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 Genre: Classical

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This is an entry to chikoppi's awesome Loop It or Lose it challenge. I probably cheated a lot on this one but I took "Be as creative as you like" in the broadest sense.

This is admittedly a Philip Glass ripoff, although it's really more of an homage. It's supposed to be reminiscent of his loop-like technique and the orchestrations are similar, but the chord progression is a little askew.

This didn't get a really thorough mix and it's also not perfectly balanced for both headphones and speakers, but I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing all the other loopers!
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Uploaded: Oct 26, 2006 - 06:24:19 PM
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M-Audio Keystation 49e, G5 iMac
Garageband 2, Jam Packs 4 & 5
drakonis said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
I love this... and I don't care that you stretched the rules a bit and used the "notes" from the guitar riff without using the recording itself... this has a really infectious build. The strings are great. My only critique is that the piano is a little too far right, I'd have it closer to center. Otherwise this is a stunning little tidbit of music, you could probably develop this into 15 minutes of variations... well done!
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bud said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
Pretty damn impressive
Great orchestration and presence. Nice job on development and closure - good length for this challenge - you obviously could have gone further. Now I'm afraid to post my piece - but fear not - it'll be there at dawn.
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thetiler said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
I always look forward to your compositions
when I see one come in. This is really nice. Love that dramatic bounce and how very well you improvise this. This is one of my favorites here that you have done.

Lots of fantastic melody here.

Way to go Magritte. Really a very enjoyable piece to hear!
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chikoppi said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
"Modern Valkyries #11"
Lovely and ominous chord voicings in the opening. The melody is very clever and keenly carries and expands the simple theme introduced by the loop.

The choir lends a momentous air. The vocal generator is a little thin and doesn't really create the expansiveness that a choir night add to the composition. I hope you'll cheat a bit and remix this track when you have some time. That section could sound really epic!

Nice harmony with the oboe! It creates a very satisfying ending to the piece - a peaceful return home from difficult journeys and grave events.

I wish there was some way you could have used the actual loop - maybe some heavy duty processing to turn it into a harp or something. Still, this is a great entry and what I'm sure will be a uniquely melodic addition to the final set. Thanks so much for tackling this with such enthusiam!
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Magritte said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
Yeah, I know...
...I'm kind of at a loss when it comes to real instrument loops, and I wanted it to fit over the strings, which modulate too much to just transpose too much. Oh well, it was really fun. Thanks for your and the other comments!

(Oh, and Drak, I didn't ignore your suggestions, I just didn't work on it too much after I got them. Stupid school!)
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paddler said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
Listening as I write
good string sound.Determined chords.Clear melody,expressive.would be good in a film.I experiment with midi sounds,and it takes quite alot of patience to make an instrument sound like the instrument it's supposed to be - takes a little observation of technique.Quite a dark tune,but driving.I like the bells by the way - or celeste - a little trill here and there may be nice - but thats just me (!) good work
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warmvox said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
amazing how one loop lends itself to so many varied creations - LOVE the classical take on it - is that a vocal synth in there?? Very realistic choir vocals - great build!
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perceptualvortex said 4651 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
I like Philip Glass
And this too. The repetition with the orchestral sounds really works for me, especially with that choir thrown in. Really nice!
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mvh9591 said 4651 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
Good song-------
Pretty damn good my man. I enjoyed this much.

Thanks for sharring.

mvh : )
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The Composer said 4651 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
quite a nice extension
You did a great job here using the original riff as the beginning to a whole theme... a nicely connected one at that too, it all made sense horizontally and harmonically. You turned an 8 beat theme into something worth 16 bars... really helps with repetability of the whole thing. Nice job!
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ktb said 4651 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
really a brilliant effort taking the notes and running it to a full length, facicinating composition. Now you got me curious...my loop was an aiff file..how'd you get from from digital audio to midi? Did you use conversion software or did you play the notes? Sounds like the latter as the variation and creativity employed was dramatic. Choice selection of sounds and superb effort tying it all together. My fav so far (including mine :-)
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DeputyDoofy said 4651 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
Very nice.
I love how you made an entire song around the loop and the loop, itself, never feels forced. Excellent job!
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said 4651 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
It's fair to say "the spirit of the riff" is in this, but this is so much more pleasant than the boring riff. Super-duper!

. - Harold
The Orbiting said 4650 days ago (October 27th, 2006)
Very uplifting
and beautiful music. It's weird, I wrote about Phillip Glass in my review of the Composer's piece which I listened to before this and here you are bringing it Glass style. I like the march section and the soft beginning especially.

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Alannah said 4650 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
I KNEW I could count on the women ....
.. to throw some "beauty" into this loop .... especially with an added dimension of emotion .. and just the right dash of purity and innocence .... to bring both the softness and the crashing crescendo into a balance ... ying and yang .... nicely done!
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stevewhit said 4650 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
It's great! - I think i'll start getting more into some classical.


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RickW said 4650 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
This has some simple but very beautiful progressions and harmony. I absolutely love it! :-)
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said 4650 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
Wonderful job playing! I had considered playing the loop using the keys and a guitar plugin, but opted to see how much I could slice the loop instead. This is very nice!
Reinholt56 said 4649 days ago (October 28th, 2006)
That's the only word I can come up with whilst listening to this piece for the second time.

Very well done. It's first class.


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Feter said 4649 days ago (October 29th, 2006)
very nice !!

what nice piano work ..I like the theme
still linger with a wonderfull stop ..
was that an oboe ? takin the lead ? ..
love the strings alot ..very nice work
well done !!
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said 4649 days ago (October 29th, 2006)
There is an art to breaking rules... a wise professor once told me that all rules must be broken at some point to prove why they are valid rules in the first place. I was an ignorant grasshopper then, and am still pretty ignorant now, but at least I'm aware of my ignorance!

Breaking rules with purpose, breaking them with vision and creativity gives us all new ideas, vision and creativity. This is beautiful. Thank you.
alfalpha said 4648 days ago (October 29th, 2006)
...Great work Magritte!
I especially like the harmonic sequence you've created for the loop as well as the building orchestration...Glass meets Riley meets Oldfield perhaps? ;)
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MidiOrleans said 4647 days ago (October 30th, 2006)
Very much enjoyed.
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Magritte said 4647 days ago (October 31st, 2006)
A giant thank you...
...to everyone who stopped by with your questions and suggestions and very kind comments. I'm especially happy that you enjoyed this piece; it really haunted me while I was writing it. I owe some of you comments in return and I apologize in advance if it takes me longer than is polite.

Karmatoburn -- I just played the loop on the piano. I was bound and determined to make it fit the string bed and too pressed for time to learn how to do it legitimately!

Feter -- that's an English horn, one of my favorite "out of the box" Jam Pack 4 instruments. You'll hear it overused on several of my pieces.
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said 4546 days ago (February 9th, 2007)
ThankYou : ) : ) : ) : )
WOOOW You got some GREAT MUSIC HERE . . . It's like a rainbow after a storm... : ) : ) : ) I actually thought of THE WALL Pink Floyd ......I can listen to it again & again & again : ) : ) : ) : ) (can You imagine Pink Floyd with a Real Great Orchestra ....?) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Looking forward to hearing more!!! this is only the second song I hear with You
Great Work THANKYOU SO MUCH : ) : ) : )
said 4546 days ago (February 9th, 2007)
thanks for a reminder!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haven't heard THE WALL(Pink Floyd) for YEARS.........I have to find it some where & dust it off I guess;)
guitapick said 4506 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
Love the oboe/piano...
...at the end. Very nice closing. The build/orchestration is exceptional throughout the piece.

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said 4506 days ago (March 21st, 2007)
I lke tis
center the piano.....perfect
pengui said 4483 days ago (April 12th, 2007)
Nice keys. I like the dramatic feel of it, but my favorite part is the outro solo
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1rwhite1 said 4423 days ago (June 11th, 2007)
I've been wanting to get into the LIOLI challenges. This has inspired me to consider that more. I liked your use of the loops. I think the piano, however, would benefit more were it closer to the center and had a touch more reverb. I've read in your previous replies to comments that you don't do much with the effects and all. I'm sure by now you've mastered all that stuff. When I record piano, I usually slide the master reverb at least 1/3 up the slider. This usually helps it to sound like it's not in a box, what with the piano's natural quick attack and decay quality. And with a song like this, my ear wanted to hear more sustain on the piano. Again, though, this is just my own take on it. By the way, I usually use the Steinway from Jam Pack IV. Are you using the same piano?
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1rwhite1 said 4423 days ago (June 11th, 2007)
I Almost Forgot
Awesome, awesome, awesome photo! Did you take that photo? If you look at it long enough, the clouds almost start to move. Too cool!
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ceilidh said 4396 days ago (July 8th, 2007)
i would never expect loops to be so WONDERFUL. oh magritte.... i have no words. it really touched my heart. so stunning....
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saymme said 4109 days ago (April 21st, 2008)
tx for dl : )
Amazing hearing this again, truely WONDERFUL
I like the photo, I have one I took quite similair to this, was a bit amazed to see Yours !
said 4079 days ago (May 21st, 2008)
This is an amazing piece of work. Great strings work and very wonderful piano sound, your work is about the bests around this community, great!

Take Care
- Yeman A. Al-Rawi
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