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Ajusta o mic



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
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Portuguese hiphop tune that talks about the beat!!! Adjust your mics!!!

Needs production!!! If someone can help me with that I'll be greatfull!!!
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Tudo deve coincidir com o modo como ajuízo
E já agora… a batida leva-me ao paraíso
Deixa-me ajustar o mic enquanto curto a batida
Ver as horas no meu nike… enquanto te tiro a medida
As rimas não fazem sentido… mas a ideia deve ser mantida
Não importa… importante é a batida… (aquela atrás referida)
procuro a diferença onde ela já existe…(insisto na metamorfose)
Sete dias por semana… mantenho a minha pose
mais um verso… uma rima… insisto no apropriado
Significa o mesmo que ouviste antes. (O beat ajustado)
Poesia difusa ou confusão na minha mente
Não posso perder tempo com pensamentos… (a vida passa de repente)
Se pensas que alucino… se pensas que estou aqui a divagar
(Se pensas que alucino… se pensas que vou devagar)
o meu estilo pode variar… parecer um pouco excêntrico
Não dou uma de moda ou de plágio (sou autêntico)

Um raio de energia que explode com resplendor
Ou a calma e firmeza do cantar de um trovador
Pode parecer inteligente… mas é mais do que evidente
(Cientistas comprovaram)… matemáticos apoiaram (tu és demente)

Podes inventar teorias macabras (ou tentar descobrir algo mais sublime)
mas a batida vira isto do avesso… (tal como esta rima)
Podes inventar uma palavra para a descrever…
Eu sei… não tens tempo para escrever
Parece que o tempo tudo muda… mas tudo continua igual
A batida é magia… energia visceral (original)
Chega de conversa… curte a batida
Ouve e entranha… estou de saída

Voltei… entrei… vou continuar
Devo aproveitar enquanto o beat está a vigorar
Craft no MIC ronda por aqui
Energia positiva para mim e para ti
nada de V.I.P.’s… só pessoas normais
Nada de loções… só sais minerais
Mais uma vez e fico na boa
Tira-me a batida e fico logo à toa

Um raio de energia que explode com resplendor
Ou a calma e firmeza do cantar de um trovador
Pode parecer inteligente… mas é mais do que evidente
(Cientistas comprovaram)… matemáticos apoiaram (tu és demente)

talvez deva voltar atrás (escrever tudo de novo)
(Tens razão… mas nem penses que vou escrever tudo de novo)
Mas quem me conhece, sabe que sou mesmo assim
Escrevo histórias… sem vínculo a qualquer concepção… (sem meio ou fim)

Um raio de energia que explode com resplendor
Ou a calma e firmeza do cantar de um trovador
Pode parecer inteligente… mas é mais do que evidente
(Cientistas comprovaram)… matemáticos apoiaram (tu és demente)
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same as usual
same as usual
***itiswotitis*** said 4557 days ago (February 28th, 2007)
very good
portuguese rap..sounds hot...
don tunderstand it but it sounds great. music is tight as..
cool stuff..
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musichead said 4557 days ago (March 1st, 2007)
great job
Great job...very tight indeed..The portuguese works well in rap!!!
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DJ_Veit said 4556 days ago (March 1st, 2007)
nice work
love the rolling r's in this song they sound awesome. woulda chosen a different synth maybe a thinner one. put some good reverb and thickeners on those vocals too. but the content is great and the drums are good at well as the baseline. im using the phones right now so i dont know how much bass this badass has but hopefully a bunch! good job.
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bud said 4555 days ago (March 2nd, 2007)
Buggin - man - buggin
nice job - dig the old school synth bass and simple rhythm track.
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said 4554 days ago (March 3rd, 2007)
good grooves
i like it a lot. don't understand it, but your language "fits" the way you composed the song.
said 4554 days ago (March 3rd, 2007)
Im boopin my head to rythm of the words cool song
said 4553 days ago (March 4th, 2007)
ahnn - hunhhhh
said 4553 days ago (March 4th, 2007)
ahh - hahnnn
'Chega de conversa… curte a batida'

dispõe, ou despedes a educação contemporânea... heh he
irmão - boa letra e música


. - Harold
spitlogic said 4552 days ago (March 6th, 2007)
Not the usual craft
This is a different kind of tune from what I've previously heard. A new direction or just an experiment?
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Rolo said 4551 days ago (March 7th, 2007)
Cuti bu a subida de tempo! Mas acho que a devias ter mantido at ao fim.
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moorlandt said 4550 days ago (March 7th, 2007)
no need...
... for more production to my ears. Sometimes less is more. Proved well here. A nice contrast to your other songs. Almost fragile... and thats probably a strnge thing to say about the hip-hop genre. Great work, craft.

- Walter
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renecalvo said 4549 days ago (March 8th, 2007)
nice. elegant. well done.
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Rebsie said 4544 days ago (March 14th, 2007)
Good work, craft!
It's very strange for me to hear a song in Portuguese! Because I don't understand the words they kind of become part of the music for me. And that's good! It's a lovely sound, powerful and unsettling. It's good how it builds up and speeds up. And then goes into a really wild section towards the end! Great stuff.
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martinthecool said 4541 days ago (March 16th, 2007)
rap aint really my thing but i think the bassline in this is so catchy. and even though it is hard for me to understand portugese, it is obvious that you have a talent with rapping. if you could maybe stop it from being too repetetive, then the song would be be complete. well done
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AEROjet said 4541 days ago (March 16th, 2007)
The bass is fat and perky. The language is unfamiliar to me, but it sounds very musical! Good work,

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EZamor said 4530 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
excellent work. great beats and vocal. i was totally blown away by the fast vocal work toward the end! but the backing track just doesn't seem quite robust enough to support the powerful chops.
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apb said 4524 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
.. I'm with Rebsie on this - I've said it before, to me it's an advantage to not understand the words, as I get to 'hear' it in this different way - that makes me really like the Hip Hop more than any other kind of hip hop rap.

So no need to post in English for me, although of course I'm curious- and I really like the mix/arrangement too - maybe try one of those AU Filters to give one of those Lo-Fi effects for a section for variety?? Just a suggestion. There was a more brassy synth too I would have swapped out for something else, I liked what it played, just the sound could have fitted in better .. dunno what though. (?)

That fast section at the end is awesome.

Really good Craft - you continue to open up a whole genre to me.
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ElPeruano said 4522 days ago (April 4th, 2007)
yo hot
this is cool man. wish i spoke portueguese. keep it up!
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said 4520 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
What do You mean "needs production"??? It's GREAT the way it is! AWESOME . . & the "takeoff" at the end is REALLY somethin You can do that more : ) Also lisened to SIL-VER he's GREAT TOO !

FEEL said 4519 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
this is off the hook irmo. Your poetry in portuguese sounds more fitting than the English language could give it credit. Very creative, really liked the speed up at the end. Thanks for sharing.

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DOCTORBIZARRE said 4509 days ago (April 17th, 2007)
Dude your delivery sounds pretty tough and solid. Dig it! You definetely have flow and I like the cosmic ambience behind your rhymes.
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Dj French Toast said 4501 days ago (April 25th, 2007)
frickin awsome
Very nice I dont think you need help with production sounds tight to me . Id love to know how you sped it up then slowed it down very kool


French toast
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falo said 4488 days ago (May 8th, 2007)
bring the fuck...great frakkin flow....good beat....fantastic production....peace
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said 4472 days ago (May 24th, 2007)
I imagine myself on a half open patio. Flowers, Wine and a lovely brunette doing the do. You seem to feel awkward bout some bits. That's always a sign u left somefin out or added somefin that is too much. I like the flow of the tune and ur voice is good. Perhaps the sawtooth lead synth is a bit too much and sometimes sounds out of tune. Mind u, I have no authority in that department :-D.
Change it for a sine lead synth? Or a Snoop Dog high pitched organ? I dunno. This is latin rap, and as such good enough. I like the tempo change! Yes, me and the lady would wobble and wiggle our asses off! Perhaps a change in the beat would give it even more flow?
The end lead synth (bleeps) are good!

Good job, craft! (Even though I find the music of your collab with itiswotitis way better!)


Boris the Bull said 4454 days ago (June 11th, 2007)
thoughts from the bull...
boy, this one's got all the elements that make listening to your music such a pleasure. again, if i had a club, this would be in rotation every night.

what i enjoy most of all besides the great, moving rhythm is that i cannot understand the words. it makes the allure of the lyrics so much more impactful. upon putting the words through a translator, it's just so much fun to learn what you are actually writing about. brilliant stuff!

more to be thankful for, for sure!
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said 4204 days ago (February 16th, 2008)
Good hip-hop
The sound of the bass is good.... And i like voices in the background.... Thumbs up....
Diviner said 4153 days ago (April 7th, 2008)
Brilliant track
I would love to remix this track, I have some ideas already. I love the way it speeds up at the end (I would have done that, still might). The bass is very good and the rap sounds really good. Nice one.
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