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Bright is the Light



 Genre: Classical
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This is a snippit, once again, of a complete work.

The snippit is the intro and two lines of a song. The song being in praise of God and, eventually in the song, woman.

It's also a partwork of my Veil Before Her Face project. (This is a biggy and occupies most of my free time at the moment).

I'm interested in comments about the tune, words, structure. The dynamics are terrible and I've already toned the levels down somewhat, but see what you think.

More of this to come over the next few days.

I've removed voting as its not a finished article, more a taster.
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Bright is the light as it shines through the window.
Shining on eyes that were dark behind the veil.
Glory to God as He lights up the morning.
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Mac's, Roland Fantom X7, Casio crap.
Free softsynth called EVM Ultrasonique.
RickW said 4417 days ago (February 13th, 2007)
Very nice instrumentation
I didn't hear any lyrics being sung, or are my ears failing me? I like the ones you posted above, and look forward to hearing them put to music. I can't wait to see how you develop this.

God bless,


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Reinholt56 said 4417 days ago (February 14th, 2007)
Hi Rick
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

There is no singing in this snippit, only what I hope are sounds of joyous harmony. I cannot sing to save my life. (Imagine the effect of chalk scraping across a blackboard). Grating noise is only a rough description!!

The lyrics are for someone else to sing, should anyone want to do so. The party is open and I have yet to ask anyone. Three able singers come to mind but shyness prevails here in downtown Sheffield so I'll finish my bit of the project and then post the tune as a collaboration hoping that someone/anyone will say yes. I wouldn't want to ask someone and then find that I don't come up with the goods. (I have the box of eggs. I'm just trying to keep them from my face).

Technically there is a great deal to do with the final arrangement and mix. The harmonic voices are touch sensitive on the keyboard and so burst forth into speaker-blasting sounds if I lose my concentration for one second and the Chorus/Phase effect on the voices needs to be looked into somewhat......Then there's the actual tune. I hear variations in my head as I play any/every phrase and sometimes (most times) the variation creeps in whilst I'm recording and this take then becomes just that, a take. Not to be used in the place I intended.

There's only one good thing about this at the moment. I now have the time to work on a project such as this.

Take care.


Remember that joy is contagious, so infect someone.....
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Enrique Gil said 4416 days ago (February 15th, 2007)
beautiful melody....
I did hear bright is the light, glory to God......The melody is very pretty and has lots of potential. It needs to be a little longer, and alternate with another theme......I would love to hear it with a full choir, or at least 4 good voices.....maybe the sort of collaboration you could find here at MacJams. (Sorry, I have a terrible-although in tune- voice!). I look forward to hear the final version.
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Reinholt56 said 4415 days ago (February 15th, 2007)
Thanks for listening and commenting.

I am working on the full version. Most of the themes are in my head. They just need recording and mixing.

I'm trying to find the best balance between instruments and pseudo-voices at the moment.

This upload is only a snippit and the finished version will be quite a lot longer in length.

Hopefully there will be at least four variations as far as the main theme goes but we'll see what happens over the next few days.

As for the singing side of the song. I am still working on the words and hopefully all will be revealed over the next week or so and then someone might want to add their voice/s if the music and words fit and work together. I'm completely open on this side of the project. Even to lyrics, although I would want to keep the basic idea of the project as much as possible.


Remember that joy is contagious, so infect someone.....
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Enrique Gil said 4413 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
hello again
I am not sure how collaboration works here in MacJams since I have never done it (pity!), but judging from many of the voices I have heard here and some of the contributions (happy birthday Drak), it sounds like there is a lot of talent outhere willing to help. I have the same problem. Have nice melodies in my head, but the right words never seem to fit right. Good luck!
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stevewhit said 4414 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
Hi Paul
This sounds really nice to me - can't wait to hear more!


ps...Is the weather warmer in Sheffield than it it in Oldham???
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Reinholt56 said 4414 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
The weather in Sheffield.....
Hi Steve

The weather here in Sheffy was cool but not too bad for walking into town this morning. The fact that I was listening to Bach's music on my ipod might have helped me to ignore the weather.

Thanks for listening and the comments. I will be adding more themes to this snippit and hopefully some less dynamically-challenged male/female choir parts. I don't want to over complicate the themes by all sorts of chord progressions so I'm trying to limit myself to 5, tops. We'll see what happens as the project progresses.

Since I uploaded this snippit I've been sidetracked with trying to pick out suitable accompaniment instruments and so have consequently heard well over 100 diverse flutes, harpsichords, recorders, brass sounds, lutes, and the proverbial partridge in a pear tree. Hopefully I'm over the novelty aspect of these free softsynths and can concentrate on the project proper.

The lyrics are trailing behind somewhat but that's OK for me.


Remember that joy is contagious, so infect someone.....
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