ..
well done ..!!
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bronco said 4561 days ago (October 29th, 2006)
It is easy for me to doubt my voice but I am glad that at least a few folks out there seem to enjoy it. I really appreciate your kind remarks.
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stevel said 4567 days ago (October 22nd, 2006)
Great to hear a new Bronco track...this has a lovely flowing feel to it, your
voice sounds as authentic and rough hewn as ever. A classy folk tune!
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bronco said 4566 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
Hi Steve
The beautiful and the ugly side by side. Not that unusual I'm afraid. But at least
the old home town does have both! Thanks for the comments, appreciate it!
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said 4565 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
welcome back
Tom, this sounds like a proper Bronco song...
sorry to hear about the problems you had..
I like the song, 100% Bronco style.
Good to hear a new tune from ya

said 4565 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
So good...
...to have you back! Some nice songwriting/storytelling here. And, as
always, love your vox!

Be well friend!
said 4565 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
southern ditty...
yeah, i miss the South, the warm weather, comfort food, nice people, and the music that resonates with the slow, easy-going life style of the South...yeah, many people do things just to get by or to pay the mortgage, but most people I know in the South leave all that behind when they rejoice over the BBQ spit and beer...simple, comforting, and honest...
bronco said 4560 days ago (October 29th, 2006)
Come on Down
Invitation still open if you ever get time.
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dwwave said 4561 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
The sides of society
so glad you are back
Shows so clearly the sides of society that control us
wether we like it or not or have say( we will in a few weeks I hope) The rich and poor often walking sid by side
on the downtown street but at night going home to their
different abodes.
Very nice rtyhmn/pace to the song

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bronco said 4560 days ago (October 29th, 2006)
Thanks David
This really is a description of my home town of Baton Rouge when I lived there in the 60's and 70's although it could,of course, apply to just about any town or city. I went through a lot in that town that I just hint about in the song. But needless to say it was the time of segregation, civil rights and Viet Nam war protests. And fabulous music in the air, from the homegrown blues, soul and jazz of Louisianan and Mississippi, to the British Invasion that we heard on the radio.
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Monkaton said 2275 days ago (January 30th, 2013)
Bronco Rides Again
I appreciate your sentiments regarding your home town. Nicely done.
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