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C'est Mon Dada

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A song about art, love and its. movements.
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C'est Mon Dada

At a café I met this young and red flower
She was as pretty as any art i"ve ever seen
I sat down behind an Expresso
in silence, as she started to talk

"We need a new movement", she said:
"Something to believe in..."
"Like DADA?" I asked - She said:
"Join me for a walk..."

I walked the red flower down the river
Under bridges and through rainy parks
I though to myself, this is how it begins
With passion and silence it all starts

We stood, under a bridge, and we kissed:

Love is our movement, love is our thing
We love each other instead of things
You can join us if you want to, nothing to sign
Just love and you'll be loved in no time

We began our modest revolution
It started from within
at cafés and selected bars
We where doing our love thing

We didn't have any Cabaret Voltaire
In fact this was not a Cabaret at all
This was our way to spread our passion
To smitten you all with love

We said: "Here, take this flower, here take this kiss!"
We danced when we walked through the cities
We had a bottle of cheap Champagne
At good old Jim Morrisons' grave

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Guiyars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano
jiguma said 4059 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
Enjoyed it!
Nice synth sounds to start Mikki, and a nice flow despite the unrhymed verses. Really enjoying the keys, and the other instrumentation works well. I'd probably change the tambourine to a half time track - I've recently discovered that live tambourine is cheap and really easy to do effectively. I like the lyrics - a very 60s/early 70s vibe there. Ah champagne at Jim Morrison's grave - why didn't I do that when I was there?
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mikkinylund said 4058 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Thank you
As a matter of fact I do have a bunch of tambourines, and will take your advice into consideration. It's a lot about the keys right now, although there is plenty of guitar tracks in here, they've had to stand back a little bit for the keys. Glad you enjoyed!
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Jim Bouchard said 4059 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
Great bass, and all. That little trill in the organ on the right gets a little over-used but it's all good, actually... It's so darn catchy!
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mikkinylund said 4058 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Thank you so much. The key sound you are reffering too was at ne point much louder, and really into your face. Of course, this is very much a skecth at this point, I think there are things that can be improved as well... Thank you for listenting and commenting!
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blaky smith said 4058 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Cabaret Voltaire...
Enjoyed, vocal, instrumentation and tone, very well done Mikki.
Really a nice tune to listen. I like this !

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mikkinylund said 4058 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
You're very welcome! I like your stuff too!
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Morning Light said 4058 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Great song!
Great message :D*
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mikkinylund said 4054 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
Thank you!
The message is always important, and everytime someone notice, it makes Mikki very happy!!!
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TobinMueller said 4058 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
The revolultion within
Some many good things coming together on this track. I dig your astounding improvement in the recording realm during your time at MJ. Your lyrics and song concepts are almost always cool. You are able to capture sweet detailed love as well as sweeping political ideas. Everything converges here, which is the whole idea, and it works. Toward the end, there are perhaps too many things happening at the same frequency and it gets a little muddled by the buzzy synth/distortion gtr/tambourine. I could have used more bass, maybe McCartney style glissandos and off beat stuff, more variations and bass personality, like in Come Together, to help spread the frequencies (and focus) out a bit more, keep everything as clear as the drums and upper keys. Delightful retro feel. I dig it, again.
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mikkinylund said 4054 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
Thank you for your well thought out comment. Love and politics (or rather humanism) has always been very important to me in my art - and are of course the two elements that are the most difficult to portrait. This is not a straight love song, neither a straight political song by any means, I think I am searching within myself, and my own conclusion (as of today), is that I am looking for a cultural revolution based on love, but I would not use the term political as I am not a politician. However, everything can turn political at any given moment.
Musically, I thank you for taking notice of my recent mixes. I am getting better at it, without purchasing any new tools. At the beginning, I used so many effects and reverbs, and delays it wasn't even funny. Today, there's a minimal amount of additions applied to the master mix. I think I am getting more and more minimalistic, which I prefer. I agree with the "too many things" towards the end - the bass suggestions are very welcome. Thank you/Mikki
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JOAN said 4054 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
the love movement
what an idea! great song mikki. lyrics and vocal mix especially nice! singing of loving each other and you do it without irony, what a Koncept.
and the voltaire reference......!!!

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mikkinylund said 4054 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
Thank you very much, I always knew you knew what I was talking about through my songs, and it always makes me happy. You know, and I know the honesty of the words - and we know that there are many, many people out there that crave all of this and more. In all honesty, there are also people that think I am being cynical (???), or playing tricks with their minds - I can't however change who I am and what I need to say! :) JOAN is the best of friend and will always be... Peace/Mikki
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moorlandt said 4054 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
so charming
Such a charming song. In the beginning I had the impression the singing in the verses was quite monotonous, but soon I discovered it fits perfectly well with the very melodic chorus. Perfect arrangement and great production as well. Very well done, mikki.

- Walter
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mikkinylund said 4054 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
Thank you!
You know, I thought it was monotonous too, but realized that the contrast between the verses and the chorus really did work. As a matter of fact, I am exploring the monotonous sides as well as minimalism (although I am not 100% sure I could define the term musically). Thank you for listening and liking it!
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composerclark said 4054 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
Great job!
Very cool. I was interested in your response to Walter above. The opening is indeed monotonous, but I thought maybe this was heading in a more minimalist or even trance-like direction, so it didn't bother me. Then it explodes into a wonderful retro-style synth pop song, which is very catchy. But it would be an interesting experiment to try another version of this, but more minimalist.

Great job!
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FEEL said 4053 days ago (February 12th, 2007)
I like the groove, nice beat and bass line everything else is icing. I like the way you double vox... you definitely have your own style. This song is so happy go... Great mix... I can't find anything this needs but some radio play...

thanks for sharing
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Slotogenic said 4052 days ago (February 13th, 2007)
Keyboard Bliss!
Great tune. I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said... Fantabulous!
Parichayaka said 4050 days ago (February 15th, 2007)
Great songwriting! Fun energy, backed up with excellent intrumentation - I love the organ sound! Instant classic I'd say. You've got a really good voice, I would almost prefer to hear only one voice in the beginning but then again, I'm not even sure! It sounds so original and uplifing...
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said 4044 days ago (February 21st, 2007)
nice one, mikki. i like that fluttery keyboard sound in the right ear. interesting groove - a combo of many moods to my mind. "We love each other instead of things" - simple but STRONG line. i LOVE the way the chorus opens up and soars in a major way. happy feel to this - and you orchestrate it admirably. enjoyed my ear visit! anne
Mokus said 3923 days ago (June 22nd, 2007)
This is fantastic...as with a fine meal and wine I might have to linger here a while...
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said 3915 days ago (July 1st, 2007)
Amazing song
wow great lyrics singing and music!
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