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Leaving Kerrville Behind /w Kewmikva

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This song is not really a Selters song. Or maybe it is:). It was written almost a year ago, when I had my Friend Angelo Cannavo visiting. Its the same Angelo that contributed a lot on my first Album. He mostly wrote this song, and i gave a small helping hand. Mostly inspirational;). We recorded the instruments sober in the afternoon. We both played rythm guitars and ukuleles, and I played the harmonica. After that part was finished we got drunk and went out. When we came home late that night, we started doing vocal takes, Competing in singing highest etc... It was a very very fun night, I believe you can hear from the recording. Later on Angelo was kind enought to let me include the song on my album! I thought it was a happy ending on a rather melancholic record. One week ago I got an email from Mike Watkins Aka Kewmikva. He had recorded a drum part for it, without any of us knowing it, and we really liked it. Mike has done a terrific job, specially if you take into consideration that we didnt use any click track for the recordings! Enough talk, enjoy this fun gem!
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Im going out of my mind
Its so frustrating

I|m leaving Kerrville behind
im suffacating

Nothing that ever was worth

I|ve ever found in this town
I*m evacuating

nothing you can say to me
will make make me want to stay
i'm moving away

i've found a place up-state
that seems kind of great
Buffalo Gap. I'm coming to stay!

Im going out of my mind
Its so frustrating

I|m leaving Kerrville behind
im suffacating

Nothing that ever was worth

I|ve ever found in this town
I*m evacuating

The Texas weather is hot
And I like that a lot
So I|ll stay in the state

But Kerville is driving me mad
It's making me sad
I need to evacuate

Im going out of my mind
Its so frustrating

I|m leaving Kerrville behind
im suffacating

Nothing that ever was worth

I|ve ever found in this town
I*m evacuating
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Ed Hannifin said 4418 days ago (March 18th, 2007)
This track LOVES the drums...
Almost didn't listen, 'cause I've got the album... but this sounds so great when the drums kick in...

Wish to heck I could get to Kerrville sometime.... But it sounds like the place to be is on a completely different continent...

Good to hear you having fun, Magnus...

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kevmikwa said 4417 days ago (March 18th, 2007)
Magnus and Angelo should stay drunk
I know a lot of MacJammers have received the opus Magnus called "Not To Be Found". There was something for me to love about every track, but there was just something about the last track that blew me away. Drunk or not, I just think Magnus and Angelo hit the perfect swing. I defy anyone to listen to the song (with drums or without) and not tap a foot or nod a head.

My playing on it initially was going to be a fun diversion for myself. Then I thought to myself, Magnus should get to hear it too ... so I sent it along. After that, Magnus graciously posted it here, and it fills me with such joy that he did. Many thanks, my friend.

Oh, and before you comment about how drum-heavy, over-expanded and generally crappy the mix is, please address all comments to the half-deaf drummer with shockingly little knowhow who mixed it. That is to say, me.
kevmikwa said 4417 days ago (March 19th, 2007)
I should clarify that this actually is two mixes: the first (which is actually quite good and well-balanced) is the product of Magnus and Angelo - guitars, singing, ukelele, harmonica and general drunkitude. The "generally crappy" part I was referring to was the part where the drums and tambourine was mixed in with that.
jgurner said 4416 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
Lots of fun
I like the tune, but what really makes it is you can tell you all were having a hell of a good time recording it. I really come through in the mix. I might have to get a drink and sing along.
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jiguma said 4416 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
: ) Now that's just excellent!
Great tune (still) Magnus, and the drums work really well to lift the dynamics compared to the CD version. What a lot of fun this is. Nicely played Mike - will have to get some help from you soon ; )
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bronco said 4415 days ago (March 21st, 2007)
One of my favorites
This song is so alive with fun that it is hard to resist so I never have. I love it! A goofy work of genius! Wish I could get the local Americana station to play it. People around here would love it.

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apb said 4415 days ago (March 21st, 2007)
.. and now with drums...

Always did like this "Drowning doctors" number Magnus http://www.macjams.com/song/20305 alot - was one of my first favs here in fact. Nice to have some drums added. The drums and bass definitely add and well performed but the bass & kick are a bit high in the mix on these phones.. no biggie. One thing I thought was that a more skiffly snare, like even brushes might have suited this- not easy on a digi kit.

I still love that end bit: "jag ropade en lite på texten, jag märkte, ja men ah .. " which ('scuse the poor translation) "I shouted a bit of the words I noticed, yes but ah .." - who was that? you or Angelo?
and how you captured this real fun moment.

It's like the Pogues and the Waterboys met up for
St.Patricks ..and Shane McGowan had somehow passed out .. lol.
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selters said 4409 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
It was me!
And i was saying "jeg roter litt med teksten her merker jeg" Which means Im messing some of the lines up.. :D.

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drakonis said 4415 days ago (March 21st, 2007)
keeps getting better... just add a little Mike-drums and this really gets extra punch, sit-up-and-listen-osity. I always liked the song, and the drums and tamb are just about right, not too overpowering. Very tastefully added there, Mike!
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bud said 4415 days ago (March 21st, 2007)
Great fun tune
but more than that - it has real personality and a wonderful loose swing. Very enjoyable. Excellent basic track and impressive drum dub.
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HGB said 4413 days ago (March 22nd, 2007)
Cool tune.
sounds good, & sounds like you had a lot of playing it!
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moorlandt said 4411 days ago (March 25th, 2007)
lingers on
I always loved this last song on your CD. Brilliant melody that lingers on in ones head for daaays... And sure that the drums add a lot to them. Very good move, Magnus!

- Walter
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Shimky said 4410 days ago (March 26th, 2007)
You know...
...when you listen to a track like this, it reminds you that you just can't beat that special sound that comes from playing something live. I know the drums were added later - and very nicely (perfectly balanced again) - but I hope you know what I mean. This sort of "one-take" stuff, if I can very loosely label it as such, gives a more uplifting feeling to the listener than your worked and reworked and perfected stuff. (Although I'll rate Peter Gabriel as an exception to that new.rule.I.just.made.up). Very nice track. :O)
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dreadmon said 4409 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
Nice one!
There ain't nothin' like a great sing-along! This is a max track, love the atmosphere, lift and vibe - all around, it's a smile-inducer - y'all are such happy drunks!
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Einarus said 4403 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Ah, yes!
I've always been a big fan of this song.
It's just so fun!

Mike's drumming is a really nice addition (although I thought it was a little too loud in the mix) and it really gives the song a well-deserved "oomph"!

Sounds like you guys had blast writing/recording this, because I sure had a blast listening to it!

-Einar S.
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