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Loopy RG11

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Here is my submission for the loop it or loose it - GREAT idea btw!

Just a little about my experience... when I first heard the loop - it sounded very 'dark' to me... and likely would not be a loop that I would base a song on - so it proved to be a great exercise...

I would have liked to have spent longer on this submission - it is missing a few key components.. like 'singing', a bridge and some tweaking... but I'm pretty happy with the result after about 2 hours of work and another hour mixing and tweaking until my ears were ringing.

I also feel I succeeded in turning the 'darker' loop into something a little more upbeat...
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i wish
i wish I had time
for lyrics and singing and making up rhymes

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said 4617 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
Good post...
...for the looping ideas. Enjoyed it, but it does get repetitive, due to what
you already wrote that it doesn't have, but it still a good post. It does
have a brighter feel than when it begins. Add other stuff and it will be
even better. Good job.
said 4617 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
By the way...
...it seems you have become a victim of the mad bomber in the ratings
system. Someone has gone through and bombed everyone. Sorry, it
wasn't me, I didn't vote because it isn't finished. :)
warmvox said 4617 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
got bombed?
Hey thanks - glad to hear you would consider a rating of 4 as a bomb...
although, if you took points off for the fact that there are no changes or lyrics or

Hope to expand on this when I have time
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Magritte said 4615 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
Yeah, I like how you brightened this up! At first it was jarring because I was so used to the dark sound of the loop (which many of the entrants so far have kept, including me) but you really gave it a different feel. Very imaginative.
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warmvox said 4615 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
Thanks for 'taking a listen to it' - whatever happened to Roxette?
Hope we do a few more of these challenges - and I hope to put a few more hours into the next one - not good when the song is as repetitive as the loop

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said 4615 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
Boo to rating bombers.
Too bad about the rating bomber. I enjoyed this piece a lot. It's got a lot going for it.

Personally, I think the mixing is a little flat, but everything's balanced well. I could see this being played as part of a more complete piece on the radio, EZ-Rock or something like that.

And yes, I do like the transmutation from dark to upbeat. You really did that part well.

Seven-eight-seven-eight is what I rated on what you have here. Even though it's pretty much a fragment, it's a good listen. Nice job, and I dearly hope you expand on it even after the challenge. :D

warmvox said 4614 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
thanks for unbombing me a bit
and for the feedback - any advise on how to take the flat out of the mix? Granted - there are only a few additional tracks (2 guitar, bass, horns, drums and a secret one that I'm not sharing :)... I kept everything pretty close to centered and as bright as I could - but missing that 'polish' you get on pro tunes
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perceptualvortex said 4615 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
Nice guitar playing, goes with the loop and blends to create a nice atmosphere.
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warmvox said 4614 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
When it comes to playing guitar
I'm an ok drummer - LOL

Thanks for the feedback... I do what I can on frets :)
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chikoppi said 4615 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
Major take on a minor melody
Wow. The whole vibe of the loop changes dramatically when the accompaniment appears - like a film that suddenly transforms from black and white into color. That's really interesting! What key and mode did you put this in (it sounds like G Major)? Completely different tonality from mine and a number of others I've heard thus far.

Great take on this. You certainly turned this loop on its head. Thanks for adding your cheerful creation to the event!
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warmvox said 4614 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
Bartok I aint
Thanks again for putting up this challenge for us all... what fun :)

You know - At the risk of sounding like a musical moron, I'm pretty sure that is a G major chord I'm strumming in there... I'd have to play along to my own song to figure it out again... and my guitar is on a moving truck for a few days yet.

I did shift the loop to the left 2 bars whereas all my other tracks weren't... so the rest of the 'band' came in 2 bars into the loop... if I make any sense. I have no theory - sorry :(
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ktb said 4615 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
on its head
Chik is right, you've turned this into a completely different feel from where the loop starts you. kudo's on the whole piece. nice mix, blending of the added parts
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drakonis said 4614 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
What the...? MAJOR overhaul
I am glad you gave a couple bars of the loop before pulling your magic trick, because the effect was spectacular... that was not at all expected, based on all the minor-based prior entries I've heard. The world got all bright and jangly all of a sudden, I expected Tom Petty or Roy Orbison to start singing... that was a great way to break out of the loop! Very inventive, and great guitar playing too. I see this as a bed for singing on top, so I expected it to be repetitive... to do it justice outside the challenge, yes, it needs a bridge and a singer... but this is good enough to really cry out for such!
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warmvox said 4614 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
good call
it was created with the intent of having vocals over it and so is repetitive... If I don't find someone to collaborate with on the singing - I may have to take it up myself... I gave it a shot on "All You've Got to Say" - maybe I could start with humming.
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said 4614 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
I was having so much trouble with the minor key aspect and how to liven it up! You've done a splendid job affecting a more "Joyous" aspect to the tune. Good, clean sound, nice job

. - Harold
said 4613 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
Yea, I'd say you succeeded in making this loop upbeat! When your guitar comes in it totally changes the mood. Very cool!
mvh9591 said 4613 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
Very Nice---
John you put a great new twist on the loop that was very pleasing to me. I love your style and this arrangement. Go on man - Finish it!!

Very straight and simple - but oh so nice.

mvh : )
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warmvox said 4612 days ago (October 29th, 2006)
hope to finish
thanks for listening... may not be too soon but I do hope to finish expand on this one (kinda like the rest of the stuff I've posted :)

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