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Saturnine (the dirty jazz version)

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Gee... this took me ages to finish. The process was rife with difficultly finding good times to record... and then more problems that when I did record, things stuffed up.

Eitherway, unless you've been hiding under a rock here... this is another derivation of 'Saturnine' by The Orbiting and hopefully I havn't quite missed the bandwagon for this song and everybody isn't quite sick of it yet :P.

Anyway, about this mix. Well there were two things about the original Saturnine song that stuck out to me that I wanted to focus on.

1. The introduction to the song.
2. The general feeling to me that with most of Lisa's (Ledebutant) songs, although they have outside appearance of innocence, sweetness and all round cuddlyness (helped largely by her 110% honey, -10% burbon & wiskey vocal cords)... in the underlying content of her songs something just isn't right... life has gone astray somewhere and she's left with depressing situations that would normally be sung by an old black blues man with a voice like a wounded bear.

Unfortunately I only had time to concentrate on point 1 this time. If they give me another chance in the future I might be able to spend some time focusing on point 2.

So this is what I got when I focused on the very intriguing first few bars of Illuminati's soundscape.

Hope you like it and can picture yourself somewhere with smoke filling your lungs, a glass of red wine in one hand and something with long legs in the other (no, not a bar stool).
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ledebutant said 4666 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
I knew it!!
I had the feeling you would focus on the intro, since you'd mentioned being disappointed that it had dropped out in the original. The chords are really very unsettling ones and that plays into the whole concept you put forth in Focus Point No. 2. (Obviously, I need to drink more, too)

To say that I was blown away by this would be a massive understatment. I listened to it the first time with my mouth hanging open and did a Bill and Ted style, "whoah" at the end. The production is genius, genius and is what really elevates this from a really well-done jazzy number into something I found absolutely fascinating and will go back to listen to again and again. I love the way the song vascillates between the normal and expected production for this type of song and something entirely different and out-there. The moment when the intro portion of the song burst into the fuller sound made my legs and arms tingle. I don't know what that means, but that's what happened. The way you have the vocal dip under the piano and bob above it again is great. The entire thing is just so unsettling and very evocative of a piano bar in some alternate Universe.

I LOVE THIS. Also, you're obviously welcome to have all the chances you want, Bryan, although I find this pretty definitive on point 2.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this Bryan. Also, that bass sounds completely real. I even scrolled up to see the type you used. I was very surprised that it was done in GB.
The Composer said 4665 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
Thrilled you love this Lisa!
So thrilled you love this Lisa! I had quite a lot of fun with this... particularly after the Shocking Monkey incident... I found out I really enjoy placing vocals lines somewhere they should be and just making them fit anyway. Your vocals fitted just where I wanted them to go... aside from one pitch bend and one slight pitch correction... which let me grab that intro and grow it where I wanted.

As for point 2... I originally had the intention of some subtler sound hackery which would serve as the troubled waters beneath the calm exterior... but the music was unsettled enough as it was and I just didn't quite have the time.

As for the bass... its actually the best bass synth I have access to. I mean its an actual sampled bass and it has some nice touches such as audibly muting the notes and the like.... all thats needed is to be thinking about how you'd play a bass and adding all that in (which does take time, but can be done)... then most discrepancies are ignored.

Thanks for listening again Lisa!

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ledebutant said 4665 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
Trust me. If I thought about how I might play a bass, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't sound anything like a real bass. My recent guitar lessons have demonstrated that quite clearly. Stringed instruments and I aren't natural bedfellows.
Day For Night said 4665 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
Nice take
on this track...great full sound you have got on this one. Very well thought out, and executed with a jazzy panache. Great piano.
Nice one!
DFN (Steve)
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Tiny_Man_Inside said 4665 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
I need another listen or 3 before I can write a full critique, but I like what I'm hearing. This has a more raw feel than most of your productions, but I think that is intentional and fits with the song well (particularly with regards to your observation of point #2). You said that you didn't tackle that point, but I beg to differ. I think the rawness brings out the underlying content of Lisa's vocals that you mention.

The only thing that was unsettling to me is the volume change from your introduction into the main movement of the piece. I think it is a little disjointed, and rather than feeling raw, I think it feels rushed or (dare I say) sloppy. But, the rest of the presentation is excellent and you can't beat the "feel" that you've instilled here. It just doesn't "feel" like any of the other mixes of this song...

Great work guys.


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The Composer said 4665 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
True that true that...
Yeah, I agree with your point about the transition... I'm a little at ends with it myself... but I needed to set it in concrete and just move on to something else... otherwise I'll be forever tweaking things.

Thanks for listen Mason!

"Some day all dynasties must fall!" Rubicon - New Tiny_Man_Inside tune
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alfalpha said 4665 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
Bryan, amazing!

I really like the chord prog and how the piano quotes the original guitar riff; it sits just fine in this context, just as if it were the original!

You've clearly worked hard on this. well done!
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Jim Bouchard said 4665 days ago (November 15th, 2006)
When I did my version I also heard the latin feel in the song, and I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one. I love the live-ness of this, great drums and a really nice way it flows from one section to another. I find the piano to be a little roomy and wouldn't mind that being a software piano because I get distracted by the recording quality of that instrument in this mix. Other than that little nit, this is really great!
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said 4664 days ago (November 16th, 2006)
very nice
i like it. cool drums.
Stun Nutz said 4664 days ago (November 16th, 2006)
Incredible re-work, man... top notch. The volume transition would have worked better if it were either more gradual or triggered by something else like the sound effect of a door opening (i.e. like Bjork's "More to Life than This" where it sounds like she is moving from one room to another)
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The Composer said 4664 days ago (November 16th, 2006)
She is actually moving from one room to another... that song was is credited as being recorded in 'The Milk Bar' toilets. She actually is singing whilst walking around the joint.

Thanks for listen.

<a href="http://www.macjams.com/song/26184">Saturnine in a dirty jazz lounge</a>
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drakonis said 4663 days ago (November 17th, 2006)
Stunningly expert re-architecture of this tune, and the result is wonderfully listenable too (still trying to shake the long-legged sexy barstool image out of my brain though.) This showcases your dexterity at composition, or re-composition... and of course, having ledebuvox doesn't hurt either.
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Wildcat said 4661 days ago (November 19th, 2006)
wow, this is my favorite of all this saturine remixes...its complety different...i am limitted about my language (no englishspeaker), otherwise i would like to write a more detailed comment....but lets say you did really a good work on this and show here your talent.
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Wildcat said 4661 days ago (November 19th, 2006)
really interessting what you did here...amazing!!!
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alexweiler said 4660 days ago (November 20th, 2006)
Great job.
Extraordinary tunes, that remind me a bit of the band "Hooverphonic" (don't know, if you have ever heard of them) ... very relaxed and well produced. Next I will have to listen to The Orbiting's original stuff.
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perceptualvortex said 4376 days ago (August 31st, 2007)
wounded bear
Well, I certainly liked the transition where the song suddenly filled out. This is an extra cool reworking of Saturnine, very nicely done, Bryan.
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