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Raggier Muffins

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Remember Row, Row, Row your Boat?

That phenomon of music when a melody is repeated in staggered sequence
has always been fascinating to me.

In this second take on Dreadmon's wide open dulcimer riff/wide open
collaboration invite I'm hearing that fascination make it's influence

I polished up the first minute or so but man! Every second I spend
engineering feels like wasted creative time. I lost patience and
improvised two more tracks over top what I already had and here is the
result. A somewhat cacophonous mess that still continues to transfix

The mix is substandard in spots, I need to do some panning I think. I hope to issue a more fine-tuned take 3 but until then, here you go.
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Three Wise Men on a Tear
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Dreadmon's Blistering Dulcimer
Pete's Strat Straight In
Morning Light said 4586 days ago (November 24th, 2006)
i like this......
maybe i could sing something with it......? Somethig simple/ambient......it is a beautiful combinations you have going here! The NightBird~
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Pete_NB said 4585 days ago (November 26th, 2006)
Sing SongBird!
I'd love to hear your addition to this collab. There are still a few nooks and crannies to fill in on this one.

I still haven't heard boo from Dreadmon, but I hope he likes what we're doing so far.
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Ed Hannifin said 4585 days ago (November 26th, 2006)
Like sustain, do ya?
I, too, love all the singing tones and interesting overtones that you get when you stack up overdriven guitars like this...

So my only crit here will be that, probably at leastly partly as a result of that relentless high gain sustain, AND the 'round' of mult-tracked leads, it's hard to sustain a sense of it playing off and against and just generally WITH the original dulcimer track, and I think it'd be cool if there was some illusory interplay going on there....

Gosh, I do love listening to these versions, though...

They're a lot of fun, and they get me thinking and imagining....

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Pete_NB said 4584 days ago (November 27th, 2006)
I love sustain
It keeps me going (didn't dare say "sustains" me)

I love the way that an overdriven guitar breaks up and blossoms into that organic tone, when I'm lucky.

Thanks for the recommendations. There is still some tidying up to do here, but I think I'll wait until Mr. Futch gives his thoughts before proceeding.
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Pete_NB said 3270 days ago (July 2nd, 2010)
Now I get it!

I'm gonna do right by Bing and cut a more mature take to this.

Thanks Ed. You're sharpness of ear and astuteness to the craft proves itself even 1314 days later. 'Tis the wonder of MacJams!

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thetiler said 4583 days ago (November 28th, 2006)
echoey sounds on those lead guitars, interesting with that dulcimer. Interesting combination!
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Pete_NB said 4583 days ago (November 28th, 2006)
Thanks Bill
Butch's dulcimer riff was a blast to play over. I'd love to here your take on something like this.
Check out my latest song called One more One Shot
dreadmon said 4572 days ago (December 9th, 2006)
Here I am
Hey Pete! Sorry for the delay - time has been seriously flying here towards the end of the year - that's the quickening for you. Vibrations getting more rapid every moment. Speaking of which - I love the vibrations that you've got coming with this piece. You really felt the key chords and built a nice web around the rhythmic flow. You are right, it is a bit cacophonous at times, but it's such an aurally pleasant wash, thanks to the great tone you got on the Strat - going direct in! - I'll have to give it a go in headphone's next and see if that does what I think it will. Some of the earlier levels seem a little hot - but that's really because the dulcimer is so very much underplayed at those points. The piece was conceived as sort of a whisper to a scream, so if you follow those sort of dynamics, the gravity of the two arrangements will be even more dazzling. I'll have to admit that I didn't listen to the first try, since you admittedly favored this one, but I will go back and hear what you've done differently.

All in all, a very fine effort - well played and coordinated - I wasn't sure what your approach would be (especially giving the flex-timing situation), but you really felt it right. Nice work!
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Alannah said 4572 days ago (December 9th, 2006)
Wow Man ....
... the colours .... reminded me of some of the earlier psychedalia of the 60's / 70's .... (I think I spelled that word wrong) .... I love listening to the different takes when someone posts a collab and different people create different versions of it ... I can hear how this one must have been fun to jam on.
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