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 Genre: Psychedelic
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Quicksand Mixdown 1
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when you are stuck
forget not to blame

when you are thrown
forget not to crawl back

when you are cramped
forget not to push

and when you are trapped
remember to fight!@!
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Uploaded: Nov 05, 2006 - 09:10:53 AM
Last Updated: Nov 09, 2006 - 05:37:02 AM Last Played: Jun 08, 2019 - 08:50:34 AM
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thoddi said 4639 days ago (November 5th, 2006)
like a nightmare
The echoes gives it almost a scary feel. But that fits to the quicksand and paranoid theme in the song. Also the light piano melody adds to the dreamy feeling. Could be a soundtrack... Creative vocals:)

I think it's good and works well.
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said 4639 days ago (November 5th, 2006)
high hat
I love the groove in the background nice production. great way to fade out the song my favorite part
musichead said 4639 days ago (November 5th, 2006)
great song
I really liked this...good production....good singing!!!
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drakonis said 4639 days ago (November 5th, 2006)
experiments in alpha-wave-particle accelleration... weird stuff for my brain. I don't know if it was intentional, but I found that reading your lyrics was disconcerting too, since it says "forget not to..." but you sing "Remember to"... and since this means the same thing, it added to the intriguing strangeness. The music was slippery as well, and the voicing on the "piano" made it almost harpsichord-ish.
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bud said 4639 days ago (November 5th, 2006)
I wish I could
put this song on repeat - and just let flow on for an hour or so. Guess I can with a download. Guess I have to. Really like the feeling and performance here.
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said 4639 days ago (November 5th, 2006)
Little stuck, little swamp...
BIG DEEP SAND!!! AHHHHGH! Help! Cannot crawl back!

Don't you ever throw me here again :-|, ohhh...

Only takes once, I see...

A nightmare thing....


. - Harold
jgurner said 4638 days ago (November 6th, 2006)
Oh wow....
...like spinning in a dream. Very out there. Really lots of fun.
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Day For Night said 4638 days ago (November 6th, 2006)
Trippy...and quicksand-y....and, eek! watch where you're going, there! ;)

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Cori Ander said 4636 days ago (November 8th, 2006)
Fun and different
Cool. Fun and different. Some interesting atmosphere in there. Sounds like you had a lot of fun doing the echo!
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said 4635 days ago (November 9th, 2006)
i dig it. its unique and interesting.
said 4632 days ago (November 12th, 2006)
Have you been getting into my medicine cabinet?
Cool and trippy.
haribo said 4631 days ago (November 13th, 2006)
how did ya know :)
yep.. i am a medicine fairy lolol
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apb said 4631 days ago (November 13th, 2006)
far out ..
.. a bit too far in places for my tastes my friend: I did really like the instrumentation in this, sufficiently unique/unusual and atmospheric - the vocal adds a 5th dimension of weirdness to this, which if used more sparingly might work but seemed a bit over the top all the way through.

Lots of fun with vocal effects though as Cori said but
it is a bit hard to make out what you are saying (without lyrics).. also the first high bit is great ..the second high bit .. not so great lol and the 3rd ..well blimey!

I also liked the lyrics - "remember to" change the "forget not to" ... ;o)

Be well, be happy.
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Psychedelic music is a musical genre inspired by or attempting to replicate the mind-altering experience of drugs such as cannabis, psilocybin, mescaline, and especially LSD. It is not rigorously defined, and is sometimes interpreted to include every

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