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 Genre: Classical

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This is a tone poem (based on what I've read about them)--I pictured a sunrise and tried my best to transcribe those images into sounds. I used the oboe and english horn to provide warmth and strings for color. This was "penciled" in using GarageBand. The artwork is my own, created with Blender (the excellent free open-source 3D suite).
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smh said 4662 days ago (December 11th, 2006)
Love it...
The oboe - english horn combination blend beautifully.
drakonis said 4662 days ago (December 11th, 2006)
rising star...
Wow, what a great entrance to Macjams... welcome Jason! Excellent job capturing the brilliance of the sun slowly pouring into the valleys and through the trees. Great slow build, nice orchestration, well placed/panned voices (very natural acoustics.) Are you using Jampack 4, or some other soundfonts? The instruments sounded quite good. And I always try to think of some constructive critique... the only thing I can suggest is that your final fade at the end sounded like you turned the volume down on the entire orchestra, which sounded unnatural. I would suggest slowly dropping instruments out over the last held note over time, so that in the final few seconds, the only instrument left playing is maybe the cellos or high strings.

Don't forget to mention that this was "pencilled in" note by note. Also, you may wish to give credit to the author of the pretty artwork up there (smirk) and what cool 3D software was used to make it. Looking forward to more of your works! And I would love your thoughts on mine as well!
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apb said 4662 days ago (December 11th, 2006)
Very moving ..
.. could be film scoring/soundtrack this ..
Excellent. Kudos. (off to check out that blender ..)
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DOCTORBIZARRE said 4662 days ago (December 11th, 2006)
Very Purdy my friend! I'm picturing a Bob Ross scenery and then he slaps the brush on the eisle!
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composerclark said 4661 days ago (December 12th, 2006)
This sounds great! You have succeeded in portraying the image you describe amazingly effectively. I only wish it were longer! I think Drakonis' suggestio about thinning out the texture at the end is worth considering. I have a piece for string orchestra that has a gradual thinning of the texture towards the end along similar lines to D's suggestion. It's called "Interlude for String Orchestra," if you want to check it out. I hope we get a chance to hear more of your music soon.
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elfdaughter said 4661 days ago (December 13th, 2006)
Welcome to MacJams!
And if all your pieces are going to be like this, WHAT a contribution you'll make! This is stunning! By the way - great use of Blender - that was one program I could never get my head around. I'll stick with Wings3d and Bryce. ;)

The oboe and the horn really do work together - it's just a shame the piece is so short! ;)
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Cameron said 4661 days ago (December 13th, 2006)
nicely done
Your choice of instruments and the way you combine them is very good in this (all-too-short) piece.

There were some unexpected notes in chords which added a nice flavor, especially those in the bass which held over into the next chord.

The oboe's vibrato sounded a bit wide all the time -- I'm wondering if it could have been adjusted in GarageBand? A "real" oboe would warm the sound by gradually introducing more vibrato during a crescendo.

Your handling of the strings was very nice, although it would be even more interesting if you'd varied the texture and rhythms. I would love to see you expand and develop this piece further; it has a lot of potential!

Welcome to MacJams! I hope you have a good time here.

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jason.s said 4660 days ago (December 13th, 2006)
Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed the piece. I realize that it could probably be stretched out some, I just don't haven't had the time recently to try and expand it. Maybe over Christmas break I'll have a go at it. Maybe I could write a sunset or nighttime piece to complement it (thought it might sound too similar...).
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alfalpha said 4660 days ago (December 14th, 2006)
you've pretty much...
...captured the basic idea of a tone poem.
A great start to Macjams!
I agree with Composerclark, pity is so short!
The picture is appropriate too!

Welcome to MacJams Jason
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stevewhit said 4645 days ago (December 28th, 2006)
Really nice!
This is great to listen to. Please excuse my ignorance it is the first time I have heard of a tone poem as such I'll have to look into it,as I'm fairly new to this myself. So thanks again for what is a superb piece of music.



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said 4321 days ago (November 17th, 2007)
Great !
a very wonderful sounds are going here, a great scene you created here. The music is really beautiful and honest. The quality and the writing is very fine .. GEM by all means .. KUDOS Friend

Briguy777 said 3330 days ago (August 5th, 2010)
never looked so good. Inspiring piece.
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